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Do you know what stops you from building your dream business?

Success leaves clues on what the structure is that we need to follow. 

There are a couple of structures that we need to build our business and build our financial success. Structures are fundamental because sabotage usually gets in the way of our success.

How do you recognize and avoid sabotage? What do you do when you find yourself in it?

Sabotage is Intentional

Sabotage is defined as to destroy something intentionally. It involves behaviors or thought patterns that hold an individual back and prevent them from doing what they want to do.

Sabotage is wrecking, deliberate damage, vandalism, destruction, obstruction, disruption, crippling impairment, and incapacitation.

So, where do you find yourself sabotaging?

Your Highest-Income Producing Activities

Busy-ness, or busy being busy, is one of the biggest saboteurs in looking at the highest income-producing activities only you can do.

You need to be aware that your busyness is getting in the way so that you can begin to identify what these activities are and that recognizing them is essential in building a successful business.

So, make a list of the six highest income-producing activities that only you can do. When you get clear of these activities, you gain the freedom to start working ON your business versus IN your business.

Do you get caught up doing the things you need to do every single day?

Fulfilling Purpose through Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs states that a person has five basic needs.

The first is the physiological needs or our survival needs, such as food, clothing, shelter, etc. When these needs are not met, they become the only need we are preoccupied with.

The second is your safety needs, which are your security needs. This includes order, laws, and stability that fulfill the need for physical safety and home, employment, income, and health. 

The unfulfilled needs lead to insecurities and the feeling of being unprotected.

Then we have love and belonging needs: the psychological need to be loved and belong to something. It deals with our desire to have good family relationships, friendships, and sexual intimacy. Without them, an individual can feel depressed and lonely.

The next level is your esteem needs. These are dignity, achievement, self-esteem, confidence, respect by others, and the desire of reputation from others.

And finally, self-actualization needs which deal with creativity, spontaneity, and problem-solving. This is when there is a desire to make a difference and be a game-changer. Self-actualizing people have a grounded sense of well-being and satisfaction and a sense of awe, wonder, and gratitude about life.

To be self-actualizing is what we want to be. It is our goal and our life’s purpose.

In Control, Out of Control

Sabotage gets you to go back to that something that you have already once handled and have once created a huge impact on how you live your life now.

For example, I have a fear storm of losing because I have lost a lot of money before. I made millions and lost millions when the market crashed. 

One of my sabotage is this fear of losing and this fear of being out of control.

But control is an illusion, a delusion, a farce. There is no such thing as control, just like in skydiving, where you learn that there is a sense of being in control, out of control when you jump. It is like a kind of surrender.

In business, we usually learn to be in control, out of control. In control of when we take the flight down, out of control being, you don’t know what’s going to happen from that jump point. You understand what is going to happen, but you don’t know when it happens, so you have to find the right circumstance and make the decision of pulling the cord at the right moment.

The Bigger You Play The Bigger The Breakdown

When you look at your sabotage and what you’re up to and what you’re doing, look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

You may get to the point that you are self-actualizing, but your fear will pull you back down to survival. When you are in survival, you are not in your highest good and can’t prosper.

So, it is important to put a structure in place. Those that really excel have a structure in place inside of their schedule. When you follow a schedule, it dictates what you do and how you do it and lets you plan your life and your time to have time for other important stuff such as families and relationships.

Recognizing sabotage requires you to be aware of your pattern. What gets you going from self-actualization to survival?

What is the one thing that is sabotaging your business and stopping you from creating a multimillion-dollar business on the highway to a billion-dollar business?

Action with the Mindset

Self-actualizing and putting structure in place allows you to survive and thrive. Creating friendships and having a community that supports your needs and goals and the language you speak allows you to thrive. And this does not happen overnight.

Success doesn’t just happen. There has to be an “abundant” and a “prosperity” thinking, but there also has to be action that goes with the thinking. What action do you need to create, and what practices do you need to put in place so you don’t sabotage?

Act on Your Success

Love your life. Create an unrecognizable life. Have everything that you deserve. But understand that it takes a plan and a strategy to follow the roadmap to get to where you want to be and be successful.

Your net worth will only go as far as your self-worth. Part of that is recognizing your pattern of sabotage. See your pattern, have a breakthrough, so you can manage and stop your sabotage.

Remember that wealth is our birthright. And part of that is strategy, consistency, and system. See where you can harness that, where you can jump into that and take better take advantage of that so you can start building your business to success.

So, what stops you from building your dream business?

Your Partner in Prosperity,



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