3 Tips to Improve Employee Retention

Engagement = Motivation = Performance = Productivity = Profitability

One of the most common reasons why an employee leaves their jobs is because of a lower rate of payment. However, another main reason for that is because of their boss or leader and the environment that they are creating. This impact can push an employee to quit their job even, if they don’t want to.

However, if you are the leader you might want to make some changes to attract and retain people, especially the good ones. Now, here’s what you need to focus on:

Know what they need and want

Most people want to stay in an environment where they feel valued and meaningful. Most employees want an opportunity to grow and to continuously learn. They want to work for a boss who supports and encourages them in everything that they do.

Making a difference is what matters with them. In return, employees want to be treated with respect and dignity as well as being appreciated about the changes that they are contributing. Keep in mind, what gets rewarded gets repeated.

Provide a meaningful work

An employee enjoys when they spend time performing tasks or collaborate on a project that has a significant impact. Performing meaningful work, means they will be using varieties of skills, efficient problem solving methods and finding better ways for faster and easier completion. They get the sense that their contribution makes a difference for the customer, team and organization.

Ensure development and learning

Companies that retain the most effective and brightest people are also committed to providing professional development. They have to ensure that they are giving opportunities for growth and development. Regular coaching and feedback is a must. This ensures the employee know how they’re doing and what their performance levels are.

With this, they will be knowledgeable on where they should focus their efforts for improvement. Bosses should also take some time for interacting with their employees and monitor if they are doing their jobs right. They can then provide certain recognition for great performance.

If you wanted to attract and retain the most valuable and productive performers, it is very important that you are recognizing their performance and hard work, as well as their values and qualities. Leaders and bosses should always be involved in the development of their teams. They should want to teach them the information they need to know and shape them to be the best individuals that they can be. Through the right pace and tone, your company will improve and always be competitive.

Always remember that a great leader ensures the well-being of their team.

So, proper recognition and treatment is what you need to do, because most employees just wanted to feel that they are appreciated and capable of doing some innovations for the betterment of the company. Don’t let them quit because of your own doing, rather make some steps and improvements to retain them!

“Many people are unmotivated, not because they have a great reason to be, but rather because their leaders have not given them a great reason to be motivated & engaged. Engage and motivate your people to get A’s not Zzzzzz’s.” –Ian Hutchinson

How do you motivate your team? I’d love to know in the comments below. 

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