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“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

– Nelson Mandela

We all have had experiences that profoundly affect why we do what we do. Our life circumstances, family relationships, what we were taught when we were young, all of these impacts our ‘why’, our money mindset, and the way we do business. How do we play big and be a badass entrepreneur?

It isn’t the kind of education we’ve had, the diploma we hold, nor the schools we went to that define our business sense. What defines our business, career, and life choices and how we do them are the experiences that we’ve had in our lives and along the way.

These things give us motivation, they give us strength and have us wake up, stand up, and do something different with our lives. However, they may also become mirrors for us, showing us the things that we tend to mimic in our own business or how we live our life. A lot of times, we repeat the past that life experiences have supposedly taught us.

Bootstrap Your Way to Success

You have to bootstrap, have bloody elbows and bloody knees, and figure out how to deal with this thing called business.

Make things happen no matter what. Rely on you and bet on you. Count on you and your support system to do your work so you can give your family a better life.

You have to learn to build a business while raising and providing for your family. You have to learn how to be a butcher, a baker, and a candlestick maker.

Be like a bumblebee. Aerodynamically, a bumblebee cannot fly. Its body is too fat for its wings. But a bumblebee doesn’t know that he can’t fly, he just flies.

So, you really cannot tell if you are able to do half the things that you think you can do, you just do.

Let transparency be the voice that you hear. If others can do it, so can you. Make a decision that wealth is your birthright and make your millions.

So, what are the 10 things YOU MUST do to have balance and peace of mind while you build your empire?

10 Things to Do to Play Big and Be A Badass Entrepreneur:

1. Create a day for you to balance YOU.

If you are feeling stressed out and fried or laying to the side because you are too tired, if you have nothing to give your family, your significant other, and your clients, make time for YOU! You may be battling depression or finding it hard to talk to people or manage on your own. You may get to a dark place because of what you’ve experienced. Look for your why. Why are you doing this? Why are you playing ball and working so hard? You need to have time for YOU because your soul can get dry. When your soul is dry, you can’t contribute to the world.

2. Learn how to delegate.

Don’t spend dollar time on penny jobs. Focus on doing those high income-producing activities that only you can do. You need to put yourself out there so people can see you and pay attention to the greatness inside of you. Strategize and leverage your time.

3. Nurture your relationships.

You need your community. Because when you are in a dark place you need somebody to pick you up, remind you who are, and share something wild and crazy with you. You need someone to show you, remind you, and put that mirror in front of you to let you see who you are. In the darkest of times, you will often forget who you are. In business and in your life, things will go up and down. Your community and your nurturing relationships will help you get out from your lowest point. You have to be clear that people are able to see who you are when you forget who you are.

4. Learn to say NO.

Most people who have experienced abuse, codependency, and trauma are usually people pleasers. People pleasers find it hard to say no. Don’t be a people-pleaser and muster up the courage to say NO.

5. Identify the things that you say ‘yes’ to but are burning you out.

Look into the things that you are saying yes to but that you don’t really need to, yet you are doing so because you are trying to please people.

6. Get yourself a coach.

You need someone to work with you who knows what they are doing and knows what you need. When you are playing big your limitations will get in your way and will stop you from your greatness. You need somebody who will help you get unstuck.

7. Do the work and play full out.

A coach is only as good as your implementation. Don’t hire someone and then not do the work.

8. Exercise.

The darkness will come when you are playing big. Your self-doubt will eat you up when you are playing big. You won’t have all the answers and it gets a little scarier. Exercise helps you stay out of the dark place because it keeps your adrenalin pumping, releases your endorphins, and keeps you from becoming lazy. Exercise means both physical and mental.

9. Ask for help.

If you don’t have that support system around you, you will be a lonely-preneur. Your support system will show up and show out. If you’re like me then you’re afraid to ask for help. This is because we are afraid that either people are going to say ‘no’ or that people will think that we are needy. People avoid asking for help because they don’t want to inconvenience other people. But in reality, you are a blessing. Think about who you need help from. Realize how to raise your hand in a dignified manner, not by manipulating but by asking. 

10. Breathe.

Breathing is essential to center, calm, and give you clarity so you can take radical action. Breathing basically gives you the same calm, the same energy, the same results as exercising. Just 5-15 minutes of breathing and meditation a day can make a huge difference in how you will get through your day. When you are playing big, darkness will come, your self-doubt will come in and it will get scarier. Take a deep breath so you know what it is that needs to be done and you understand the radical action that you need to take.


Choose to Be Badass and Play Big

How do you get out of the darkness and self-doubt and have balance and peace of mind when playing big for your business?

Be in radical action to produce radical results. It may not come today but it will come tomorrow. Action is the antidote for despair. When you are in action, miracles will start to occur. Have a plan. Play full out. Have a community and a tribe to support you and back you up. If you’re ready for your destiny, keep playing, and be in radical action. Learn to say no, learn to breathe, get some exercise, and delegate.

Playing big is acting despite the self-doubt and the darkness. You were created to play big and win big. Remember, winning big has never resulted from playing small.

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