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money thermostat

Set Your Money Thermostat To Attract More Money

What’s your money story? What did you learn about money growing up? What was your experience with money?
Do you know your Money Thermostat?

So many times, we say we want more, but we can’t get ourselves to do what we need to do to get it.

We fail to realize that we are energy, and we can take control of our money by reprogramming our money thermostat.

But what is a money thermostat?

I’ve had the opportunity to have my amazing friend, Melanie Clark, of the Amazing Clarks, also known as the Beverly Hills Dentist Life Coach, speak at my events — and she always dumps diamonds on all those in attendance. She is a life and love coach, but she is also an expert on money thermostats and how to attract money.

According to Melanie, we have this part of our brain called the psycho-cybernetic mechanism. This mechanism is what she would call our money thermostat. It’s an internal thermostat and the part of our brain that sets us where we are in our lives. If you get off course, it takes you right back on course.

It’s similar to having a thermostat in a room. Set the thermostat at a specific temperature, and the temperature will always remain at that level in the room. The thermostat will adjust it back to the set temperature when the temperature changes.

And this is how it is with our beliefs about money.

Where you set your money thermostat is what you’re going to get.

Most of our money ideas come from our money story. We did not create them. Our subconscious sets it.

So, your money thermostat is mainly set by your subconscious and conscious beliefs. Our childhood gave us most of these beliefs.

This part of our brain is set by all of the things that we’ve learned. It is set from every experience you had from birth until this moment. These include the things you heard in school, the things your parents said, the conversations you overheard heard while talking about money, and even those moments when you were denied the things you wanted and told “money doesn’t grow on trees.”

Our money beliefs are set right from our childhood, experiences, and lives, and then we just play it out.

We’re literally looking at our past and bringing it forward. And this money thermostat is attached to so many parts of our success.

When you don’t grow up with money, you don’t know anything about money. What that means is you don’t have a file for that. And if you don’t have a file for that, you can’t move towards that.

So, it’s super important that you add new files to your life experience. That’s why the education part is so important. That’s why surrounding yourself with people who have had experiences that you’ve never had is so important.

Because when you align yourself with people who have had experiences and have money that you don’t have, you can add files to your database to move forward differently.

When you feel discomfort as you work through your money thermostat, it’s you growing and changing.

Often, we struggle with the good things in life because our money thermostat tells us that we are not good enough. Sometimes, we push ourselves over the edge to do something when an opportunity arises because we did not set our money thermostat there.

But when you are aware of your money thermostat and change it, everything around you also changes –  your lifestyle, your home, what you could do for your family, even your whole beingness changes with it.

So, where is your money thermostat set right now? What are some things that you hear yourself telling yourself constantly about money? What are the conversations that you’re having about money?

You will attract what you radiate and vibrate with your energetic system.

Did you know that your files are alive? Those files from your past are alive. And there are only two ways to clean them up. You can either delete the old ones by reframing them, or you can add new files. That’s how we change our money thermostat.

How you feel about yourself and what you’ve learned about money affect how you show up in your business and how you show up in the world.

Remember that money is energy, and money is unlimited.

We tend to think that there’s only enough money available to us from what we’ve seen. That right there is a file. Whatever money you’ve been around, that’s all you know as possible.

But money is energy. That’s why it’s called currency. And it’s how you look at it.

Look at your story. What story are you telling yourself about money? If you are telling a story that money is limited, you are limiting yourself and need to reprogram that belief. Whenever you think that money is limited, the things that you do in your life are going to limit your money.

This includes the clutter in your mind — all those thoughts you have — they will prevent you from getting to the money.

So, you have to stay focused on money being unlimited. It’s all around you. It’s just energy, and it’s a frequency, and if you can tap into that frequency, you can change your entire life. You can change your whole business. But the clutter in your mind and the clutter around you will try to block energy flow. Don’t let it.

We have to be fearless when it comes to money. You have to be bold and push past your fears. That’s what radical action is.

Money is an exchange.

Money is an exchange of love. You’re giving to your client, or whoever you’re working with, the culmination of your love for what you do, your passion, and your life experience.

The way it works is your clients, and the people you work with are giving you an exchange of your energy which is the currency of money.

Receiving energy is the same as giving power. Now, if you have a problem receiving that exchange, that’s what you need to work on. But here’s the file that we all get: It’s better to give than receive.

So what happens is we all try to be excellent and friendly and kind, so we give, give, give. And then, when we are the ones who do the receiving, we feel bad because we are programmed to think that we should always give and not receive.

You have to delete that file. That file does not serve you because it is not valid. Why? Because when you don’t receive, you’re preventing the recipient from receiving the good that the sender or giver is trying to give.

You’re not allowing others to be nice to you and provide you with something that may have taken them a long moment to think of delivering to you because that’s how you mean to them. And that hurts them.

Your behaviors are going to show you where your money thermostat is set.

How do we change this?

Tell a new story. You are the author of your life. You can write whatever story that you want to write. It could be anything. It’s unlimited. Remember, money is unlimited. So you can write whatever story that you want.

Many of us tend to stick to our beliefs. A belief is just a thought that you think over and over again until you download it and then it becomes part of your files. When it does, it becomes a belief and it manifests.

So, if you want a different life you have to tell a new story. And you create your new story with your mantras. Mantras work.

Be grateful for where you are and what you have. When you have so much gratitude for what you already have, you are able to create this space for more to come in. This is the science of gratitude.

When you are in gratitude, you are in the present moment. And that’s where your power is. It’s not really in the past or the future unless you live in the past and your thermostat is making you live in the past, only you’re just not aware of it. You have to go and create the files that you want. So that when you do move forward energetically, you are in the present moment where you have the most power.

So how do you do it?

You need to create a new you.

You can change your money thermostat, create a new you, and attract more money by following these steps:

1. Bombard your system with information

You have to bombard your system with information that matches what you want. Let your system be familiar with attracting money by letting your system see information that shows you exactly how to do that.

When you are bombarding your system with information, you’re creating a whole bunch of new files in that filing cabinet. So that as you move forward, you’re pulling files that match the reality that you’re trying to create in this present moment.

Ask yourself: Are you on the right track? Are you exactly where you’re supposed to be? Is the information you are bombarding yourself with leading you to your goals and the things that you want for your life?

2. Write it down

Now that you know that you need to bombard your system, you must write down what you want. The human brain loses focus every seven to ten seconds. This is the reason why we don’t remember everything.

Have you ever experienced driving and then you find yourself somewhere you didn’t even remember getting to in the first place? That’s your brain conserving energy. Your brain is always trying to conserve energy. To make sure that you don’t lose the information that you need, write it down.

3. Visualize

Visualizing literally tricks your body into thinking that this reality exists until all of your energy creates new brain neural pathways that fire and wire what you’ve been visualizing. It’s a trick to help you reset your thermostat.

The brain actually works better in pictures than it does with words. When our brain sees that new reality, it starts downloading it.

4. Self-talk

If there’s ever a better time to do all that self-talk, it’s when you want to change your money thermostat and create a new you. You need to start telling yourself that you will do what you need to do.

It’s time to return all the talks and positive encouragement you give your people to yourself. Believing in what you can do begins with you telling yourself that you can do it. But you have to take control of this inner world as you take control of your outer world at the same time.

5. Inspired radical action

We are all connected to this source of energy and are pulling energy from it. Inspired radical action is like that eureka moment when you know you have to take action. It just feels right to take action and you know that it was meant to be. A way is going to be made for you and you are going to make it happen because you will feel that that’s the right direction for you.

6. Affirmations

Affirmations help you reprogram yourself by boosting your confidence and strengthening your positive opinion of yourself so you can achieve your goals. They make you feel empowered and in control.

As you start to work on your money thermostat and begin the change to a new you, a part of your brain called the amygdala, which is like your failsafe mechanism, will make sure that your reality doesn’t change quickly. Because of the way that we’re wired, we can’t just change our minds that quickly. It makes us feel crazy.

So it’s important that you recognize that you’re going to feel fear, doubt, and anxiety any time you try to change. And when that happens, most people take that as a signal to retreat and run back to their old selves.

But when you feel fear, doubt, and anxiety, you should be running towards it and see what’s in it for you. Because generally there’s always going to be something for you that you’ve always wanted on the other side of that fear, doubt, and anxiety. The fact that you’re feeling that fear and doubt means you are making progress.

You’re feeling it because you’re not used to the change. You were not set to accept that change.

So, sit with it. Pick through it and find out what in you is causing that fear, that doubt, that anxiety, and then release and bless it. This will help you to be better. As you delete the old program that you were given in childhood because it is no longer appropriate for this time in your life, bless it and release it.

Have you ever noticed that whenever you are deleting an old program on a computer, you get a pop-up window that says, “Are you sure you want to delete this program?” Whenever you feel that fear, doubt, and anxiety, that is your pop-up window asking you if you are sure that you want to delete it.

You have to say yes and delete it. When you’re deleting one program with fear, doubt, and anxiety, you’re also uploading a new program with your affirmations and your visualization, your self-talk. You are literally reprogramming your brain.

Constantly feed your brain. The brain can’t tell the difference between a truth and a lie. If you keep feeding it a story then it will become your truth and you will manifest it. You’re going to be stuck in the same thermostat setting if you don’t because you have to bring something new in right now.

That’s what fake it til you make it means.

Watch out for your ego because it will try and fight you as soon as you do that. Your ego will show up and plant seeds of doubt and uncertainty in your mind. That’s why you need to learn how to talk to your self and talk yourself down. Because then, even your ego will believe it.

Remember that your thermostat setting is set by you. So, take charge.

Write a new story and then feel it in your body. It’s not just about thinking it’s about feeling because emotions are the gas of attraction. The more you feel, the more you vibrate, and the more you attract.

Work on your money story.

Keep in mind that money is unlimited and it is not tied to worthiness!

Was your cash experience positive or negative? You should watch this video if you want to attract more money! Melanie Clark and I used to discuss how to make more money!

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