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Carder's Playbook

A Letter From The Desk Of Susie Carder

Ready to Leverage Your Business Breakdowns to Create Tremendous Growth in Your Revenue, Profits and Time Off? Read this letter from Susie to learn more:

Dear Friend,

Business owners often dread facing the reality of where their companies are struggling. (Can you relate?)

But breakdowns are something to celebrate. They’re a sign that you have an opportunity to climb to the next level … and they reveal how to get there.

The assessment that I just walked you through identified where your company is in breakdown – and what to tackle first to climb to the next level.

Right now, you might be feeling some discomfort and dissatisfaction. You might be frustrated with where you are … or embarrassed … or overwhelmed and confused about all there is to do and where you’re supposed to start.

That’s all fine and normal. The big question you need to answer is …

How are you going to handle the breakdowns you’ve identified? Will you get mad at them? Will you resist them? Will you complain about them? Will you stay stuck because you’re confused about how to move forward? Or will you get into action?

I hope you’re committed to taking action and addressing your breakdowns no matter what. That’s the only way you’ll create business breakthroughs that:

  • Generate more revenue
  • Dramatically increase your profits
  • Attract more prospects
  • Close more sales
  • Spot opportunities to outshine your competitors
  • Give yourself a huge pay raise
  • Take more time off … confident that your business will thrive without you

And if you’d like a shortcut to help you address these breakdowns quickly and with less effort … so you can create these results and more … great news …

I’ve created an amazing program that gives you a clear starting point. It guides you through the process of building a strong foundation for managing your company and skillfully steering it to the next level of business success.

Need your free business assessment form?

It’s called Carder’s Playbook: 3 Power Strategies for Predictable Business Success and it moves you forward into action … so you can get a firm handle on where your business is – and start addressing the areas of breakdown we just identified. I’m so committed to your success that I’ve made this package an absolute no-brainer – and you can get started today for just $97.

Here’s what’s included in this powerful business-building program:

Imagine what your business would look like if you had the hands-on support and guidance you needed to:



with support, templates, training, and hands-on feedback from me (Susie Carder) and a faculty of A-list entrepreneurs who’ve been exactly where you are — and made millions!



with help from top tier experts to get your finances in order, grow your list, set up your back-end, build your systems and team and craft your suite of highly profitable products



with bi-weekly classes and expert guidance to powerfully grow and scale your business without burning out. All alongside fellow entrepreneurs who think the way you do


with help from experts to get your finances in order, grow your list, set up your back-end, build your systems and team and craft your suite of highly profitable products

Carder’s Playbook program normally sells for $327. But I want to make this so simple that you’re able to jump into action now.
That’s why you’ll get over 70% off, investing just $97 to get started today.

And your investment is protected by my personal total-satisfaction guarantee…

You’ll Be Delighted – I Promise!

Go through the entire 3-module training program over the next 30 days. If you don’t agree that I’ve taught you how to:

  • Properly monitor your company’s health
  • Know which types of systems you need to build first
  • Build a proper budget, plan for profits and incentivize your team

… simply let my team know, and we’ll send you a prompt refund of your entire $97 investment.

Get started now to discover…

  • The critical key performance indicators you need to accurately assess how healthy your company is – and prevent a descent into utter chaos
  • A 5-step process for setting clear business objectives – and taking action to create results
  • How aligning your business values with your personal values will transform your client relationships – and business results
  • 7 steps to developing a thorough marketing strategy for the entire year
  • What you need to research to develop an accurate profile of your ideal customer
  • How to conduct a SWOT analysis on your competitors and use it to guide your marketing and business growth
  • My favorite model of selling and why it’s perfect if you dislike the sales process
  • How to leverage your personal and business finances to tap into your unlimited financial potential
  • 12 reasons businesses fail – and how to avoid them
  • The right way to build a business budget
  • And much more…

You’ve done a great job of getting your business to its current state. But now it’s time to climb to the next level.

Carder’s Playbook will give you the core knowledge and essential tools to leverage your breakdowns to create breakthrough growth in your revenue, profits and time off.

These are the systems and tools I used to build two $10 million companies. Now let’s dive in and get your business on the path to greater success.

Click the button below to get instant access to Carder’s Playbook now for just $97.

Your business mentor,

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