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Dr. Susie Carder, Fractional COO

Introducing Your New & The Best

Fractional COO

Every shares the same headache,

probably because of all those different hats you're wearing.

Managing your entire operation on your own simply isn’t feasible, and it certainly isn’t sustainable. Thankfully, you don’t have to be doomed to an eternity as the lone wolf – but you also don’t need to drain your budget by bringing on an entire new pack of wolves (I mean, employees). 

The Best Fractional COO for small businesses is here, helping small businesses in growing difficulties. A Fractional COO, your profit coach, gives you the guidance and support of a pack in your corner, walking by your side as you grow your online business with confidence and clarity. A Fractional COO provides the luxury of temporary management support, without the financial burden of a full-time employee. Susie offers the best Financial COO rates. 

We mean, if you ask us, it just makes sense.  

With a Fractional COO or Part Time COO, you get all the help you need and none you don’t. Delegate the big stuff to us, leaving you to focus on tasks that actually make you richer. 

So, what exactly is a ?

Before you ask, no – it’s NOT a “guru” or “coach”. Short for Fractional Chief Operating Officer, a FCOO is your right-hand wingman. Your second in command, standing by your side in your company’s cockpit, committed to steering this ship to victory with the best yet simple success plans.  

A FCOO is a seasoned operations executive. It’s a profit coach and best growth genius for business leaders who need part-time strategic and operational leadership. Fractional COOs are popular among small to mid-sized businesses who lack the cash flow for a full-time COO.  

FCOOs are powerful, we’re affordable, and – most importantly – we’re devoted to helping you achieve more, for less, no matter the nature or size of your business! Whether you’re an ambitious startup or a growing conglomerate on a roll, you won’t believe what you can achieve with a FCOO on your team. 

A day in the life of a looks very different depending on the business, but in general, you'll find us focusing on:

Strategic Planning & Development

We’ll work closely with your senior leaders to study market opportunities, trends, and risks, going on to develop a long-term vision and actionable business growth strategy for entrepreneurs just like you.

Process Improvement

Catch and crush inefficiency, eliminate waste, and implement potent solutions that streamline your daily business operations. From new tech systems to optimized processes, updated policies and procedures, and more, there are infinite ways to get your business running with machine-like precision. Together, we’ll find ‘em!

Team Development

We won’t crush your soul with cliché quotes like “team work makes the dream work”. We’ll simply prove that teams work better when they work smarter through better management, better organization, and deeper engagement. While the focus here is on the team, it’s crucial to work closely with each member of the team to pinpoint and fix weaknesses, close skill gaps, and do what it takes to boost performance.

Metrics Reporting

Gain a deeper understanding of your operation’s effectiveness and efficiency by establishing and reporting on KPIs, from sales goals to profitability, custom satisfaction metrics, productivity levels, and the like.

Business Pricing Strategy

How much is your business really capable of earning? The answer will surprise you. Together, we’ll analyze financial performance, your business model, your competitors, the cost-effectiveness of your products or services, industry trends and regulations, etc. etc. From there, we can estimate how much ROI you COULD be producing by implementing the strategies we formulate together.

Project Management

Timelines? Check. Budgets? Check. Deadlines? Triple check. No matter the project, we’ll make sure it moves from start to finish smoothly and problem-free.

Why You Want NEED a Fractional COO

External Expertise: FCOOs are more than experienced executives. They are PASSIONATE strategic guiders. Mentors. Coaches. Support structures. They provide objective feedback and stand in your corner as you knock out difficult business decisions and crack cryptic challenges with new focus and resources. Never underestimate the power of honest, unbiased advice and support from someone who is not emotionally involved in your business, helping you see your organizational goals, technology, and more through a fresh lens. 

More Flexibility: Why waste your budget committing to full-time support you might not even need all the time? On-demand FCOOs make more sense, seeing as you only pay for the help you need, when you need it, on a part-time or per-project basis, be it 3-4 days weekly or monthly. 

Fractional Chief Operating Officer
Why  ?

They say a magician never reveals her secrets, but this sorcerer is PASSIONATE about helping leaders like you STOP spending money on the WRONG things. With the right business profit coaching, your business CAN and WILL grow on autopilot.

Sure, bottom line matters. But the only way to get there is to dig from the TOP DOWN. Together, we’ll enrich your TOP LINE first, with results that echo through to the bottom like magic. I’ve built 10 companies from nothing, two of which are worth $10M today.

You CAN have it all, and you CAN make time for both your family and your business, as well as hobbies, relationships, your health, and everything in between.

What's the  ?

I’m not everyone’s cocktail, and that’s OK. If you want a mentor and sidekick who tells it like it is, is unashamed of her failures, and CAN and WILL position your business for infinite growth, then fill out a quick assessment form today. I can’t WAIT to hop on a call with you to get to know you, your business, and your dreams for the future. Ready when you are, captain. 


If you want to get to the root of your roadblocks and devise lasting solutions that actually change your life, this is it. I don’t care how much money you’ve spent on coaches before. It’ll mean nothing once I’m done with you.

The problem with other coaches and consultants is that they’ll kill you slowly with mind-numbing theory. They haven’t actually built a company, so they can’t give you the practical advice you need to grow. I’ve been there, done that, bought the bobblehead. I’ve built 10 companies – two of which are worth $10 million dollars a pop. I’ve been in your shoes, AND I know how to climb out of them and into something a little more fitting for Queens like us. 

The proof is in the profit, and I’ve raised MILLIONS of dollars for myself and my clients, drawing on my experience and expertise spanning multiple industries over the past three DECADES. Can any other coaches you’ve worked with say that? 

…And that wasn’t a question! The thing is, planning makes perfect. The little time spent on a business growth strategy for entrepreneurs is a small price to pay for a LIFETIME of fulfillment across EVERY. ASPECT. OF. YOUR. LIFE! It doesn’t have to be hard – it just has to be strategic. Trust me, you’ll save yourself a mountain of pain and suffering in the long-run by implementing the blueprint we’ll create TOGETHER.

As a Fractional COO, Dr. Susie Carder will work closely with your team to understand the dynamics of your business operations. She starts by conducting an in-depth assessment to identify areas of improvement. Following this, she will design and implement strategic plans, focusing on improving efficiency and productivity.

Susie’s approach is collaborative, meaning she will work hand-in-hand with your team, providing guidance, mentorship, and sharing her expertise to help your team achieve their objectives. She also provides accountability, ensuring that everyone stays on track towards meeting the company’s goals.

Remember, as a Fractional COO, Susie’s role is to supplement your existing leadership, not replace it. Her goal is to empower your team with the right tools and strategies so they can perform at their best.

  1. Fill out our qualifying questionnaire.
  2. Attend a Discovery Call to ensure we will collaborate well.
  3. We complete a business evaluation.
  4. We will create your perfect strategic plan.
  5. We’ll assist you with implementing your plan and tweak it along the way to help you reach your goals!

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