7 Ways To Boost Your Business Using Video

There is no denying the power of video when it comes to marketing your business. People can consume videos when they are doing almost anything. It can be preferable to reading an article.

And if you are not yet using video in your small business, I encourage you to start.


Here are some tactics to help you use video to boost your business:


1- Produce useful content.

Your customers have questions. Create a how-to video for your product in different ways. Keep these videos 1-5 minutes long so they are easy to digest. This can also free up your customer service lines by helping to answer the most commonly asked questions.


2- Establish yourself as the expert.

You know your industry and you know what you need to talk about. Share your expertise. Give them actionable tips they can use right now. Then share these videos across your social media channels.


3- Interview other people in your industry.

Build relationships with key people in your field by interviewing them on video. You can do a Zoom video or even a Live Stream. Make sure that people can see so they can connect. This can also help cross promote you to their audience as well.


4- Use video in your emails.

This helps you target your audience. It can be so much easier than reading an email. Plus it can help increase your open rate up to 65% just by using the word ‘video’ in the title.


5- Get on a Live Stream.

Make yourself a pro. Develop a regular series and go live. Social media can have a major impact on your business when used correctly, and live streams are a great way to do that.


6- Utilize video testimonials.

These are golden. It allows people to relate to your business and build that relationship. Let your customers do the marketing for you. Chat with your customers ahead of the recording to make sure they know what direction you’re trying to go. Make these valuable to your customers and let them tell their stories.


7- Enhance your current marketing campaigns with video.

Look at your current campaigns and ask yourself “Does this tell the story?”. A great video photographer is a great storyteller. Make sure that you’re not just filming and posting. You want to ensure you are doing your due diligence on these and telling the story you want to resonate with your customers.


If you haven’t been training in video and are feeling a bit lost, check out my friend Keri Murphy from Inspired Living. She has a whole training series to get you prepped and ready for the camera.

Now, put together a list of videos you want to create and set yourself a production date.

Stop thinking about it and let’s start taking action!


You partner in prosperity,

P.S. I am LIVE on Facebook and Instagram every Monday @ 12:00 pm PST!!! Bring all your burning questions and come hang out!

Susie Carder is an unstoppable business coach and money maker who has firmly established herself as a successful entrepreneur. She is passionate about helping her clients’ businesses exceed their wildest expectations! Learn more by visiting susiecarder.com.


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