As business owners, we usually have our plates full. Sometimes, it’s hard to handle everything when we are so busy, and we have so many things going on. And the reality is, there are certain things that we have to do as entrepreneurs to make our business successful.

But once you realize that there is a strategy and a formula for everything, making millions become fun. Over the years, I found that people do two things: they either manage sales or manage units.



Sales Versus Units

When we talk about sales, we’re talking about how much money we are looking to profit. When we talk about units, we mean the goal that we are looking to achieve.

Sometimes, when we say that we are looking to profit a “million dollars”, it freaks people out. But if we say, we only need “5 units of X and 5 units of Y this month, so 10 units to get XY” then that allows them to manage that number more efficiently.

It is essential to know this and distinguish it if you are a units person or a “sales”/dollars person.

So, what makes an entrepreneur super successful?


Your Sales Strategy

When I say super successful, I don’t mean a 10 percent or a 20 percent increase. Super successful means a minimum of 50 percent increase in profits and revenue.

For you to achieve this, you need to have a sales strategy.

Every single day, you have to work on your sales strategy. That is the number one highest income-increasing strategy only you can do. You can have a sales team, but you need to do something every day for your sales, whether it’s doing contracts, proposals, getting the word out, affiliates, joint ventures, and more. You need to do something for your sales


The Fastest Ways To Get Money

When we realize and understand the fastest ways we are going to get money, everything becomes fun. And the quickest ways that will get you to make more money are affiliates and joint ventures.

Wealth is our birthright. We get to choose how much money we make and how much money we don’t make.


Power Your Profits from Chaos ot Prosperity

Power Your Profits from Chaos to Prosperity

Your Dream Partner

Make a list of your ideal joint venture partners. Who would be that dream partner that could make a profound difference in your business? When we know who that is, the universe will conspire to support us and bring us that dream partner.


Discipline Yourself With Your Schedule

Once you get down to knowing your ideal or dream partner, you need to have discipline in your schedule. The reason that you get distracted by your busy-ness is that your business is not in your schedule.

It’s hard to do everything that we need to do for our business. Going from one thing to another, hour to hour, gets us burned out. But if we get disciplined with our schedule, we can get everything done in the fastest time possible.

Setting timers help. And don’t blow off your schedule. Unless you put it in your schedule to do later, then you can’t reschedule that task.

So, set a time for your sales. Use your schedule and honor it. Because if it’s not on your schedule, it is not getting done.


Excuses Are Letting You Play Small

Your excuses are not going to keep you in business. Your excuses are not going to take you out of business. Your excuses are not allowing you to play big. They are keeping you inside a small business and leading you to your sabotage.

When you are playing at a level that you want to play, such as building a multi-million-dollar enterprise, you need to have an intentional strategy.

Do you have a sales strategy that you follow to achieve that multi-million-dollar success?

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