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Clients, Clarity, And Getting Outcomes

Outcomes: Here’s something service-based businesses or those who are entering the coaching industry find challenging to get clear on…

Showing prospects the results that they can give them.

How do you clarify what outcomes you provide for your clients when they appear so intangible?

Simply look at what occurred because of your offering and then what the result was because that happened.

For example, self-confidence is intangible – but what happened because of self-confidence? They may have lost 10 pounds, asked for a raise, or had the guts to go on a difficult conversation.

You can coach your client to see what happened after receiving the intangible outcome you provided.

So, as a result of confidence, what were the things that unfolded in their life? As a result of gaining clarity, what happened in their business?

An intangible outcome opens up a whole world of options and opportunities.

When your client overcomes whatever is keeping them from achieving results — or when you were able to resolve the problem that they came to you for help with in the first place — they can push those hurdles and concerns aside and decide what they want to do with their life.

They are now presented with options that make it easier for them to achieve what they have wanted to achieve.

Several events then unfold, leading to a radical change in their lives. These are the results of your intangible outcomes.

So, continue asking the question as a result of getting from the intangible to something concrete and measurable.

Because you don’t want to keep saying, “you get to live a life that you love or achieve success.” Well, what does that even mean, anyway?

How do you get them to understand and see your results?

The best way to show clients how you can help them is by letting them see you and know your story.

Why? Because you are your first client, and you are the first case study.

You are a great case study. I always show MY case studies, as they have to see that I live by what I do every day. Show them that you’re walking your talk.

Use yourself as a case study. You don’t have to necessarily say “me, me, me, me, me.” You just have to show the amazing things that happened, all the things you did due to what you believe and what you preach.

You can even dig and ask friends you’ve coached and worked with to be your case studies. What opened up because of their experiences with you?

One of my case studies is my girl Sam.


Sam’s life today is unrecognizable. When I met her four years ago, she was completely different, and then she started working with me into who she is now, and she is completely unrecognizable. And although I’m paying her, I’m also coaching her.

I’m not talking about change only in her demeanor, but physically, mentally, spiritually, including her relationship. She is more coachable now than she was even two years ago, and she was able to turn herself and her life into something way more than who and what she was before.

She got divorced, and it’s a good thing because it meant she completed the relationship. She understood that there was an option to get out of the abuse and the dysfunction, and she’s better because of it.

A powerful completion in a relationship, and that’s something powerful versus going through all the drama.

So, when I introduce Sam and people see how amazing she is — and they know that I am also coaching her — they see themselves and what they could become in Sam. She is a byproduct of the intangible outcome I brought into her life.

So, if you gain clarity of the results that your intangible outcomes could produce, you can convince your clients to have a higher level of confidence in you.

Do you lack self-confidence? When coaching clients, it’s essential to focus on the tangible RESULTS that came from intangible outcomes. Watch this video to learn more about intangible outcomes as I provide some more juicy coaching. Actual results are essential in the marketplace, and your clients are no exception.

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