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As we play it big in our business, we usually find ourselves getting distracted by our mind chatter time and time again.

We find ourselves conversing with our “self,” most times talking about how we are not “enough.” Not good enough, not smart enough, not talented enough, and a lot of these times, we compare ourselves to others, whoever “others” are.

The only way we are ever going to get these conversations to disappear is to notice that they are there.

Don’t get distracted by your mind chatter. The conversations in your head that beat you up, the mind chatter that goes on and picks on you are only getting in the way of your sucess.

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

This is a French saying that resonates well in dealing with the conversations in our head that affects the way we handle our business.

Often, when you get in such a conversation, you repeatedly find yourself in the same situation until you are back in the same spot, the situation, and the same conversation where you have been before.

Change Occurs When You Notice That Conversation

We all have that conversation in our heads. These conversations that we have are usually a battle within ourselves. We often beat ourselves up with all the negative self-talk and self-doubt that leads to our sabotage.

Millionaires and billionaires have gone through these very same conversations, and many still struggle with them. These conversations don’t go away, but we can get them to slowly decrease and diminish until they are small enough to hardly affect the way we show up and build our business.

The Beat-Up Sticks

To do that, we need to look at and be aware of how big the conversations are. Think of it as a bat. When you get in a negative exchange, you are beating yourself up with a big bat.

You beat yourself up because you think you are not good enough, not pretty or handsome enough, not smart enough, not talented enough, and not “whatever” enough. The more negative you get with yourself, the bigger the bat or stick you are beating yourself up with. And this leads to self-sabotage, both in your personal life and your business.

You Have To Recognize What Your Stick Is

When you recognize your stick, you can put it down and let it go because you are now aware of what you are beating yourself up with.

Once you recognize it and become aware of what that self-sabotage is, you can make your stick smaller. You are still beating yourself up, but you are no longer using the big bat to do that.

Your awareness allows you to find those that can better help you realize what conversation keeps popping up in your mind.

We live inside patterns. We all have that unanswerable question that will beat us up and sabotage us and run us ragged. Recognize your pattern and acknowledge your unanswerable question so you can begin to understand and be aware.

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Be Aware Of Your Mind Chatter

To create your wealth strategy, you need to be aware of the conversations inside your head. When the awareness comes, you create a new intention and a new possibility. And as you do, your sticks get smaller and smaller and smaller.

As your sticks get smaller, you’re no longer beating yourself up as much as you used to. You may still have those conversations in your head, but you can now catch them quicker and faster so you can manage and deal with them efficiently.

Our Net Worth Will Only Go As High As Our Self-Worth

If you don’t value yourself and what you have within yourself or what you can do or give, it would be difficult for you to charge what you are truly worth.

We all want to be seen as valuable enough to charge a decent, healthy, and profitable fee to get the result that we want to get.

But how can you achieve that?

The goal is to let go of your sticks until you get down to just a tiny stick. I believe we will never be able to get rid of our stick once and for all. But if we become aware of it and become quicker and faster in dealing with it, we provide the avenue for our transformation.

Be Aware Of Your Sticks And When They Get In Your Way

Get clear about what you are doing and how you are doing them. When you do, people will be willing to purchase the results you create in the world.

Create your mantras and put them together so that you live inside of it and inside of gratitude.

You will find that your stick will become smaller and smaller when you live inside your gratitude versus inside your expectation. You get stopped, backed up, and limited because your expectation of what or how you think something should be is unfulfilled.

Get Clear About What You Want

When you are clear about what you want and what you deserve, you can fulfill those expectations. On the contrary, if you are unclear about your expectations, then you deny yourself from achieving what you want to achieve and you let yourself live inside of the story in your head, the story of you not being “enough.”

What do you want inside of your business?

What stick are you using daily?

If you are always beating yourself up and not valuing who you are, how can people believe in you?

How can people purchase what you have if you are so busy beating yourself up with a big stick?


It’s time for you to live inside your greatness. It’s time for you to speak your truth.

Get up. Get out. Go do. Wealth is your birthright.

 Your partner in prosperity,


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