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What I Learned From Losing Everything

I want to talk about what I learned from losing everything. Back around 2008, the economic engine of our country crashed. And I crashed. What I had taken 20 years to build felt like it was destroyed overnight. I had accumulated over $10 million in assets between my real estate holdings and my investments, and those crashed. My marriage of 17 years was over. It was too overwhelming and too hard. It was devastating and I remember being on my knees crying asking “why is this happening?”. I followed the rules and I planned ahead for my future, but now I had nothing.

I didn’t think I could do it anymore or start over. In my darkest moment, I heard “I will never leave you and never forsake you. This will be your greatest lesson and your biggest victory. Get up. You know what to do. You can and you will do this. Your loss will be their lesson.” I didn’t like that in the moment. I thought, well I lost everything, who is going to listen to me now? But I got busy and I got in action. I had 2 clients, including Lisa Nichols. I negotiated to take over her company and rebuild the infrastructure. At that time, I was paid a very modest salary and was paid on the back end results I created. Then we built a multi-million dollar business.
I put a plan in place.
I put together a comprehensive business plan for what the future of the business would look like. Get in touch with your big WHY.
I put together a budget.
And then we followed that budget to a T. We hired people based on results. We had to give people increases based on their contribution.
I put together MY personal plan.
What was MY why? For me, I knew I needed to rebuild my wealth as quickly as possible, so all of my extra money went into my savings. It only took me 3 years to rebuild my wealth. In 2007 it was the perfect storm and completely out of our control. I realized I needed a tribe around me to call me to my greatness. As hard as these lessons were, the tested my character and my tenacity. I didn’t like it, but I learned a lot.
Your successes and your hardships are the things that make you YOU.
These lessons build your muscles and build your character, even if you feel like you are losing everything.  Create a structure around you about your big why and your big lessons. I don’t want to revisit that time in my life, but it made me who I am. Look for the tribe who will pick you up when you are down. For those who will be there when you feel like you’re losing everything. You can’t be the only one saving everyone.  Remember, you are not on this journey by yourself. I am truly your sister in the journey.
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