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Strategic Partnerships

Personally curated by Susie Carder, here are best-in-class organizations all with different focuses to help you achieve your very best.

Mike Saunders

Authority Marketing Strategist

Maruxa Murphy

Chief Community Architect

Charles Byrd

CEO and Founder of Pure JV

Keri Murphy

The CEO and founder of Inspired Living

Simon Severino

CEO of Strategy Sprints

Dov Gordon

CEO of Profitable Relationships

Tom Poland

Marketing Guru
Beejel Parmar

Beejel Parmar

Virtual Assistant & Outsourcing Services 

Joshua Lutz

Website & Graphic Design Guru
Danny Iny Headshot

Danny Iny

Founder of Mirasee, Business Consultant
Debbi Dachinger Headshot

Debbi Dachinger

Media Visibility Specialist
Debbie Allen Headshot

Debbie Allen

Marketing & Brand Positioning | Expert of Experts
Debbie Hoffman Headshot

Debbie Hoffman

Follow Up Authority
Holly Chantal Headshot

Debbie Hoffman

High Ticket Sales Marketing Expert
Jackie Lapin Headshot

Jackie Lapin

High-Level PR
Jake Adam Davey Headshot

Jake Adam Davey

Instagram Brand Coach
Jane Deuber Headhot

Jane Deuber

CEO & Found of Magpai
Janet Switzer Headshot

Janet Switzer

Revenue Strategist for Authors
Jill Lublin Headshot

Jill Lublin

PR Expert  |  Best Selling Author of 4 Fine
Jim Padilla Headshot

Jim Padilla

Founder & CEO fo Gain The Edge | Sales Expert
Johnny Beirne Headshot

Johnny Beirne

Online Course Coach
Laura Posey Headshot

Laura Posey

Business Planning Expert
Liam Austin Headshot

Liam Austin

High Ticket Affiliate Sales Expert
Dr. Michelle Mazur Headshot

Dr. Michelle Mazur

Marketing Messaging | 3 word rebellion

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