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In all areas of our life, the bigger you play the bigger the breakdown. But this is particularly true in business. When we play big, we often find ourselves way out of our comfort zone. Most of us fall in love with our breakthroughs, but we hate the breakdowns that come with them.

Change is hard. But change occurs when you are playing big. There are a lot of reasons why change becomes so hard in business. But one of the main ones is because we often resist change.

“What We Resist Persists” – Carl Jung

Change is essential if you want to play big. However, human beings are programmed for stability. We always want to get into a zone of balance. And so, we resist change.

Change is uncomfortable. People resist learning new different points of view. Too many times, we want to hang on to our old habits and our old patterns. And so we end up being at a level where the more things change, the more they stay the same.

You have to break out of your way of being. You have to be incredibly uncomfortable because change creates discomfort. A lot of times it causes us pain. But the side effect of experiencing that pain is a new behavior, a new way of being, a new comfort zone.

When you resist the pain and discomfort that you feel, you perpetuate them and feed them. But when you resolve the pain from within, the external situations will tend to drop away, as does the pain that you are feeling.

Are you ready to embrace change in your business?


Play Full Out

A lot of us pretend like we have it all together. We show others that we are doing okay when in fact we are struggling and breaking down. And the bigger you play, the bigger the breakdown. If you want to play big, you have to be willing to play full out. You have to be willing to be uncomfortable and ask for help.

In order for you to grow to the next level and play bigger, you have to ask for support. Support can look like many different things. It does not only mean asking your friends and mentors for help. Asking for support is also about asking your customers to help you and join you in taking your business to the next level.


Play Smart and Be Creative

When you are in the midst of change and you feel uncomfortable, play smart, and be creative. Look at the blessing in the obstacle. Change is a gift wrapped in sandpaper. It is uncomfortable, hard, and challenging, but there is a gift waiting on the other side.

Playing smart and being creative means that you are willing to invest in yourself. Benjamin Franklin said, “take the coins from your purse, invest them in your mind, and your mind will fill your purse overflowing.”

But, as human as we are, we all have deficiencies. But you cannot let deficiencies give you a reason to play small. Leverage it and hire smarter people who can overcome those deficiencies and help you play big. When you do this, when you raise your hand and ask for help and let others help you overcome your deficiencies with their gifts, you will get your breakthrough.

What gifts will help you overcome your deficiencies?


Play With The Big Fishes So You Get Inspired And Thrive

Hire smarter people and play with bigger ones. Playing with some big people can be uncomfortable. But don’t let them intimidate you. Instead, use them as leverage for you to grow to the next level and play big. Look at what the big people are doing and get inspired by what they do so you can do the same, and more, in your own business.

Are you surrounding yourself with people who are playing bigger than you? Or are you the biggest fish in the pond? The problem with being the biggest fish is you become too comfortable with your skills that you become stagnant and never see growth.

Do you want to be the biggest fish, or do you want to see growth?

Pay Attention to YOU

You are invisible to yourself. You don’t know what you don’t know about yourself. A goldfish is totally unaware of its surroundings. It doesn’t even know it is in the water until you take it out of the water, and it is confronted by the lack of water.

Pay attention to what you are doing, to your thought processes. Be aware of the little things that you are doing. Change occurs when you start noticing that you are sabotaging yourself and that you are hiding. Show up and show out and play full out.

Are you aware of the little things that are sabotaging you?

Are you seeing who you’re being in the world, or are you hiding and protecting yourself when you get confronted and scared?


Don’t Let Fear Stand In Your Way

Fear leads you to believe that where you are right now is the safe space and that moving forward is the risk. But the truth is, you’re always at risk when you’re standing still. You risk stagnating and missing out on your destiny.

Don’t let fear stand in the way of your greatness and of your success. Don’t be busy being busy. You need to get yourself out there. You need to be seen and be heard so that you can get to the next level and make it rain in your business.

What do you do when fear is stopping and paralyzing you?


Your Vision Will Help You Play Big

Have a vision that holds you up so high that it won’t allow you to play small. Your vision should get you out of bed every morning and let you play full out. It is unbelievable how powerful you can be when you have a clear vision.

The one thing that allows you to play big is not out there but inside of you. When you create a vision of big things even as you are still starting small, all your small things will go in that direction and get you to play big.

How is your vision letting you play?


Have Intentions That Are Bigger Than Your Goals

The road to achieving your goals and playing big can be rough and difficult. So, your intentions should be bigger than your goals. It will then take care of everything else.

You have to take huge, scary steps and have bold dreams to transform yourself. Because the bigger you play, the bigger the breakdown. If you are not having a breakdown, then you are not playing big enough.

Have the breakdown so that you can get the breakthrough. Don’t sit inside and suffer. Come out and play. Show up and fill your cup. When your cup is empty you can’t give to other people. Your business shouldn’t be sucking you and other people dry. It should be giving you joy and happiness and motivating people to do the same.

Play big and be ready for change. Be ready to get uncomfortable and feel the pain that goes with change. The bigger you play the bigger the breakdown. Go through the breakdown so you can get to the breakthrough and find yourself in success. And to help you get unstuck, do not be afraid to raise your hand for help. Don’t let fear stop you from playing big.

Your Partner in Prosperity,



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