How To Create A Business You Are Passionate About

How do you create a business that you really, really, really love? Well, it has to be something you’re passionate about. If you find that you are not passionate about it, it is time to go find something else.

It takes passion to build a business into a successful one.

Are you building a business because you’re in love with the idea of it? Or are you building a business because you’re passionate about changing society and making a difference in the world?

When you follow your passion, the money will come.

It is time to tap into what you are great at. And if you’re feeling burnt out, let’s find a way to reignite that passion and drive.


Here are my tips to building a business that you love:

It doesn’t need to be perfect – you just need to get started.

Put an action plan in place and just get started. After months, or even years, you will start to see some serious change.

Start with a business plan.

It gives you the skill set and allows yout to see the overall strategy for your business. Put your CEO hat on and look at what you need to do to succeed.

Look at the areas we are really good at and capitalize on it.

These will be the highest income producing activities that only you can do. Everything else – delegate it.

Face your fears.

You have to risk it all to get it all – so don’t be afraid to do it. It is time to live full out and play full out.

Focus on the things that bring you joy.

Then figure out how you can get paid for it. Choose a job that you love.

Passion needs to always be at the top of your list. It will help you be a better business owner and avoid burnout. Find the gift that you were placed on this earth to do and turn that into a profitable business.

Now the question is – are you willing to do what it takes?

You partner in prosperity,

P.S. I am LIVE on Facebook and Instagram every Monday @ 12:00 pm PST!!! Bring all your burning questions and come hang out!

Susie Carder is an unstoppable business coach who has firmly established herself as a successful entrepreneur. She is passionate about helping her clients’ businesses exceed their wildest expectations! Learn more by visiting

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