The Six Disciplines Of A Successful Business

How is it that one business can take resources and create profit while another can take the same resources and fail? The answer is pretty simple. Some people go through the motions, say the right thing and do the right thing but the essence of what we know to be true about successful companies is that they are cult like. It is a way of living not a job. Successful companies are always looking at what’s next and how do we improve!

We have managed businesses’ all over the country ranging from a half million in sales to 5 million in sales! Each one is unique and each one has a different marketing strategy but these are the disciplines they use to manage and cultivate successful and extraordinary businesses.


Clarity: We spend days developing, working on and distinguishing what we want. What do our clients want? What does our business look like when it is successful? It is amazing to me how many businesses’ “feel” like they aren’t successful. I ask one simple question, “What would it feel like if it was successful and what would your staff look like?” The answer is almost unanimously, “I DON’T KNOW!” How can you possibly have a successful company if YOU haven’t defined success? IF your team hasn’t defined success! What are your objectives? What are your goals? You must write them down and tell your team! We just finished a five-hour brainstorming session with 60% of the staff. It was long and tedious but on the other side, each team member contributed to the greater cause and bigger vision of the company and took ownership of their role in the success or failure of the company.

Honesty: A business that cultivates honesty or candor can’t go wrong! Remember the saying the truth will set you free? Well, when you create a culture that allows people to be responsible and communicate breakdowns and break through you are offering a benefit that most companies can’t match! Too many businesses want to sweep things under the mat and not address upsets or challenges. I say bring them on! The bigger the breakdown the bigger the break through! Ask yourself, “Do I really want to know the truth about my company?” IF the answer is no we have a problem!

Openness: This is a great one. Is the leadership in the business open to contribution from every member of the team? From the CEO to the assistant or the cleaning crew! Each person on your team is seeing and hearing things that you can’t see. Are you available and eager to hear those things? Let’s face it, I may not always like it but it always simulates something unique and different in my company!

Intention: An Intention is different than a goal. An intention is, without a shadow of a doubt, this will happen in our business! I will give you an example. We are coaching a very exclusive business and we created an intention with the management team which declared we would increase our sales by 25%! By the end of a 6-month program, we accomplished that result and it equaled over 500,000 in additional sales to the business! Now, we taught each person the systems to create those results, but the management knew it was our job to do what ever it took to make it happen!

Quantifiable Results: This is my personal favorite! What you can measure you can see.  What you can’t quantify you can’t re-produce! If you want to watch your business explode, manage every department by budgets and numbers! Put an intention that you can measure to see how you accomplish that! The mind can only go to one dominate thought at a time you might as well set some big goals and play full out!

Completion/ Celebration: What gets rewarded gets repeated! When was the last time you celebrated the team success just because? When was the last time you got your team together, looked them in the eyes and acknowledged them for a job well done and mean it? This is the juice that keeps the team moving forward and producing extra ordinary results! I have a colleague that is a master at this and I have seen people donate countless hours and thousands and thousands of dollars because she genuinely appreciates and celebrates each person that helps her! Every Wednesday in our company, you can find us meeting and celebrating last week’s accomplishment and acknowledging each team members participation for the previous week! Every Wednesday we all celebrate how lucky we are to have jobs we love and work with people who are so amazing! Is it luck or is it intention?


Whether you are an official leader or just a voice in your business, as leaders when we change and treat our employees and coworkers differently, by changing their environment we ultimately change them! This has lasting results, this is miraculous power, and it is your power and YOUR CHOICE!


Your Partner in Prosperity,



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