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PYPP 54 | Wealth And Freedom


Are you tired of working for hours a day and still not generating enough wealth toward freedom? This episode will pave a new path for you! Bri Seeley, the Entrepreneur Coach, believes that entrepreneurship is the way to build wealth and freedom. Many entrepreneurs seek the path to wealth creation, which requires harmony in their goals and actions. She discusses the three buckets to help you walk that path: Mindset, Habits, and Actions. If you want help to create long-term, sustainable success on your terms and abandon the wage paradigm, join us in this episode of Power Your Profits Podcast NOW!

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Entrepreneurship: The Path To Wealth And Freedom With Bri Seeley

Bri, thank you so much. I’m excited that you’re here and to introduce our tribe to you because you’re new to our tribe and new to our community. I got to tell you another secret weapon, I’m just saying. Bri, tell everybody who you are, who you serve, and what your sweet spot is.

I am Bri Seeley. I am The Entrepreneur Coach. I help women to abandon the wage paradigm so that they can become the ultimate source of wealth for themselves through entrepreneurship.

Talk a little bit more about that because I think that is a new language, which I love. I love introducing all new languages. What is the wage paradigm and how do you use entrepreneurship to leverage that?

You mentioned your three buckets. The startup entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurs that are in the middle, and then the scaled entrepreneurs. I work a lot with the new entrepreneurs and the mid-level entrepreneurs. One thing that I heard over and over again was, “I essentially don’t trust myself to make the money I need to make to support myself. I can’t quit my job because it’s stable and secure. I can’t start a business because it’s going to be inconsistent income.” There’s this mentality, especially in women, that in order to have a stable income, we need to have a job and a wage.

Someone else needs to pay us for us to have a stable, steady income. One of the things that I’ve found in my entrepreneurial journey over the years is that that’s not security or stability. I am my security and my stability. My ability to create my wealth is way more predictable and stable than putting my hands into someone else who could wake up tomorrow and fire me overnight. I work with a lot of women to build their businesses while they’re abandoning the idea that they need someone else to pay them in order to be stable and secure. Let’s transition you into becoming the creator and the foundation of your wealth so that you can do the things you want, make the impact you want, have the life you want, etc.

I love that because there’s such a mindset that goes with entrepreneurship that you don’t even know that you don’t know until you’re in it. It then keeps sabotaging you because you’re in that security, which is a false sense of reality. This business that you have is not your first business. Tell us your journey, your story, and how many businesses have you had because there’s a plethora of knowledge in having multiple businesses.

I started my first business when I was 23. I graduated with my Master’s and Bachelor’s both in Fashion Design. I started a fashion company. I had my own fashion label for eight years and it started off as a side hustle. I also had the paradigm that I needed a job in order to be stable. I had my day job and then I would make custom flower girl dresses, Bridesmaids dresses, homecoming prom, etc. That ended up growing over the course of eight years.

When I closed that business, I was dressing Tony Braxton doing major red-carpet events in LA. I was on the Bachelor not as me but my dresses. I was selling on, doing LA Fashion Week, I won Phoenix Fashion Week, all these things but what I realized was I was still operating in that wage paradigm.

While my business had begun self-sustaining, it wasn’t sustaining me and it was burning me up. I had no energy left at the end of the day. I felt like I was running on a hamster wheel. As you know if you’ve had hamsters, hamster wheels don’t go anywhere. I got to the point where I hit a wall and in meditation one day, I heard a very clear, “Fashion isn’t it. Shut it down and walk away,” and I did.

I had no plans. I had said six months prior if I didn’t have fashion that I didn’t have a reason to be present on this planet. Here I am thinking that it’s my only reason to be alive and I walk away from it. I ventured in and was like, “Universe, if you’re giving me this sign and message, then show me what’s the next step.”

I started cleaning up my inbox one day and I realized I had all these emails from these women being like, “Teach me to do what you’ve done. How did you build your business? How do you know all these things? How have you been on the Today Show? How have you written for Huffington Post? How have you done all these amazing things?” While I was building my fashion business, I had a counseling job.

I was like, “I have eight years of experience as a business owner and a counselor. What if I started helping these people that are asking for my help?” I learned a lot through having that fashion business and from walking away from it. The biggest thing was I learned to rely on myself because I also quit my job so I didn’t have an income or a business. The only thing that was going to get me on the other side of that was me.

Despite walking away, you are still passionate about entrepreneurship. Why?

What I found and realized was that I love business and entrepreneurship. I love fashion, but I didn’t love the business of fashion. My passion for entrepreneurship, the freedom, and the impact that it brings, and the ability for me to create my life as I want to, all of that was still present. I didn’t like the iteration that I was experiencing.

Having a fashion business, I had a 600-pound sewing machine. Talk about the antithesis of freedom, I literally felt like a ball and chain. I felt tethered to my office in Downtown LA whereas I wanted to be out. Now my office is my laptop. I was in a cafe working. I have some meetings so I’m going to go out and work. I have the freedom now to move around as I wish.

The entrepreneurship thing stayed consistent, but I re-evaluated my values around what was important to me and how I wanted to express entrepreneurship. I then started to see the power of entrepreneurship to all the other women in the world as well and what that could bring them. I fully hung my flag on entrepreneurship. That is, I believe, what is going to close the wage gap and going to be the turning point for women. I fully bought into entrepreneurship. It now looks different than it used to.

I went from the beauty industry to entrepreneurship and then I was scared in the beginning and I realized business is business. Do you have a specific niche that you work in or are women coming from everywhere now?

Women are coming from everywhere now because, as you said, business is business. The way I teach is like a skeleton. Pretty much, every skeleton has the same structure in the same configuration, but then what goes on top of the skeleton is different for every single one of us. I start with that skeleton approach of, “You need a business bank account, a business entity, marketing, website,” and then what we layer on top of that becomes unique and custom to every single person pending their business, clients, goals, and things like that.

I love that you use entrepreneurship as wealth creation because most people create a job for themselves. They’re not looking at entrepreneurship as a way out of the job. Now, they have an expensive job and they’re making less than they did when they had a job. Let’s talk about that because I love the distinction that you’re looking at entrepreneurship as wealth creation. What do you see the biggest mistake is when it comes to wealth creation for entrepreneurs?

I see a lot of entrepreneurs especially, as we talked about, the new ones and then the mid-tier ones. They set goals and then their actions every single day are busy work and it’s almost like their goals are on one side. Their actions are on a completely different side and they’re not bridged at all. I see a lot of people having these big goals but then waking up every day being like, “ I don’t know how to get to that goal so I’m going to post on Instagram or write an email newsletter.” All these little busy work things. Entrepreneurs are so busy and the majority of entrepreneurs I talk to aren’t taking the actions to get to those goals that they’ve set for themselves.

How do you help them see and solve that? That is a skill in itself and it sounds so easy as people think. It’s not because you’ve got to look underneath. You’re almost looking underneath the hood and going, “Here is where your stop block is.”

I do it in three different buckets like you talked about as well. First off, your mindset. What happens is your mindset then informs your habits, which is the 2nd bucket, which then informs your actions, which is the 3rd bucket. If we look at your mindset, what are you telling yourself? What stories are you telling yourself? Are you still holding onto that idea that like, “I can’t create the wealth that I want to create in my life?”

[bctt tweet=”Your mindset informs your habits, which then inform your actions.” via=”no”]

You then disempower yourself and you tell all these stories and keep yourselves from taking actions towards that wealth generation. The mindset contributes to the habits. What are you doing on a daily basis? Are you taking wealth-creation actions in your business every single day? Are you taking care of yourself every single day? Do you have a morning routine, ritual, or thing that you do to put yourself in that wealth creation mode so that you can then move to bucket three and take those actions?

When I talk about actions with people, I have a whole system that I use to break those yearly goals down into actions now so that you can know what I’m doing now is feeding my weekly goals, which is feeding my monthly goals, which is feeding my quarterly goals, which is leading me directly to accomplishing that yearly vision that I have simply from this one step that I’m taking now.

Give me examples of daily actions for wealth-creating. What are some examples that you have for entrepreneurs for their wealth-creating actions?

I like to distinguish between passive actions and bold actions. Again, passive actions, as I mentioned earlier, is like, “I’m going to post on Instagram or put this thing here and hope someone sees it.” Bold actions are, “Who can I talk to? Did someone reach out and inquire who never followed up? Can I set up a call with them to have a sales conversation? Is there a partnership I could develop to get in front of someone else’s audience to provide value to help them take the next step that would then inspire them to reach out to me?”

Bold actions, generally people are a little more hesitant to take because you could reach out to Susie Carter to be on her podcast and she could tell you no. You could call that past client to ask for a referral and they could say no. You could follow up with that person who said they were interested and they could tell you that they’ve decided not to move forward.

There are a lot of fears that people have wrapped up and taken those bold actions because there’s rejection with it versus if you post on Instagram, it’s pretty safe. Those wealth-creation actions are getting in front of the right people, having the right conversations, partnering with the right people, and doing the things that you need to do to get in front of the people you need to get in front of to make the sales that you want to make.

PYPP 54 | Wealth And Freedom
Wealth And Freedom: Those wealth-creation actions are all about getting in front of the right people and having the right conversations to make the sales you want.


We have talked about what the highest income-producing activity is only you can do those of the highest income-producing activities. For all of you, when I say that and you’re like, “I don’t even know what she’s talking about.” That’s what we’re talking about. I think that’s a delicious way to give that example so thanks, Bri. I appreciate it.

The other thing I tell people too is oftentimes when you’re thinking in the morning of what you could be doing that day to generate income in your business. When you think of something and your mind immediately says, “We can’t do that,” that’s the exact action. That action should be moved up to your number one priority for the day because our mind talks us out of the scariest actions and it’s always the scariest actions that produce the biggest results for us.

I would waste a whole day putting that off because I was scared, so I love that. Put it first and get it on to understand and then take your nap. I wipe myself out because I was so scared. If I finally make the phone call, I’m like, “I have to get out.”

I always think too that if you wait until the end of the day, you’ve already taken that action mentally 100 times before you actually do it physically. That’s why you’re exhausted because you’ve already done the action 100 times before you’ve done the action. If you do it first thing, you then only have to do it once instead of 101 times and then you can move on with the rest of your day. Usually, once you do it, it’s done and you’re relieved. It’s easier than you thought it was going to be and everything else for the rest of the day is going to be cake.

Let’s shift a little bit because my biggest lessons have not been in my wins. My biggest lessons of, “I wish I would’ve known then what I know now.” What’s been, to this point and I say this point because we’re entrepreneurs, your biggest failure or learning experience. What did you learn from that?

It came through my fashion business because I say all these things, that’s truly what I was doing in my fashion business. I said earlier running on that hamster wheel. I was doing all of this busy work in my fashion business. Ask me how many sales calls I had in my fashion business in years.

How many?

I probably count them on one hand.

That’s crazy.

I had the perfect website, social media, and press strategy. I was featured in all of the top press outlets in fashion on the cover of one of them. All of these amazing accolades and accomplishments, yet I wasn’t taking those wealth-creation actions. When I switched to this business, I knew that something had to change and I hired a coach and she was like, “This is why. Now, you know you get to do things differently. You change your mindset, habits, and actions.” It’s been the exact process I’ve been on and I was able to go from not being able to pay my rent to create a 6-figure business in under 9 months because of all of this stuff. As you said, I learned a lot from failing in my fashion business and it’s changed everything about this business now.

PYPP 54 | Wealth And Freedom
Wealth And Freedom: To change your business, you have to change your mindset, habits, and actions.


You use entrepreneurship as 1 and 2, you’ve got several businesses. What’s been your wealth strategy to date?

Entrepreneurship has been my main one to date. Honestly, I’m in a season of change right now. This year has been transformative for me because I’m starting to see an even bigger picture. I am an employee of my business so that’s part of it, but also my business is part of it. I’m launching a nonprofit in 2023.

I will be starting with my first women’s activation event in Tulsa in May 2023. It’s going to be three days and that’s going to be the crux for then building a nonprofit on top of that which I’m excited about. It’s also going to let me do fundraising in a way I’ve never done fundraising. Getting some brands and some companies to also be backing me, what I’m building, and how I’m influencing female entrepreneurs.

In 2022, I bought my second house with my boyfriend and we were lucky to get a house that has an attached mother-in-law unit on it. Right now, how that’s looking is we make our mortgage every single month from Airbnb being that mother-in-law unit. That gives us all sorts of tax deductions as well for the home that we’re living in. At some point, we’ll turn this into a dual-income property and then move on to our next one, which will probably then be turned into another income-generating property and start to build out from there.

What’s consistent when I ask that question is there’s always some real estate play. I’ve built the majority of my wealth in real estate. Now my business is always giving me the money to build, buy, and invest. You have to be savvy and frugal and not spend every dollar that you make, which we talked about in the green room of you’re first looking to buy the things, buy your success, buy the notoriety, look good, and have all the right things, whatever the right things are. I love that you share that because it’s part of our philosophy as well. Brie, looking back in your life, not that it’s over because we still had a ton of life left in us, what do you want to be remembered for? If you had to be remembered for one thing, what would it be?

Honestly, I want to be remembered for ending the glass ceiling once and for all. I want women to stop putting their energy towards fighting something that’s never going to change and start putting their energy towards creating something that has the possibility to revolutionize the world.

That takes bravery. When you’re up to big things, you’ve got to have someone that stands behind you, beside you, in front of you, wherever they need to stand to support you in taking that brave, bold move. When I started entrepreneurship, I was ignorant. Ignorance was bliss. I was ignorant on fire and then learned, “This is harder than I thought.” You have a prize and we love prizes so talk to us about the prize that you’re giving us. How do we stay in contact with you because we have a lot of students that would love to learn from you?

The easiest and quickest way to stay in contact with me is I am all over Instagram. That’s my favorite platform and part of the reason I love it. You can find me @BriSeeley. I want you to send me a DM and let me know what your biggest takeaway was from this episode. I’ll check all of my other messages. I respond to everyone.

I would love to hear from you what you took away this talk. My free gift is to help you start building yourself as that foundation for wealth. Stop writing the rollercoaster of inconsistent income and start to build in consistent guaranteed income in your business. It’s a workbook. It’s going to help you learn the three principles to consistent wealth in your business so that you can thrive as that profitable entrepreneur that you deserve to be.

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Remember, it doesn’t have to be hard. It has to be strategic. You’ve got to find the right people that you resonate with. I’m glad to introduce you to Bri Seeley. DM her so that she can know that you came from our tribe. She loves our community. Bri, thank you for your day. Thank you for your time. Thank you for your expertise and wisdom, and more importantly, the courage to change and the courage to be a badass woman in the world making a profound difference. I’m your sister in the journey and I appreciate you. Have a blessed day.

Thank you.


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