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How would things be easier if you had a system that consistently delivered prospects to your door every single day? Michelle Nedelec is an executive coach and runs the creative side of her Done For You services helping entrepreneurs set up and maintain their digital marketing through her company, Awareness Strategies. Stop living inside of the box. Tune in to learn the benefits of automation and digital marketing.

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Automating Your Business With Michelle Nedelec

I’m so excited to have you, Michelle. This is such a juicy topic that we need to talk about. Talk about in your own words who you serve, what’s your magic, and what is your business doing differently than anyone else.

We love working with entrepreneurs that are growing and scaling their businesses. There are two very different spheres of entrepreneurs. One is they want to start a business and replace their job. They want some freedom in their life. They want to go and watch kids play soccer on Friday. That’s cool. I love it. I admire that and wish them all the best. There are some people who are special kind of crazy like me who go, “I want to have ten employees. I want to rock the world. I want to shake things up.” Those are the entrepreneurs that we love and that we are working with.

Particularly, we love working with serial entrepreneurs who love finding companies and starting them up, and they have a habit of running seven and eight-figure companies. We love doing the tech for them. Does that mean that those are the only people that we do tech for? Absolutely not. It’s people that it’s interesting, possibly, but they don’t have the wherewithal to do it, or they know that as a business owner, tech is not the focus of this company, so I just want somebody to take over and do it right.

One of the things that we love to do is to automate processes so that any time you’re doing something over and over again, you can duplicate that process so that it becomes a computer-generated response. You’re not paying people for that. The reason I believe that you pay people to be employees in your company is so that they can bring their creativity and humanness to the job, and do a lot of fun and interesting things that computers can’t do.

Anytime you’re doing things like accounts receivable, that’s not human-worthy. Calling somebody up and going, “Your credit card has expired.” That’s not human-worthy. That is a computer. “Email, I think your card expired. You want to do it,” click update and done. That conversation doesn’t have to involve people.

The conversations you want to involve people with are your sales calls, your follow-ups, your engagement calls and say, “I know you’re interested in this,” then be able to have the technology to be able to put somebody on a personalized journey within your company, whether that means they’re in your big programs and you’re cross-selling them. Whether it means you’re starting them on the new letter of ascension and going one step at a time, that’s all good.

It’s being able to know what processes in your company are most beneficial to you and your clients to have automated, and which ones to have human interactions with and to be able to have fun with those. What we love to do is work with the strategies, the systems and the support, and implement the tech for people. We have a whole team of techies that love things like spreadsheets, acronyms, and all this stuff that most of us don’t like.

I love spreadsheets. I just don’t want to build it. Give me a pretty spreadsheet. That’s my love language. Many people now are struggling and scared to pay extra money. Let’s talk about the pandemic. What has been your secret sauce to keep growing and staying in action?

To me, if I dare to say one of the fun parts about the pandemic is because everybody went online, everybody realized that going online was a thing. To back up the buzz a bit, once upon a time I ran a company called Success Therapy. We were basically a regression therapy company. We had clients all over North America and across the world. If we’re doing this over the phone, there’s no point to have an office, so I got rid of my office in 2007.

At a time when everybody was going, “The bigger, the better your office is.” It does make sense. It’s an expense that I don’t need and people don’t like driving over, having to deal with parking and all that crap. We have the experience of having what would traditionally be a bricks-and-mortar company and figuring out how to do it online. Having that wherewithal to be able to go, “I don’t care if you make lemon juice on the corner. We can still figure out how to get your ideal client to that corner at that time in order to be able to deliver your lemonade or some lemonade to their corner delivered to their house.” They’re going, “This is awesome.”

All of which is now commonplace because everybody knows about SkipTheDishes. Everybody knows about Facebook ads. They know about all these things. To me, it’s being able to recognize that your circumstances don’t forecast your life at all in any way, shape or form. Whatever is happening in the world, the more we can focus inward and see where our creativity and skillsets are, we can expand on those. We can have a lot of fun with it. Going digital just assists or helps. It’s a tool that we can use to be able to skyrocket. For example, once upon a time, to be able to advertise and find your clients, you might have had to have put up a billboard, TV advertisement or a magazine. All of which were super expensive. Now, you have a cell phone. You’ve got a marketing tool. It has made things a lot easier.


Your circumstances don't forecast your life in any way, shape, or form. Whatever is happening in the world, the more we can focus inward and see where our creativity and skill sets are, the more we can expand on those. Click To Tweet


What I love is you help people minimize their efforts and maximize their profitability. Let’s talk about how you do that for entrepreneurs.

Most entrepreneurs, regardless of what they are, coaches, authors, speakers, plumbers, electricians, lawyers or doctors, their mojo is in doing that skillset that they were trained to do. Even if you get somebody like me that doesn’t have a “skillset,” I help people strategize their business. I don’t know if that’s considered a skillset, but my mojo is being able to work with people doing their strategy.

It’s not in being able to do their check. It’s not in being able to do the administrative parts of the business that need to get done. Things like your taxes need to get done. Your legal agreements need to be written up by a lawyer. Do not steal them from neighbors and don’t get your kids to write those out. There are certain things and aspects to your business. Don’t cut your own hair. You can cut your own lawn if you want to, but you don’t have to.

Tech is one of those things that unless you have that techie personality and that mindset, you’ll end up wasting so much time on that it’s unbearable. Even if you’re having fun wasting that time, it’s still not productive for the business and the company. If you can spend your time and effort doing that thing that you do best that makes you the most amount of money, then you have the support that can automate and put systems in place so that it can speed up those processes that you don’t want to have to do.

Things like accounts receivable, figuring out who gets paid what commission on their affiliate payments and sending an email to remind somebody to show up for an appointment on time. Some of them may care and read every single one of those reminder emails. Some of them may ignore them all and show up. A little background joke in that one, but it’s a matter of being able to relate to your clientele the way they want it to be related, which is almost impossible to do as a human being, but super easy to do as a computer.

Let’s make it easier. What’s the most scalable tech system to succeed in digital marketing?

I have a very biased opinion. I’ll share with you my very biased opinion. There is a piece of software out there that’s called Infusionsoft and is now called Max Classic by Keap. As some say, no matter what you call the stuff mushrooms are growing. To me, Infusionsoft is like a Stradivarius. Not everybody can play a Stradivarius. Not everybody can even hear the difference between a Stradivarius and a normal violin. Some can’t hear the difference between it and the ukulele. That’s a totally different conversation.

To us, being able to have an instrument that can perform on a high-level basis, to be able to do high-functioning programs, to be able to do whatever you as the entrepreneur and go, “I have this brainiac idea and I think I want to do that,” because if you haven’t noticed, a lot of entrepreneurs are slightly crazy, which is super fun. You want to be able to have the tech that can keep up with that.

For example, if I say, “We’re having this event. I want people to show up.” Awesome. Easy. As soon as I say, “I want to charge for it,” now there is a level of complications there. As soon as I say, “I want some people to pay for it but I don’t want other people to pay for it,” it’s a second layer of complication. “I want some people to pay directly for it but I’m going to package it in this thing. I want that to be completely separate, and I’m going to give a discount to some people on that package because I know them and like them.” Those are all the kinds of crazy ideas that we as entrepreneurs go. That’s normal. Of course, I’m going to have family and friends.

That’s normal. That’s not crazy-crazy.

We haven’t even gotten into that level of complexity yet. You need systems that can handle it. You need to have a team that understands what you’re saying when you say that so that they know the difference between, “Do we give a discount code and a 100% off because then your clients or your prospects still have to put in a credit card number. Nobody is going to do that for a $0 item, or do we set up a different product that happens to be a free product that has a different landing page that you can go to?”


PYPP 42 | Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: Unless you have that techie personality and mindset, tech is one of those things that you end up wasting so much time on that it’s unbearable.


All of a sudden, they start talking crazy like that. It’s just that there are logistics involved in decisions that we make that we don’t understand the ramifications of. It’s like when you go water skiing. The driver of the boat wants to speed up the boat or they want to go left or right. That climate impacts the dude on the water skis back there. You have to know how that works. That’s why you have a lookout person looking back at the steer going, “That decision you made to hit the throttle is probably not the best one at that. They’re gone. We got to go back and pick them up” We’re so focused on driving the bus or driving the boat that we don’t understand how it impacts the people that are following us and whether or not they’re still attached to us.

That’s awesome. That’s business, then that’s a wrap. Let’s shift a little bit because entrepreneurship is fun. It’s engaging. It’s also hard and there are some lessons that we’ve all learned. My commitment to this show is to bring amazing people that I have vetted. Amazing people that can give solutions because you know and I know, especially in your business. There are so many people that say they can do what you do. I want to tell you. Michelle is the real deal. You got to do your due diligence. I spent so much money wrong in this division because I don’t know. I’m trusting and surrendering and going, “They said they can do it.” Not everybody can do it. That’s my pearls of wisdom to go find the right partners that can do what they say.

Oftentimes, when you’re dealing with people that do what they say, it’s not as fun as a conversation you might have with somebody that’s marketing and sales. They can have fun in marketing and sale, “We can do that. That sounds fantastic. When do you plan on doing that? This is great.” It’s those kinds of conversations. The ones that are like, “Do you have to get it done because it’s going to cost you a lot more to get that done?” are probably a lot more competent. It’s not as much fun of a conversation but you’re much more likely to get the results that you want in the end.

Tell me the truth. If it’s going to cost me $60,000, tell me $60,000 upfront. Not, “We’ll work it out,” and you’re $60,000 in and you’re going, “I did not know what it’s going to be.” It’s not all $60,000. I’m just saying. That was the lesson I learned that I’m like, “What? That is not what I signed up for.” Let’s talk about some of the biggest life lessons that you’ve experienced. Some people call it failures. I always call them life lessons because whenever I’m in it, I’m like, “What am I learning?” Whatever that is.

In building businesses, you’ve been doing this for several years. It’s not your first rodeo and you help clients to do eight figures to solopreneurs. You’ve seen a lot, done a lot, and experienced a lot because the client that’s doing eight figures is different from a client that’s a startup. What has been your biggest life lesson or learning lesson in growing a business?

Do not use your face as a break plate. It’s not a good idea. When we learn how to ride a bike or we learned how to walk, are there bumps along the way? Yes, absolutely. Have we all done a face plant? Yes, we have. Have we all wiped out on a bike? Some of us with older brothers and sisters did it more often because they thought it was funny to kick your tires on the way by.

Entrepreneurial life can be like that. You feel like somebody is kicking your tires because they could on the way by. It’s important to recognize that when something like that happens, it often will turn the focus of what you got going on in a direction that you wouldn’t have normally gone on your own. There’s something around that corner that once you see it, you go, “This is perfect.” It’s like you can’t have the blessings without having the curses in the first place.

It’s not that you’re enjoying the face plans while they’re happening, so much as you understand that those face plants are going to get you somewhere that you want to be unable to get to without doing it. There are a ton of the mistakes that are some of the more fun I made. The very first company I opened up was a tanning salon up in the Northwest territories, which is essentially the Canadian Siberia. It’s way up there.

A tanning salon is one of those places where you go in and you get a tan. I’m thinking there’s a whole bunch of super pale people up where their sun doesn’t shine, and they need to have a tan before they go down to Florida and Key West and discover all the fabulous sunlight that is down there. Our phones were ringing off the hook. Everybody is wanting to call about getting their hides tanned. Not their wives tanned but their hides tanned. I’m trying to explain tanning to them and they’re trying to explain why they want their hides tanned. Clearly, something is off with my marketing. It was funny and that one failed. Fortunately, it only cost me a tiny bit. I got a free tanning bed out of it.

That’s tanning the hides of the animals that they’ve shot and killed. The tanning business wasn’t a success. What was the learning lesson?

The learning lesson was finding out what the market wants, where you’re at, for starters, and what your market is, then creating a business to serve and support that need. Were tanning salons down South doing phenomenally well? Yes, and probably most of them are in Key West. More so than where we were, ironically. Keep in mind, this is the ’90s. It was a long time ago. When you understand what the market is, where you’re at, what they’re looking for, and bringing in your magic sauce to be able to provide for them, then there is a niche. You can create an awesome business experience for it. Fortunately, at that time, that wasn’t an expensive lesson to learn. I was like, “Okay.”


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That’s why you look so glowy now.

It’s because I was so white. It was about 40 degrees outside. I went outside and I was like, “Cooked.” It was the warmest I had seen in a while.

I did the same thing. I had a million-dollar business but that was the hardest million dollars I had ever made. We were a membership site in the beauty industry. Only 50% of those salons owned computers. We’re a membership site providing marketing tools, SOPs, and all the back infrastructure you needed for your business. I had to sell them why they needed a computer and why they needed our software. It was pulling teeth, but just because they need it, doesn’t mean they want it. That was the biggest, “Oh my gosh.” Some people are like, “It was successful,” but was it? How much more money would I have if I would have gone into the right market? That was my industry. I’m like, “You need this. You have to do this.” They’re like, “No, we don’t. We hate computers.”

My spouse at the time said, “We would’ve made a lot more money in putting in a tanning lotion dispenser at the airport going, ‘Don’t forget that.’” It’s zero effort and zero time.

That is hilarious. That’s a great story when you look at that.

Your story reminds me of when I used to work in one of my only occupations. I worked at an electronic store and they just brought in the PC. It’s brand new. A whole new division called computers. I know that’s hard to imagine but people would come in. They’re like, “I want to buy this thing. It doesn’t work. You have to turn it on. I did turn it on. No, you turn the monitor on.” I think they’re all expecting it to run like a TV and turn it on.

It does something for me. It makes my life easier. I know you watch those commercials like a computer will change your world. When I first started learning I would save a Word doc and I’m like, “Where does it go? It says save. I don’t know where it goes. It disappeared.” I was one of those hairdressers that needed that computer then.

You have 20,000 saved documents on your desktop because there’s nowhere else to save them.

It says saved. I don’t know. What is one of your wealth hacks? What do you do to build your wealth and to build your future? Part of this show is all about running a business but creating profit so that you can live the lifestyle that you want. Share with us what’s one of your wealth hacks and wealth strategies that you use in your life?

One of our biggest ones that I caught on too early was instead of buying things, I bought assets. If it had the capacity to make me money by having it or saving me money somewhere, then I was “allowed” to buy it in my mind. I have a fantastic stiletto. Let’s say curiosity. I love stiletto shoes, but if I wanted to buy them, I had to figure out a way to make money off of them because otherwise, it was a commodity and I was acquiring things. My moniker for the branding was I wore stilettos and had 1-inch nails. When I went and talked on stage, people notice. You may have noticed it for good or bad or because I look stereotypical. I won’t even say that.

How big was the heel?


PYPP 42 | Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: Find out what the market wants, where you’re at, and what your market is, then create a business to serve and support that need.


Six inches or more.

I thought you said one inch. I’m like, “That’s not a stiletto.”

My fingernails were 1-inch at a minimum and my stilettos were 6 inches.

You were looking foxy. That’s what you were looking like.

I was looking a little like a Thai hooker but that’s okay. I still got their attention and that was all about it in my branding at that time.

The way you leveraged money was to monetize it and it became the brand.

Ironically, anything that I acquired had in some way, shape or form make me money if I wanted to do it and it was all good, and being able to focus on not just paying the bills but on creating wealth. That is one thing as an entrepreneur because it’s so easy. Especially if you’re having to put the staff payroll on your credit cards to be able to go, “I can’t afford to pay myself now.” My answer was always, “I can’t afford not to because if I go bankrupt then I need something that I have to land on. What am I going to land on? How does that whole process work?”

Understanding that even if somebody declares bankruptcy, there are still certain assets that they can maintain, and being able to put money into those assets so that if that happens, I had something to land on. It wasn’t that I was planning on it. It was that there was a contingency plan. If all things are going great and bankruptcy never hit, I still have those assets that I can put in towards something bigger and better once the stability comes in that I was looking for. I have not declared bankruptcy before.

Welcome to entrepreneurship.

To me, it’s like you’re not afraid of it. It’s a possibility. I’m not afraid of it. It’s how am I going to deal with this thing? You allow your brain to work and function in a different way that it becomes problem-solution oriented as opposed to problem-problem oriented.

Now looking back because we’re seasoned. That’s what I always say, “I’m seasoned,” and looking back at building your wealth. What would you do differently in building your own wealth? If you could talk to your younger self to leverage that, what would you say?


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To make it universal, it would have been to say, “Don’t let fear stop you from doing things.” Once upon a time I met the guy who wrote the book on no money down real estate, drop me in any city anywhere, anytime and I can create a real estate deal. I had been gifted tickets to go and see him. Somehow, we ended up talking. I think I was like 18 or 20 or something like that. He goes, “We’re going out to the streets and we’re finding people that are lined up at Sally Ann and taking them to be part of our program.” My ego got in the way. My fear got in the way and went, “I can’t ask people for money. I can’t be seen as poor. I can’t be blah, blah, blah.” Everything flooded and I went, “That’s nice. Good for you. Good luck with that.” That’s me telling Robert Allen, “Good luck with that.” I’m such a dumb ass.

That’s all good. We all learn. The deal is we learned. I think that’s taking an asset called a relationship because everyone is looking at, “What’s in it for me?” Sometimes you don’t know that you’re around the right people. I call it God. You can call it whatever you want. It puts you in situations that have you get a lesson. What’s the lesson? As long as you got a lesson out of it, we’re happy.

I got a good photo of Robert Allen.

I got a good story. At the end of it all, Michelle. What do you want to be known for?

I want to be known as the person that goes first and makes your life easier and more effortless because of it. People look at me and go, “If that crazy whack can, I can get away with anything. This is easy.” That’s my inspiration for you. As a company, we want to be known as the experts in Infusionsoft. It’s easy to do with my business. My partner in business and pleasure oftentimes will call up the programmers at Keap and go, “I need this done.” They’re like, “We don’t do that.” “Can I talk to your senior guy? Can I talk to the programmer?” He gets it done. To me, if we can make something that tends to be a pain in the butt for most people and turn it into something fantastical and musical to you, that’s what we want to be known for.

I love it because that is one of my biggest pains. The mistake I made with the first online business manager I hired is I got excited because she knew Infusionsoft. I threw all my systems out the door. I’m like, “Oh my God.” I was like, “I need someone that can do this.” It’s probably the worst hire I ever did because I got excited. If you don’t know what it does, it’s very intimidating.

It is a beast. I often say, “Just because you know how to drive a car doesn’t mean you know how to drive a semi. Do they both have steering wheels, gas, pedals, wheels and brakes?” Yes, but you need a different license to be able to drive a semi-trailer with temperature controls in the back or a cement mixer. As a business owner, you don’t want to be driving your own semi-trailers. You want to be in a nice, cosy, comfy office doing the things you love to do and having somebody else drive the beasts that are the logistics of your company. To me, it’s the same thing with Infusionsoft. It will do anything you ask it to do with the right amount of input-output.

I love that you’re comparing that to a semi-truck because that’s what it feels like sometimes for us lay people and entrepreneurs. Thank you for giving us language, and you don’t feel like a ding-dong. You know you need it because you need it. I need every bit of information that it stores in there. We know that we don’t use it to the capacity we do. You need a Michelle. You need someone that can say, “You’re leaving a ton of money on the table because of this.” Whatever is inside of that technology is supposed to make our life easier.

One of the big things that they’ve been talking about is the idea or notion because there are more people online and because there are more businesses going online, you need to be able to have hyper-personalization in your marketing. These are big words that Forbes and Microsoft are using. It’s a big Fortune 500 comment, but if they’re talking about it, we got to be talking about it. Salesforce is a huge piece of software and if you have 100 employees, then Salesforce is probably the right thing for you and you need that capacity. If you’re running anything from a solopreneur up to those 100 people, then you need something that’s more affordable but has the same functionalities. It’s easier to have those same functionalities in a team. Even as Fortune 500 company, you’re never going to run your own tech ever.

Let’s talk about personalization because I think that’s juicy. Give me some ideas of what that looks like for you that we can do with Infusionsoft.

The example I love to give is let us say you were an event planner. You have some awesome band coming into town. If you had the Rolling Stones coming into town, you’re going to promote them all month. You would never do that with Rolling Stones because they’re going to sell out in three minutes. Let us say you had somebody coming into town, you’re going to promote the moment. You could use something like Mailchimp and go, “The Rolling Stones are coming to town.” If somebody buys the ticket, you don’t want to keep going for the rest of the month going, “The Rolling Stones are coming to town,” because that’s super freaking annoying. What you want to do is take them out of that campaign and then put them in a different campaign and go, “Did you buy your tickets? That’s fantastic. Concerts are a lot more fun with a friend.”

PYPP 42 | Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: Business Ownership Mindset: The ultimate guide to freedom and self-expression through building a seven-figure business

Some software can do that at the moment that they’re buying the tickets. They can upsell at that moment, but as soon as they go, “No, I’m done. This is all I want to buy,” most software will drop that client. Infusionsoft gives you the ability to be able to put them into another campaign and say, “Concerts are way more fun with your friends. If your friends are there and blah, blah, blah.” You can start to sell them on the idea.

Once they’ve bought that ticket, you go, “You’re bringing your friends? We still have some block seats left. If you want to bring eight of your friends, it’s going to be the price of one more person. You may as well bring all ten of your friends.” “You got a box seat? That’s fantastic. We have valet services in the VIP section.” “You got the valets for VIP? You could get the backstage passes.” You know that they’re interested and you know how to target that thing that they’re interested in.

The person who didn’t buy the tickets to the Rolling Stones because it’s maybe ‘80s rock isn’t your thing, “We’ve got this other band coming. Is that where you would like to be? We have these eight different genres coming in, which one is your favorite? What would you like to know about so-and-so?” You start to identify who your audience is. You can identify the things that are very controversial right now. People don’t want to know. I don’t want our company to know how old I am, what gender I am or what I associate with. I don’t want them to know what my favorite color is. I don’t want them to know all these things. I am the personification of not knowing those things. To me, I hate it when Google shows up with searches that look a lot like something else that I searched for.

If I search for red shirts, then the next day I go in there and type in dog collars, I don’t want to have red dog collars showing up. That search had nothing to do with that search so don’t mess the two up. What I do want them to know is that I have an eclectic view of the world. When I do a search, I want to have a variety of things showing up. I don’t want it narrowed down, which is also an opinion of how I want my advertisements to come up. For you and what you’re doing, I might be super interested in how do I start a speaking business? I don’t care about the author thing. I don’t care about the other thing. I just want that hyper thing.

You can go long and deep with that client going, “There’s also a bunch of other things about speakers. Speakers need personal branding. Speakers that go on stage also need to know how to be able to articulate. Speakers that go on stage need to know how to tell stories.” There’s a whole lot of things that you can offer somebody that wants to know about that thing, which is fabulous. You can also work with me and somebody that goes, “I want to know about the strategy of all businesses. I want to know the strategy of bookselling. I want to know the strategy for this. I want to know all of those things.”

Clearly, those are two very different clientele, even though they’re both yours. Each one of us can have two very different experiences, even though we’re still buying all your stuff, which is why most people go, “I can sell anything to anybody. This is hard because all of their marketing says, “Are you at all interested in business?” It doesn’t call me out in any way, shape or form.

I love that you’ve got a marketing brain, the technology piece with the marketing brain. The funnel system that you went through is the marketing brain, then you put it together with the technology. I want you folks to know that that’s the difference between hiring someone that does Infusionsoft or a VA or someone that’s like, “I’ll build the funnel.” If you don’t know what to say in the funnel, you’ve got to have some support around that to go, “What about this? What about that?” Rumi always said that the answers to the question. You don’t have to know it. You just have to know what’s not working. That’s what you’re a genius at when I look at everything that you offer and who you are in the world. Let’s talk about how people can get ahold of you and how we can play.

We would love to offer everybody a website audit. You can go to It will whip up a 36 to 46-page document letting you know the red lights, the yellow lights, and the green lights. The green lights are everything you’re doing well that particularly Google loves and says, “Yes, you can have traffic.” Traffic is flowing. This is good just like a green light. Yellow is what you’re doing to slow down your traffic. You might not have enough backlinks. You might not be using the right key phrases on a page. You’re talking about, “This is a sales page,” but then you don’t reference sales on the rest of the page. Google is going, “Is that what the page is about?”

You then have red lights. Red lights are things that worked in the past but are absolute no-nos. It will get you shut down on Google. Things that used to work in the ‘90s like putting white text on a white page in order to have the SEO wording show up worked fabulously in the ‘90s. It’s an absolute no-no now. That page will get shut down by Google. It will say, “No, it’s never going to show up on a search.” You want to get rid of those red lights as quickly as possible, then work on your yellow lights and congratulations, you got a bunch of green lights. Those are awesome. You can use this to take it to your team. You can take it to your VA. You can take it to your brother and go, “Figure out what this means,” or you can bring it to us. I’m happy to help work it out with you so that it’s sitting in English if it’s not already.

That is beautiful. Michelle, thank you so much for being here. Thank you for being our guest. As always, if you love Michelle and you know you have colleagues that need her and need to hear her, please forward this. Please like and give a review because there are jewels there. I promise you. Thank you. This is another episode of Power Your Profits and my fabulous gal, Michelle, that takes all that craziness of tech, and puts it in simple language so we can start making money and being more productive. Thanks, Michelle.

Thank you.


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PYPP 42 | Digital MarketingMichelle Nedelec has over 20 years of experience in Executive Coaching, working with clients ranging from 8 figures to solopreneurs. Michelle runs the creative side of her Done For You services helping entrepreneurs set up and maintain their digital marketing through her company, Awareness Strategies at


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