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Case Study:

Esther Graham

The Challenge

Before working with Dr. Carder, I was the butcher, the baker, the candle stick maker. I was doing it all being it all but not having it all. I have several businesses, but felt like I was getting behind versus ahead of everything. I have a passion for business and making money, but more importantly is doing God’s work. I had a passion project FestaBella Donna that was my heart and soul, but wasn’t making any money.  

The Solution

The first thing we did was look at each business separately, what staff needs did I need to create, what were the revenue projections for each business and a solid budget for each one of those businesses.   I looked at all my staffing needs and realized I hadn’t had a system for hiring or criteria for managing my team. We put KPI’s in place for each business and team member to help manage the process versus manage team behavior.

The Result

Festabella Donna became profit center for the first time in 5 years. We had revenue goals, I learned to sell from the stage and how I could use volunteers to help me execute that plan. I love working with Dr. Carder, she is frugal and fiscally responsible treating all my businesses like her business and my money is her money.   We learned to qualify everything. We looked at managing from the results and creating expectations for each business to surpass our previous years goals. She walks you through every step and she is there for every victory and every challenge. I would not be where I am right now if Dr. Susie was not in my life, or I should say our lives (Jon & I). We have opened another early childhood development school and now buying land for our own church.

Esther Graham

Real Estate Investor, Speaker, Entrepreneur

If you are considering executive coaching with Dr. Susie; DO IT!! You cannot put a dollar amount to the ROI. Her community is also phenomenal and placed me in a group of powerful men and women. The entrepreneurs and professionals Susie brings to the table in addition to her coaching… Priceless!!!

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