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success secrets

Success Secrets: What Success Really Looks Like

If you work with me, you will learn success secrets and skills that will enable you to grow your business and make an impact on the world.

So that you won’t have to keep coming back because you need the next step. Instead, you’re just coming back to fine-tune it.

Alyse McConnell, one of the gems of the Global Leadership Program (GLP) shared her secret sauce to success.

She plans her success. It is not just letting it happen by accident, but it is doing something about it.

Here are some of her best tips.

Don’t resist

Resisting putting structure is a flavor of resistance for most entrepreneurs. The flavor of not letting their light shine even brighter because if their light shines too brightly, it might open them up to criticism.

They might have outshined someone. They might fail. They might screw up publicly if they have more people following them. All this resistance.

success secrets

Ultimately, it is just an excuse because let’s face it, you weren’t put on this planet to live in darkness.

You can distract yourself this minute you name it, but the fact is, that’s actually not what you’re here for. Your time here is limited. There are people who need you.

You have a unique, very special contribution to make to this planet. Something that only you can do. Let yourself be seen. Let yourself shine.

Know your container

There’s magic in being clear about where your container is and where it needs to be.

Think of something like if you poured a gallon of water into a 20-ounce glass and kept pouring it beyond 20 ounces. What would happen? It all pours out. If you want to have massive abundance you got to grow your container.

The container is limited by your own subconscious mind.

It’s got nothing to do with what you consciously believe. You can consciously know that abundance is everywhere and all the things but it’s your subconscious that says, “Nope, I got to stay this way.” “No, that’s too dangerous.”

There are so many things that keep you small, but you have to pay attention to those things. You got to tune in to it. Your limitations are all in your subconscious.

The subconscious job is to keep you safe. You are biologically wired to lean back instead of leaning forward. That is one of the reasons that having a container is so important.

Decide how big you want your container and where you want it to be.

Create a compelling vision of yourself

Our brain has to be able to see that there’s something better over there to pull you out because your brain’s job is to keep you safe. So only if there’s something bigger or better are you going to go get it.

That’s why creating a vision is so important. Vision overrides the brain’s resistance to change. The vision just can’t be something like, “That’s a little bit good.” Give your brain something else juicy.

You got to come up with something outside the box. It has to be bigger and detailed. You have to be able to feel it, smell it, taste it. You got to write it. What are all the impacts? What is it going to cost you?

On average we’ve got 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day, yes your brains are busy. Eighty percent of those thoughts are negative- now that’s a lot of negative thoughts and those negative thoughts have a job, it’s to keep you in check.

But you want to grow, you want to have a bigger impact on the planet, you want to earn more money so you got to get yourself out of check.

Here’s the beautiful thing though, 95% of those negative thoughts are repetitive. You could knock them out.

“I’m not pretty enough.”

“I’m not good enough.”

“I’m not lovable enough.”

There’s so much that we can’t be, like becoming a dolphin. But there’s also so much that we can be. Don’t let what you can’t have or can’t be become the focus. Look at how you can have everything you want.

Create a vision and be clear about what you want without limitations and without you deciding what is and isn’t possible.

Having done this for 30 years, I’ve seen it for my clients. Watching them take baby steps and then explode makes no sense! It makes no sense that it should occur but it occurs because they start believing in themselves. It occurs because they start taking radical actions. It occurs because they start working on their self-worth.

The “how” is the dominion of God in the universe. You don’t have to know the “how.” You have to know what the next best step is. You have to know what your purpose and passion are. You are put here to win. Success is your birthright.

Do you want more success secrets? Watch this video as Alyse McConnell and Susie Carder talk about success secrets and what is required to achieve it.

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