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Case Study:

April Garay

The Challenge

We were growing extremely fast, and money was leaving as fast as I could make it. We didn’t have systems to support the kind of growth we were having, and we didn’t have team accountability systems to allow us to manage effectively. I was definitely too nice as a leader and would tolerate too much. My budget was so over budget I never wanted to look at it.

The Solution

Dr. Susie started digging in, looking at all of our systems, our complete sales flow, my accountability or should I say lack of system. We worked on my time management to get more done in less time. I had my leadership do the same activity to increase our effectiveness as a team.   We put together a qualified lead strategy and tracked all sales and who were my closers and stopped managing people behavior and focused on Results.

The Result

I eliminated $200,000 in account receivables in 2 weeks, which I had been tolerating for 6 months to a year. I created all internal systems for my entire company, a goal that I had every year for 3 years and we did them in 1 year.   We created a new team member on boarding system that allowed us to give our team a comprehensible training program.   We cut our operating budget by 50% and cut payroll by 30%. I wasn’t aware of how far over budget we were. Dr. Susie put it in plain English to allow me to run the organization at a profit for the first time in 15 years.

April Garay


Thanks Dr. Susie- you’ve definitely been a game changer!!!!

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