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Business Resources During The Global COVID-19 Pandemic

  The COVID-19 pandemic has left millions of Americans unemployed, and many more have seen lost wages and reduced working hours due to various shelter-in-place

Small Business Tax Checklist

  It’s tax season and we are all getting ready! Some of us may not have all our ducks in a row just yet, so

What Legal Paperwork, Insurance, And Permits Do I Need For My Business?

Business can be challenging. There are so many to-dos and so many legal things you need to do. One question I often get is “What

Why You Need Retail As A Revenue Stream In Your Business

How do you make more money without trading time for dollars? Finding out what your customer needs will tell you what kind of revenue streams

How To Transform The Financial Success Of Your Small Business

Let’s talk about achieving financial success for your small business – wherever you are at. I’m sharing my tips with you here!

How To Stay Coachable

What does it really mean to be coachable? It’s about how a person responds when giving feedback and it will be a valuable skill in

7 Ways To Boost Your Business Using Video

There is no denying the power of video when it comes to marketing. And if you are not yet using video in your small business,

How To Create A Business You Are Passionate About

How do you create a business that you really, really, really love? It has to be something you’re passionate about. If you’re not passionate about

How To Stay Humble While Owning Your Success

So how do I stay humble, but powerful at the same time? You want to own your success, but humility and kindness can actually help

The 5 Things Entrepreneurs Overlook

Let’s talk about changing the money game. I’ve made millions and I’ve lost millions, and I’ve learned some really hard lessons. Here are 5 mistakes

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