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“The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

                                                -Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

A lot of big changes may appear to be happening, but nothing important or fundamental changes much at all if you are not crystal clear of your intentions and your “whys”.

This is because there is some sense of fear in change.

What changes are occurring in your life or in your business that you are afraid of?

 Change Is Uncomfortable

Change is not fun. It is challenging and feels like a metamorphosis wherein you have to go through so much difficulty before you can actually see the beauty that emerges.

A lot of people don’t really like the process of change and don’t really want to play inside of change.

But in business, change happens all the time. It is a part of business and you need to always be prepared for it to happen if you want your business to grow.


The Bigger You Play, The Bigger The Breakdown

If you’re not having breakdowns, you’re not playing big enough.

The reality is breakdown can happen when things are always going, and when change occurs. Change causes breakdowns, and breakdowns lead to breakthroughs. Transformation comes when you think big and you do big things.

Big change requires a lot of work and goes against security, familiarity, and the comfort of knowing. But when you do big things and you get big breakdowns, your transformation and growth will also be big.


Change Is A Gift Wrapped In Sandpaper

Change is often a blessing in disguise. The blessings are in the learning. They are things that you don’t like to go through but will bring out the biggest transformation in you.

This allows you to realize that there are better options than what you are used to. It also lets you realize that the best is yet to come. Embrace it and let it make you, your life, or your business better.

Be Aware Of Change

Change is positive if you see it that way. Change implies growth. The biggest lessons in life are found in moments when we are flat on our faces. The biggest lessons come when you have huge breakdowns in your business or in your life.

When you are aware of the change that is happening, you are able to understand the transformation that needs to happen and realize your breakthroughs. When you are aware of change, you are able to grow and work towards your success.

Managing Change Requires You To Have A Vision

Your vision has to be crystal clear. It is your “why”. The reason that you get out of bed every morning. The one thing that gets you focused on what it is that you are going to do and how you are going to play.

What is your big WHY?

Playing huge can get scarier. The bigger you play, the scarier it gets. That fear is a flag, a flag of the unknown, of your future. So, embrace that fear. Don’t get stopped or isolated because of your fear.

Go back to your plan and your vision to see and understand if your actions are in alignment with the plan and the vision that you have for your business or for your life.

Have A Clear Why And A Big Vision

Your why or your vision should call you out of bed in the morning. If it doesn’t, then that is most probably your fear that dictates your actions and your decisions.

Your why or your vision calls you to play bigger inside of the world. Break it down in small baby steps. Break it down into small bite-sized chunks so that you can feel the win and you can feel the accomplishment. Celebrate those little, tiny chunks just as much as you celebrate the big chunks. Don’t wait until you accomplish the goal.

Because then it would be anticlimactic and you will just keep on getting from one goal to another without really realizing the transformation and the growth that has happened.

What are the small things that you can do to fulfill your playing big in the world?

Be Accountable

It is okay if you need help. We all need a mentor, a coach, or someone who we can ask for help and will help us, guide us, and teach us what steps we need to take next to grow and get closer to our success.

Plug in when you need to plug in. Find that person or those people who will be able to tell you what you don’t want to hear. Someone who will show you what you don’t want to see so that you can always be the person that you knew you could be. They’re not just your cheerleader. They are also holding you accountable for what you say you want to do or achieve.

Accountability inside change is imperative for success.

Your Partner in Prosperity,



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