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Belief System

Belief System: How to Make Money Come To You

We are sabotaging our potential wealth unconsciously by our mindset and belief system.

Saying “we can’t,” “I can’t” “I can’t afford” “I can’t do it right.”  

We’re hanging on to our money like scarcity. If you’re hanging on to it as scarcity then you’re not allowing abundance to come.

You are sabotaging yourself because you are afraid. Because of fear, we believe that we are safe where we are and that going forward is risky. But the truth is, standing still puts us at risk – the risk of stagnating, but more importantly, the risk of missing out on our own destiny.

Let’s, therefore, examine that fear that’s stopping us from all the greatness of love, affinity, relationships with clients, investors, and possibilities. Getting clear about your divine calling begins with understanding what you deserve.

Here are some of the ways on how you can shift from a place of scarcity to a place of abundance with your belief system.
Resetting the belief system

It starts with a belief that there’s no agreement.

“There was no agreement in my childhood, in my family that I should be where I’m at right now.” “We were broke and broken as a family. There was no agreement that I should be a multi-millionaire.”

It’s not your vocation, it’s not your family, it’s not your husband, it’s not your sister or your brother, it’s not your community. It’s your mindset and belief system.

You have to change your belief system.

Surround yourself with people that will reinforce a new belief system in your mind. Look at the five people you’re hanging around with. The five people that you’re spending the most time with; are they elevating you or are they dragging you down? Are they your sinker or are they your balloons? You can’t have the sinkers, they are sabotaging you.

Make sure you are spending time with the right people. Spend time with people who pour into you, just as you do the same for them, people from whom you can learn something.

You want to protect your space and do an inventory to go: Are these people supporting you?

 Are these people hurting you? 

If you have a Negative Nelly in your life – always gossiping and complaining about somebody, you may want to lessen the time you spend with them. Either they work on their attitude or minimize your interaction with them because people like that are exhausting.

Quick Fixes VS The REAL Work

People want the quick fix. People want the easy way. We all want to be wealthy but nobody wants to do the work. Business is not a quick fix. Sometimes people come and expect a sprinkle of fairy dust. You can’t wait for the money to happen. We all need clients, so what are you doing to get clients?

How many sales calls are you on?

How many times do you speak at events? What are you doing to generate leads? It’s not going to magically happen just because you put your business plan and marketing plan together. You have to move and call people now.

Our job is to be consistent with who we are, so they would want to call or email us, or sign up for our lead generator, so we can get them into the funnel and start building a relationship.

Waiting for the perfect client to show up? Nope, that doesn’t happen.

That’s like waiting for the perfect man to show up to sweep you off your feet. This is ain’t fairytale honey, you got to go find them, so you have to put yourself out there.

Get Seen, Get Heard, Get Paid

Money- that’s all around you!

Sometimes you don’t see the money that’s right in front of you because it’s covered. Sometimes you think it’s just dollars but underneath the dollars are millions! Of course, we don’t want just dollars, we want millions. One of our biggest challenges is not seeing the opportunity or not playing inside the opportunity.

Sometimes you have to do stuff for free just to get the word out there, just to get exposure, just to meet that one ideal client. You sometimes have to do free guesting, free events just to get seen, get heard, and then get paid! It’s like planting a seed. It’s a system.

As soon as you have enough momentum, once you put one unit of energy in, that’s when money starts to come in.

It’s all about that belief system and momentum that’s coming in place.

The right to financial abundance is your birthright and mine as well. It’s not just for some of us, but for everyone. We got to get paid to keep doing the work that’s our divine calling. We’re all given a divine assignment; we’re all here to make a difference in the world. Wealth is our birthright.

You don’t have to stay in the struggle. You don’t have to stay in that poverty. Reset your belief system and do the leg work, and you shall receive abundance.

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