Demolish Your Debt!

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Have You Ever Wished You Could Pay Off Your Debt Faster?

I know I have. Everybody has!

Being in debt is stressful. I felt weighed down by all my debt when I had it, but when I figured out how to pay it off fast, that feeling was unbelievable! I want that for you too, which is why I want to share five of the best strategies you can use to demolish your debt, get rid of that awful stress and feel great again!

Each one of these is easy to do, you just have to pick the one that suits you best.


Demolish Your Debt!

1. Pay More Than the Minimum

This is such a simple strategy but many people don’t realize that it’s one of the most powerful ways to fast track repayments on debt of any kind. You can pay more than the minimum payment on your mortgage, car loans, personal loans, and your credit cards. The added bonus, it’ll save you a ton on interest!

Even just a little more than the minimum payment makes a profound difference. My favorite part about this debt dissolving method is watching those balances disappear!

2. The Avalanche Method

I’ve personally used this one to pay off more than $40 000 of debt in one year! You won’t believe the success you’ll feel when you see how much you can pay off so quickly! 

Like an avalanche, this method gains momentum as you pay off each account. You start by listing all your debts, with the accounts having the highest interest rates at the top and the lowest at the bottom. Then, you make all your minimum payments each month and add any extra money you have available to the payment on the account that has the highest interest rate. Keep doing that each month until the account is paid off.

After that, continue to pay all your minimum payments and then add the minimum payment you would have used on the account you just demolished, along with any extra money you can afford, to the payment on the account with the next highest interest rate. Keep repeating this until your debt is gone!

3. The Snowball Method

If you’re the kind of person who likes to see small wins when it comes to demolishing your debt, then this is the method for you. 

The Snowball Method is similar to the Avalanche Method, in that you make all your minimum payments and add any extra money you have to one account until it’s paid off, but this time you add it to the account with the lowest balance owing. 

You keep repeating this strategy, adding the minimum payments you would have submitted to the paid off accounts, along with any other available funds, to the account with the next lowest balance, until all your debts are gone. 

While you won’t save as much money on the interest, it’s easier and faster to gain momentum paying off the smaller balances and you’ll feel great about eliminating each debt quickly!

4. A Balance Transfer

Just like it sounds, the balance of the money owed on one credit card is transferred to another credit card, to take advantage of a lower interest rate or a zero interest rate. You can do this with your existing cards or you can open up a new card to use this method. It’s pretty easy to find offers for low introductory rates and no annual fees. 

Sounds great, right? It is, as long as you ask a few questions before you make your transfer.

  • How long does the introductory period last?
  • What’s the interest rate after the introductory period?
  • Are there any balance transfer fees?
  • Are new purchases charged at the same or at a higher interest rate?

With this information, there won’t be any surprises after you make the transfer.

A Susie Snacks Special: With the Navy Federal Credit Union Card, the average interest rate is about 4% lower than the industry average and there’s no balance transfer fees!

5. Debt Consolidation

This is the perfect option when you want to have one monthly credit card bill, instead of multiple due dates, interest rates and repayment plans. One client of mine used this strategy to consolidate $35 000 worth of debt into one loan, which allowed her to put more money toward her debt than she could have juggling six credit card payments. She paid off her debt a lot faster and she had WAY less stress!

With debt consolidation, you’re less likely to make mistakes and miss payments because you have only one bill to deal with each month. Typically, you pay less out of pocket because the rates are usually lower, which means you pay less interest. That’s a win/win all around!

All of these strategies are especially effective if you don’t rack up new debt on the loans or credit cards you pay off. If you really want to demolish your debt, you have to make a commitment to yourself to stop creating more of it. 

Personally, I’ve committed to not buying anything unless I can pay it off fully that month. If I can’t, I wait and save up for it. By doing that, I actually feel a lot more satisfied with my purchase when I do make it. I hope you will too!

I look forward to hearing about how much you’re saving by using one of these debt demolishing strategies. Comment below and let me know about your success.

Your Partner in Prosperity,

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