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Publicity: What is it, and why is it so important for businesses?

Publicity. I knew I couldn’t do it alone. You don’t become the best-selling author alone, and you don’t get a book deal alone.

You don’t publish it alone.

I had the privilege to have Jill Lublin in my corner. She went to the book fair with me, pitched for me, and went to many publishers.

Jill also got my book in the hands of Simon & Schuster. I got known, seen, heard, and got paid.

I’m going to share with you what I have learned from her, the powerful publicity nuggets that will warm your message, including the strategies to give you the ways to get your message out there and help you create that visibility factor that you deserve.

Publicity – so that they can talk about you.

What publicity does for you?

Publicity is not just for authors but for consultants, coaches, and nonprofits. You need your name to get out there and have more people to know about you so they can keep talking about you and say yes to you. So that your attraction web weaves through the world of people you want to reach.

Publicity is an attraction factor, and it creates an ongoing connection to you where people know who you are, what your product is, or services are. By the power of your message, you will get people talking about you in ways beyond what you can do. If nobody knows you, how can you find you?

Publicity equals High ROI

One client got one blog post for a $25 product, and she sold 600 of them, and she made $15,000 In one day. See how one blog leads to more sales, increased prospects, great trust, more visibility, more clients, more money, and more exposure in the marketplace?

Here’s a list of the things that publicity does to increase ROI

  • Increased Prospects
  • More Sales
  • Increased Trust
  • More Credibility
  • More Visibility
  • More Clients
  • More Money
  • More Exposure in the Marketplace

Publicity equals influence equals impact.

You have to plant your publicity garden now.

Some of you have a story during COVID and lockdown about health, transformation, or mindset. You’re the ones we need, and you’re an evolutionary story. Here’s the bottom line: It’s all about your message.

It is you that will drive the message out into the world. You are the message. You are the wisdom, and you are the wise one.

There is a right formula on how to have that powerful message. You will give the problem-solution formula and tell people what to do. You’re going to say to them, like I’m going to tell you right now, and I’m going to share my message with you.

This formula is what I do in media.

You have to consider that you only have a short time to deliver your message, so it has to be concise and meaty. Here’s the formula:

State the problem -> Establish your credibility ->Provide 3 solutions

Let’s take Jill’s example of her message:

“The problem today is four out of five businesses will go out of business because they have no clue how to create publicity without spending a fortune. Now listen up, my friends, because I’m about to give you thousands of dollars worth of PR advice. 

The first way to get noticed is to create your oooh ahh factor. The second way is to make the I’ve heard of you somewhere syndrome. And the third way is focused on networking magic and show-up in your communities twice a month for name and face recognition.”

Your story does matter. Everybody’s story counts. Some may have dramatic stories, while some may have business stories. Each story has a way of helping people.

Your message ripples out with the power of publicity and reaches the right people so that they will say ‘yes’ to you. Your message will multiply you, and it’s going to multiply your revenue, and it’s going to reproduce the way that you’re able to show up. It’s going to multiply your impact and your influence in the world.

Do you have any doubts that publicity is not suitable for your growing business? In this video, Jill Lublin and I explain why publicity is beneficial to you and your business.

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