All Systems Go?

If something were to happen to you or you decided to run off into the sunset tomorrow, would someone be able to come in and run your business? When you leave for vacation, can you say “All Systems Go”? For many who start out and operate as the sole owner/employee of the company during the first few years, that answer would be no, right? This is because when you are the only one doing the work, you don’t always stop to document what you are doing. Developing systems isn’t a priority at the time. You continue to be the technician serving the client without taking the time to create and employ systems that would make the business run smoothly with or without you.

Why do I need systems?

When I stepped in as a consultant to Motivating the Masses, Inc., a company led by internationally-known transformational speaker Lisa Nichols, it had plenty of potential, but it couldn’t stand on its own. The business relied on Lisa to survive, so she couldn’t take a break if she wanted to. The business was fragmented, almost entirely virtual, and though it had growing sales, those sales were not reaching the bottom line. I came in and established systems, order, and standards, and within a year the company had grown 254%. A year later that growth skyrocketed to 3000%. And year-over-year growth has been between 30% and 75% since then. These quantifiable results came from having the right systems in place.

What is the first system you can create?

I started putting systems in place in my businesses because it was easy to be the butterfly that was attracted to all shiny objects of opportunity. I learned how to focus and create predictable results by creating systems. Systems allowed me more freedom (not less) and I found I could be more creative and have more time for other things that were important to me.

One simple system I created was a Management Tools Binder in which I put all of the procedures, documentation, processes, and tools that the business uses to achieve positive results. If there is an action I have to take, say, in a sales conversation, I will document how that conversation is supposed to flow, a script of what is said, a checklist of follow-up procedures, and the like. All of this then goes into the binder to provide guidance to someone else who will manage that someday. If you don’t have a binder, create one today. This seemingly small step can make a big difference.

Your systems grow with the business

Your business systems will grow in complexity as your business grows. In the beginning, think of your business with the end in mind: what roles, functions, departments, etc., would need to be in place? At a minimum, you are likely to need some or all of the following systems in the startup phase of your business:

  • Accounting;
  • Customer relationship management (CRM);
  • Sales; and
  • Social media.

Even though I referred to these as systems, note that they simply represent processes you must do or procedures you need to follow to take specific actions. These are just the beginnings of an efficient, profit generating system you can create for your business so it can reach the next level. Now that you know, are all systems go?

Which of these systems were (or may be) the hardest for you to create? I’d love to know how I could support you in your journey. 

I am Your Partner in Prosperity!



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Susie Carder is a dynamic speaker, best-selling author, and successful profit coach who helps top business leaders to create businesses that allow them to live their dreams and achieve financial abundance. Using her Predictable Success MethodTM, Susie helps entrepreneurs to develop the business systems that lead them to substantial revenue, profit growth, and investment opportunities. Strategize with Susie at



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