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… I’m ready to multiply my revenue and profits – and finally turn my business into the wealth-creation vehicle it is meant to be! Please enroll me in Bootstrap to Big Money: Planning for Business and Financial Success.


This is a step-by-step profit-growth training program that helps you uncover hidden revenue opportunities in your business, dramatically boost income and profits, and transform your business from a self-created job to a wealth-creation vehicle. You’ll discover how to:

  • Embrace wealth as your birthright… and rev up your commitment to creating a culture change in your business
  • Develop a vision and plan for creating wealth in all key areas of your life – including your finances
  • Uncover the fastest paths to more revenue in your business – including creating new services and products your customers are itching to buy
  • Charge the right amount for the incredible work you do in the world
  • Finally, get paid what you’re worth… while also taking more time off
  • Put an end to money worries, frustration, and fear…
  • Stop setting big financial goals and then blindly hoping that you’ll hit your targets…
  • Stop developing plans that your team refuses to support and ends up sabotaging…
  • Create new revenue streams and bigger profits in your business – without having to “try harder” to do it…
  • And much more.

Here’s what’s included in this 6-module program… so you can easily get started today:

Immediate access to the “Assessing Your Readiness to Embrace Wealth” introductory video, which sets up the course. Often called the “Wikipedia of Bootstrap to Big Money,” this video gives you answers to “How do I overcome my mindset to create more wealth?” moments so you can create the holistic wealth that is your birthright. You’ll grow financially only as far as you’re willing to expand your mind. Assess how committed you are to creating change – and how willing you are to do the work that’s needed (A $297 Value).

5 additional video training modules, which walk you through the process of creating true wealth in all areas of your life (A $2,700 Value).




The best kind of wealth is holistic. During this module, you’ll craft the vision of what you want to achieve in 6 key areas of life – and then set 2 powerful types of goals. You’ll also discover an 8-point checklist that helps to ensure that the goals you set are the right ones – and will keep you moving forward with passion and purpose.



Money is the foundation of your business and life; without it, you can’t do the work you’ve been placed here on Earth to do – or live the life you’re meant to live. Discover an easy way to spot hidden ways to serve your customers, evaluate potential revenue opportunities to ensure alignment with your values, and plan your profits. You’ll also learn the CAT Method to ensure that all team members have the opportunity to be successful in achieving your company goals.



Discover your fastest path to generate more revenue in your business – and one of the most common ways you’re likely sabotaging your own success. You’ll also get a very clear answer as to what it will take to create the revenue streams you dream of.



Do you find yourself working really hard – yet never having enough money? Chances are good that you’re not charging enough. Discover an easy to way to calculate the minimum price you need to charge to hit your financial goals – and stop eroding the value of your company.



Do you want to generate more revenue – and perhaps take more time off? This module will help you figure out how you’ll make it happen. Get a clear picture of where you’re starting. Then evaluate your various options for generating more money to identify which makes the most sense for your business. You’ll even discover how to double your revenue – without hiring staff or even taking on new clients.

Plus! Downloadable Workbooks for Each Module

More than 100 pages of action-based learning.

These workbooks will help turn your knowledge into measurable results (A $1,000 Value).

And much more…


Bonus #1

Budget Calculator. Would it help you to know where you can afford to spend money, where you have opportunities to grow, and where you’ve left money on the table? You’ll discover this – and much more – with this handy calculator. (A $197 Value)

Bonus #2

Creating Cash Calculator. Explore how much cash each revenue stream in your business could produce – and what it will take to achieve your goal. Discover where you’re being unrealistic, where you’re overlooking opportunities, and where you should focus your efforts to achieve the quickest payoff. (A $197 Value)


Bonus #3

Base Price Worksheet. If you’re not charging enough, not only will you fall short of your revenue and profit goals, you may even end up hurting the value of your business by losing money with every sale. You work too hard to lose money delivering your gift to the world. This worksheet reveals in black-and-white exactly how much to charge – at a minimum. (A $197 Value)

Bonus #4

Average Ticket Worksheet. Spot the hidden opportunities in your business to generate more revenue. The process starts by evaluating your effectiveness at selling customers your products and services (A $197 Value).

Bonus #5

Revenue Wheel. Generating more revenue often involves launching new services and products – those that your research shows that your customers and prospects need, want and will gladly pay for. This handy tool will help you strategically identify which product to launch first (A $197 Value).

Bonus #6

Sales Planner. When you set a big revenue goal, you can’t merely hope to achieve it. You need a plan with clear goals – and you need to monitor your progress toward these goals so you can correct your course when needed. This planning tool will help you map out and track the sales and units you need to close month after month to hit your revenue targets (A $197 Value).


I wholeheartedly believe that Bootstrap to Big Money will work for you. It’s the process that I used to grow two multimillion-dollar companies, sell one of my companies for over $5 million, and help thousands of entrepreneurs around the world multiply their revenue by 2x to 4x or more.

After 30 full days of working with the material in Bootstrap to Big Money:

  • If you don’t discover how to correctly price your services and products … OR:
  • If you don’t identify new revenue streams that will dramatically boost your annual revenue while enabling you to better serve your customers … OR:
  • If you’re dissatisfied for any reason (even the way the course is designed)

…Let me know, and I’ll happily refund 100% of your financial investment into the program – no questions asked.

Total Value: $5,179

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