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Case Study:

Dr. Kim Grimes

The Challenge

Before working with Dr. Carder, I was working as an executive at a woman’s organization and knew there was something greater than me. I knew I had a lot to contribute and was looking for a coach that could see my vision and help me execute it. I had been struggling with how do I combine my passion with my purpose. I knew that there was money all around me but I wasn’t able to harness that energy. I kept undervaluing my real contribution or working in clients limiting beliefs around finances.

The Solution

Working with Susie she helped me to really dig deep down to get clear on what is really my purpose and the call on my life. I learned my passion is teens & young adults. This caused me to shift my focus and vision and I began working closely with young people.

The Result

Since working with Dr. Carder I received my Doctorate and learned to leverage that expertise. I created my first business plan around Living Abundantly.

Dr. Kim Grimes

Best Selling Author, Speaker and Entreprenuer

Since working with Susie Carder as an Executive Life Coach I have clarity on what I am doing in my career and created a business and revenue plan to achieve that.

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