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Get Noticed, Get Paid!

Get Noticed, Get Paid! Are you a best-kept secret? It’s time for you and your business to stop sliding under the radar. You can start

5 Common Money-Costing Mistakes

5 Common Money-Costing Mistakes Are you having a hard time keeping your finances in order? It’s a common problem. Staying financially thriving is an ongoing

5 Things Entrepreneurs Overlook – Part 2

Join me in this five-part series as we dig into the five things entrepreneurs overlook when starting their business. My goal is to coach you

Nine Steps Towards Money Management in 2019

If you were asked about your finances would you know your numbers? Would you remember your deposits, your debts, your net savings, your average monthly

Pay Yourself What You’re Worth

Many entrepreneurs don’t value themselves enough. Is that you? Do you pay yourself what you are worth? Once you recognize that you have to be

3 Finance Mistakes to Avoid and How to Address Them

If you commit these following financing mistakes too often, you will largely lessen the chances of long term business success. To become successful in your

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