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Embark on a journey fueled by Dr. Susie’s 25 years of radical success and strategic prowess—a wealth manifesto crafted exclusively for YOU.

Bring your dream business to life and get your life back!

Unlock insider secrets and strategies reserved for the top 1% of small businesses.

Become the next PYP success story!




Elevate Your Team Development, Financial Acumen, Operational Strategy and more

Elevate Your Team Development, Financial Acumen, Operational Strategy and more


With Power Your Profits, you will unlock the power of people, propelling your business to new heights. From motivating and training employees to inspiring innovative ideas, this comprehensive guide provides insight into how a great leader can drive success. It includes best practices for improving communication, collaboration, listening skills, recruiting top talent, and more.

Not only does Susie Carder provide invaluable knowledge on best business leadership books but she also provides unique tactics to help you push through any challenge or difficulty you may face as a leader. With her guidance, you will be able to maximize team potential while reaching unprecedented levels of success with an engaged workforce at your side!


For small businesses, the book outlines clear steps on how to increase profits without increasing capital expenses. Whether it’s investing in technology or creating efficient workflows, Susie Carder offers valuable advice on how to make profitable decisions. She also provides innovative ideas on how small businesses can reduce costs and optimize returns on investments.

For larger organizations, Power Your Profits is packed with invaluable insights into ways they can improve profit margins. From streamlining processes and services to developing better pricing strategies, Susie Carder outlines successful tactics that will help you keep up with today’s competitive market while squeezing out greater profits.

From providing actionable steps on how to increase profits for small businesses to teaching key financial principles for larger corporations, Susie Carder’s Power Your Profits is the perfect guide for any entrepreneur looking to maximize their profit potential!


Power Your Profits is packed with actionable advice on how to effectively implement business process improvement. Whether it’s streamlining processes, managing resources, or maximizing performance, Susie Carder provides valuable insight into how leaders can optimize results without sacrificing quality. From creating efficient workflows to developing a strategic long-term plan, this comprehensive guide provides innovative ideas that will make every business run more efficiently.

Susie Carder also offers unique insights on how to motivate and engage employees, helping you maximize team potential while increasing profitability. Her powerful strategies provide invaluable knowledge on how to create an engaged workforce that is productive and successful.

When 2007 happened…when the economy crashed…and crashed HARD, I literally lost 90% of my net worth.

Life had brought me to my knees and I had no idea how to get back up. I prayed to God and I cried until I couldn’t cry anymore.  
Somewhere in the depths of my sadness and devastation… a sliver of grace fell upon me (as it always does in our worst moments), and I figured out my first step.
…and the next one…
…and the one after that.
Step by slow, painful step, I rebuilt my life and my business. I’m so grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned and for the life I’ve created since those dark days. A beautiful home, a loving relationship and another multi-million dollar business that lets me do the work I love!
I wouldn’t wish the crisis I went through on anyone!
What I wanted more than anything was for someone to show me the way out; someone to just tell me the steps and give me the order in which to do them. But I didn’t have that luxury. I had to figure it out on my own and it was painful.
Since then, I’ve become OBSESSED with creating an easier path for other entrepreneurs to follow. I know I went through my hardships for a reason. I now have a gift I can help with. I can help businesses crises-proof their business to ensure it’s built to last.
I’m more committed than ever to betting on myself (that’s what hitting rock bottom and building your way back to the top will teach you). And I know my life’s purpose is to help other entrepreneurs – just like you – stick with your commitment to bet on yourself…even in today’s uncertain economy and unusual circumstances.
You deserve to get the dream that lives in your heart!