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Entrepreneurship: The Path To Wealth And Freedom With Bri Seeley

PYPP 54 | Wealth And Freedom

Are you tired of working for hours a day and still not generating enough wealth toward freedom? This episode will pave a new path for you! Bri Seeley, the Entrepreneur Coach, believes that entrepreneurship is the way to build wealth and freedom. Many entrepreneurs seek the path to wealth creation, which requires harmony in their […]

Your Mindset Creates Your Life With Krista Mashore

PYPP 51 | Mindset

Did you know that 85% of what you’re thinking every day is negative? And it is your mindset and thoughts that create your actions, which create your life. If you think a recession is going to kill your business, you’re not going to take risks because that is your mindset. You need to shift your […]

Empowering Women Over 50 with Nan McKay

Women over 50 are drawn to entrepreneurship by the desire for greater flexibility, independence, and control in their work lives. Nan McKay is currently President of the Board of Directors of Nan McKay and Associates, a corporation she founded in 1980, which now has ten offices across the country. She is also the founder of Nan McKay Connects LLC, […]

Break Free Of The Mold: Ideas And Mindset For Business Success With Bill Prater

PYPP 8 Bill Prater | Business Success

Far too often, business owners fail at scaling their business. Why does this happen? Susie Carder talks to Bill Prater, CEO and founder of Business Mastery and Scaleology and they delve into what you need to do to ensure business success. Bill introduces us to his dynamic business principles and how to drive scaling and […]

Your Mind Chatter is Getting in the Way of Your Success

As we play it big in our business, we usually find ourselves getting distracted by our mind chatter time and time again. We find ourselves conversing with our “self,” most times talking about how we are not “enough.” Not good enough, not smart enough, not talented enough, and a lot of these times, we compare […]

What Do Top Producers Do To Be Super Successful?

As business owners, we usually have our plates full. Sometimes, it’s hard to handle everything when we are so busy, and we have so many things going on. And the reality is, there are certain things that we have to do as entrepreneurs to make our business successful. But once you realize that there is […]

Managing The Customer Experience

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is a big deal when we’re talking about managing the customer experience. Have you ever wondered why some businesses are more successful than others? Or why people love going to the same restaurant? Or even why people are willing to pay more for […]

What Are The Biggest Challenges When Starting A Business?

Wondering what the biggest challenges are when starting a business? Well, I’ll be honest with you, if you’re thinking about launching a business, or if you’re already knee-deep in the fantasy of living the entrepreneur dream, let me share this with you. Ignorance is not bliss, so let’s face these challenges head-on. Here are things […]

How To Set Your Prices

“How do I set my prices?” I get this question all the time. Have you ever wondered how to set your price or how much you’re worth? What about how much you’re losing or how much you’re spending? Look, there are many different factors that go into setting your prices. These range from market factors, […]