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How to Successfully Build A Small Business

There are some important things to consider in building a small business. It is a fact that everyone is aiming to have a business wherein he or she is his or her own boss. But, establishing a business is never an easy task that others might think. It requires a high level of dedication, perseverance […]

Publicity: What is it, and why is it so important for businesses?


Publicity. I knew I couldn’t do it alone. You don’t become the best-selling author alone, and you don’t get a book deal alone. You don’t publish it alone. I had the privilege to have Jill Lublin in my corner. She went to the book fair with me, pitched for me, and went to many publishers. […]

How To Be Consistent: 5 Steps To Get Things Done, All The Time

How To Be Consistent

One of the questions I had in life revolved around how to be consistent. Growing up with 9 brothers and sisters, my biggest pet peeve is somebody saying that they’re going to do something and then not doing it. I had to learn not to trust what people said. I realized that people weren’t consistent […]

How to Handle Sales Objections

sales objections

Let’s talk about handling sales objections. First, I’m going to start with a system. The system I use is on page 199 of my book, ‘Power Your Profits’. I’ve been using this for 20 years and it works! It eliminates those victory days. What are victory days? It’s when there are good days and bad […]

Success Secrets: What Success Really Looks Like

success secrets

If you work with me, you will learn success secrets and skills that will enable you to grow your business and make an impact on the world. So that you won’t have to keep coming back because you need the next step. Instead, you’re just coming back to fine-tune it. Alyse McConnell, one of the […]

How To Build An Unforgettable Brand (Email List Building)

email list

When I began, I had nothing on my email list but I was able to grow it. If I had done it, so can you. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it and you realize that money is all around you. There’s no sprinkle of fairy dust. It’s hard work, determination, finding […]

Effective Delegation: Why You Shouldn’t Be a Control Freak

effective delegation

“If you are not growing, you are dying.” – This is what some people say and that’s where effective delegation comes in. Of course, there is no other way but up. Growing your business and reaching new heights of profitability is important. As you start to grow into more management-level positions, you may need to loosen […]

Managing the Experience

What makes for a great experience? Why are some businesses are more successful than others? Or why clients like going to the same restaurants? Why they will spend more for something, even when they can get it cheaper somewhere else? It’s because the businesses that are successful are managing the experience. Every last detail is […]

How “Intentionality” in Business Leads All Roads to Success

Susie Carder Blog

“Take the coins from your purse, invest them in your mind, and your mind will fill your purse overflowing.” – Benjamin Franklin Success isn’t accidental. Success is intentional and happens on purpose. “Intentionality” in business leads all roads to success. What are you creating in your life? Does your business, your life light you up? […]