Sky Rocket Your Sales!

Want to sky rocket your sales? Try incentives!

We had outrageous success with this technique for one of my clients in Des Moines, Iowa! Everyone wants an incentive. Some people are motivated by money, some by prizes and some by recognition! I find that if you use all three it is hard to go wrong!

The front desk is the catch all for missed opportunities so we put together an incentive for the front desk. The business I was working with does a great job in sales, actually if you measure their success they are in the top 10% of the industry. But we wanted to push them over the edge and have them qualify to the top 1% of the industry!

So here is what we did!

First, we trained them on a check out procedure (sales script) to ask every client, every time when checking out! Keep in mind this is a salon, so the language may be different, but the systems can be copied and changed.

When a client checks out, you say:

How was your service today?

Were you happy with the results?

I see that your stylist didn’t recommend any products for you, can I make some recommendations for you? (I find that most stylists or technicians don’t recommend products to their clients because they don’t want to sell them! Please, we are supposed to service our clients and giving our recommendations is just a way to give them value!)

What I recommend is. . .

Why I recommend that is because . . .

How you use it at home is . . .

We captured 50% more sales by using this simple technique!  What are you willing to do for 50% more sales?

Now, we had to put an incentive in place for the front desk to remind them to ask questions!  So here is what we did.

  • When the front desk increased the average ticket by $5.00 we gave a $500.00 bonus!
  • If they increased by $10.00 they got a $1000.00 bonus!
  • If they increased $15.00 we gave a $1,500 bonus!
What were the results??

Well, we increased by $5.00, which was a monthly increase of $9,500.00!  Above what we were already doing!  Sales sky rocketed!

It had the front desk asking questions that they might not normally ask because they are hesitating or being distracted by doing other things! This is a way to support you in having breakthroughs with your business!  If everyone in the business takes responsibility for the success or failure you will have a team that out shines the rest!

In what ways do you, or could you, ask questions, increase value and sales? Leave a comment below, I love celebrating, helping and  learning about the systems that other companies do/don’t have in place.

Your Partner in Prosperity,

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