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Case Study:

Helice Bridges

The Challenge

I have been working with Dr. Susie Carder on and off for 20 years. I started a company to empower and educate individuals on “Who they are makes a difference.” I traveled the world giving blue ribbons out honoring the dignity of the human spirit. My business was funded by donations and I had no business strategy. I had great ideas enough revenue to live well but no real revenue generating strategies. I have spoken with heads of state, former presidents and dignitaries but didn’t not know how to monetize all my success.

The Solution

We put a marketing plan together to monetize all the amazing relationships I had developed over the years. I never realized what a gold mine I had in front of me. Dr. Susie helped us organize our Standard Operating procedures to create a systematic process vs being scattered and disorganized. Dr. Susie helped me streamline my content into courses, courses into train the trainer programs and as a result. WOW!

The Result

First, I started charging what I am worth, my keynotes are $25,000 no more giving everything away. – I was published in Forbes Magazine. – Produced “SPARKY AND THE MAGIC BLUE RIBBON” Children’s book. – Produced school curriculum – paid by school districts – 2 schools districts in process of contracting Phase 1 & 2 – 2022 | $25,000 – $75,000. – Created and executed a fundraising campaign – Raise $25,000-$1M, no longer afraid to ask for the money. – I have been hired by Amazon, Paul Mitchel, Supercuts, Disney multiple school districts. – Created 10 Blue Ribbon City, County, State, and Country Leaders – representing States of California and New Jersey, Cities: California- Red Bluff, Carlsbad, San Diego – Moose Lake, MN, Minneapolis, MN, Denver, CO, Austin, TX, London, England, South Africa, Nigeria INTERVIEWS / PODCASTS – Interview/filming 1 day – Oct – Nov 2022- Post Traumatic Thriving – 2.6 million listeners – C-suite – 20 min. – 500K audience…

Helice Bridges

International Speaker, Empowerment Specialist, Human Rights Advocate, International best-selling author of 3 books

Dr. Carder has been one of my winning formulas in business, best investment you will ever make!

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