Your sales funnel is key to the success and scalability of your business. SO, how do you make one that works? Today’s guest is Tammy Lane, President/CEO of Funnel Cures. Tammy Lane took her business from $0 to $3 million in six months with five fast-to-create funnels. She sits down with host Susie Carder to share how she helped build seven-figure business. If you want to scale your business, this might be the episode for you!

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How To Create A Sales Funnel That Scales Your Business With Tammy Lane

Our guest is Tammy Lane. She took her business from $0 to $3 million in six months with five fast ways to create funnels. She loves playing hooky with her kid and welcomes funnels brand clients. She’s the Creator of three multi-seven-figure businesses and she’s addicted to Chai Tea lattes. I’m excited to bring you, Tammy. I’m excited for you to learn everything about how do you bring your first clients online, the secret sauce to quick growth, and how you can use this platform to grow, scale and monetize quickly. You know me. I’m about bringing you people who can help you move the needlepoint further, faster, and quicker so that you can get to building your business, creating that profit and having more fun.

Welcome to the show, Tammy. Thank you so much for joining me. I am so excited to share you with our tribe and our community. They are going to love you. I love that we’ve finally got to meet. I have been talking about you for months. Thank you for being here. I did your formal bio but I want to know from you. I love to do this piece called what is your badass list? We get to be so shy and we are so formal in our bio. I want to hear the skinny girl, share the skinny and your badass story with us. The biggest thing for me is I’m all about results. I’m pretty badass at creating seven-figure businesses. I’m excited to be here with your tribe. We are going on our fourth 7-figure business. I have had a long history of creating businesses with funnels, which is what we are going to end up talking about. Once we get our funnel set up in our business, we are very quick to scale and it’s one of the things I’m proudest of. I’m going to 7 figures within 6 months for us and some of our clients. The thing I’m proudest of is our client’s success in getting their funnels up, and running quickly and automated. They don’t have to work for ten hours while they are building that seven-figure business. A lot of people claim that. This is my experience. Funnels could be daunting, poke-a-needle-in-your-eye and scary. What’s your secret to that quick growth and building a funnel? My first funnel took forever to get set up. We are talking a ridiculously long time to get set up. All the training programs that we have done with clients since then have been designed to shorten up the time it takes to get a funnel built. The brand-new project that we have come up with is our FunnelCures software. In that, we hand over a fully working funnel to our clients. They just get to edit copies. That would be a huge piece of the success that goes in with our clients. Typically, it would take a few months for our clients to get all the tech set up and working, and now they get that instantly. It usually takes us about two days to deliver a funnel to them. That’s instant. Funnels can be ridiculously expensive. I have spent so much money wrong. I’m sharing this because it’s like, “Why does it cost me $60,000 and it didn’t work?” I’m being truthful. I was so pissed. I want everyone to know you are not alone. Talk about why FunnelCures is the platform and how is it different than hiring someone to build my funnel because we didn’t know. We were just doing what our advisor said. They said you need a funnel so you will build the funnel. Let’s talk about the platform and how is it different. You already have the funnel. It’s not like we are hiring a separate person to do this other random funnel. In hiring a funnel builder, it’s hard to find the right funnel builder who builds funnels that work. It’s hard to tell somebody who builds funnels technically and builds funnels that convert. That’s the first part that’s super hard. I spent a lot of money on things also that didn’t work. What we have done is we have taken our five top converting funnels that I have used in my business and our client’s businesses. We use those five foundational funnels and deliver one of those to our brand-new FunnelCures clients when they are first onboard. That allows them to not have to do any of the tech connections and not have to connect out multiple software platforms because we are all-in-one. If you are not tech and you are reading this, half the battle in getting your funnel set up is, “I’m doing this page builder. I need to send an email on a different platform.” All those things all come together.
Your funnel is your representation of you online. It is the only thing your clients are going to see when they’re first meeting you.
The reality is your funnel is your representation of you online and it is the only thing your clients are going to see when they are first meeting you. Making a good impression on them with how your funnel looks and feels is so incredibly important. I would say it’s half the battle in getting your funnel to work. We deliver a fully designer-made funnel to our clients so that they can get started right. They just need to edit the copy templates in it. That can’t be any easier. What are the Top Five Converting Funnels? We have our Tribe Build Their Funnel, which is a lead funnel. It’s the easiest one to get started because you just need a small piece of information that you are going to give your clients in exchange for their name and email address. All of our funnels typically start with that. We have what we call an Easy Yes Sales Page Funnel, which is for a lower-ticket item usually under $300 to $500 or something higher-ticket that you are going to sell to a warm audience. It’s a sales page. You are going to let them know what you are going to give them that converts well. We have an automated webinar funnel. That would be for some higher-priced products where you want to be able to give a little bit more information to your clients. We have a Course Funnel because we have a built-in membership site inside of FunnelCures. The course funnel is quite similar to a sales page funnel. It’s just that we set up all the triggers and automation so that your course will get delivered to their login information automatically. We have an Entry High-Ticket Funnel, which is for booking sales conversations for goods and services that would be typically over $2,000 and where you want to do a phone call with your clients to let them know who you are and what you are all about. That is juicy. I’m asking 1) From a consumer and, 2) I’m nosy. Talk about the average investment because I want us to talk about the realness. You spent a ton of money on building funnels wrong. I spent $60,000 on this one funnel that still irritates me to this day because it’s really cost-effective. Typically, we do your funnel for free with your subscription. Normally, our subscription is $297 but we have a killer and amazing option for your readers where they can get started for $149 per month. That gives them full access to the software with unlimited leads, funnels, websites, and all the goodies in there plus we deliver them a fully-functioning funnel when they first start with us. Each funnel is another fee that gets tacked on. If I try a builder, I add another fee for that and then another. It’s quite easy for them to copy their own funnel and do it themselves if they decide to do that but they can add on additional funnels. If they join us in our annual plan with you only, Susie, they can get five funnels included on their annual plan done for them.
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Sales Funnel: It’s hard to find the right funnel builder who actually builds funnels that work.

Is that the annual plan at $149? They get $1,490 for twelve months. They get two months free plus they get five funnels built. I’m so happy we can deliver that. You can’t even build a regular funnel for that. It’s done for you. I love that it’s proven. Tammy has built, as we talked about in the intro, from $0 to $3 million in six months. Who is your ideal client? Who do you serve? Who do you love working with? Talk to us about who your ideal client is. We work with a lot of coaches and consultants who have those price ranges that I’m talking about. We don’t do a ton of eCommerce funnels for low-ticket items. If they sell T-shirts, for example, we don’t do a ton of that. We are focused on the funnels that we give our clients on what it takes for you, as a personality, to be able to sell online. Your client needs to trust you. It’s the biggest thing. We have built those elements into the funnel. That’s who we love working with. It’s the people we can get the best results for. We have all experienced the pivot in COVID. I still have clients who are not clients, and that’s the problem, that is still waiting for it to get back to normal. I’m like, “It’s not getting back to normal. This is normal. You need to be in action.” What have you done? What’s your secret sauce to staying in action and continuing to grow? The biggest thing is we saw a huge marketplace shift. The first few months of COVID were very easy. Everything stayed the same. We did quite well in the first few months, unfortunately, in COVID because everyone had to be online. We did see a huge market shift months later where people were less patient and more critical. When we are getting funnels delivered to them and when they see our funnels, they need to be wowed right away. They need to go, “Who is this person? I need to know them.” That was where FunnelCures came in with what we are doing with the designer funnels to give that look. If you have your own funnels and you are reading this, that would be one of the big shifts that you are going to want to make. You need to go through that funnel and be like, “Does this make me look like I’m a leader?” If it doesn’t, it is going to wreck all of your results. You have built three 7-figure businesses and you are building your fourth one. What has been your biggest failure in growing businesses? We call them a cosmic boo. Some people call them challenges or failures. I call them learning lessons. I don’t like them when I’m in them but on the other side, I learned so much. What would you say has been your biggest one, and then what did you learn from that experience? I was super naive when I started online. I was like, “I’m going to build this nice page and everybody is going to come to buy from me.” Honestly, looking back now, I didn’t know anything about what I didn’t know. I get one more piece done, for example, in my funnel. I would build a page and be like, “It doesn’t look spectacular but it looks decent. I’m so proud,” and then realize that I needed five other things to go with that funnel page to make any sales. I did things in the wrong order. Honestly, I spent $100,000 on training, courses, and all those things in my first year of business because I couldn’t see that the order of things went in.
You need to go through a funnel and ask, “Does this make me look like a leader?” If it doesn’t, it is going to wreck all of your results.
What did you learn from them? It doesn’t matter if you spend $100,000 if now you have made millions because you have made that mistake and you have created a solution from, “There’s got to be a better way because this way is not working.” That’s where part of FunnelCures came from were those five foundational funnels. I went off on this big tangent to create this complicated funnel. Some guru told me I needed this thing he sold. He told me I needed this big and complicated thing. In reality, almost everyone who’s starting with their first funnel or next first converting funnel needs one of the foundational funnels to get started. I did learn that and it hit home with me because I spent so much money on it. A driving passion behind FunnelCures is to prevent that from happening to other people. I love your big heart. I can feel your heart. If you can feel her heart, I can feel her heart. We want to make it better. That’s what I always tell my clients. It doesn’t have to be hard. It has to be systemic. Follow the roadmap. In the roadmaps, as you said, some gurus will say this and some gurus will say that. You start bubblegum, shoestring, bandaid, back pay and nothing works. What is the one thing that you want to be remembered for? I want to be remembered for helping people live their dream. Many people dream of owning their own business. We call it having funnel freedom in their lives. I have always been passionate about business ever since I was at my lemonade stand at seven. I want it. I loved everything about the business. I started getting into the coaching world and saw the impact that people were having. I have worked with ADHD professionals who are helping kids stoop better in school and people with treatments for diseases. I was helping them get their stuff out. I was like, “How heart-centered is business?” It was a pivotal moment for me where I had a coach shift my mindset on it. That ADHD coach wouldn’t have any clients and wouldn’t be helping anybody if I wasn’t helping them. Helping my clients match up to their expertise and get it in front of the clients who need them so they can help them is life-changing. That’s how I feel too with my business. It’s that feeling of, “I’m helping them, their family, and their family’s family.” My kid’s life is forever changed because I risk and hire great and mentors to help me grow. Being able to be that for other women in our industry is very powerful. What’s your secret to your quick growth? Once you start bringing in clients, what’s your secret sauce? Everything is so leveraged and I’m 100% funnel-based now as you can tell. I’m a little anti-social media, not in general but I don’t love doing social media and being live or posting every day. When I was filling out Susie’s form, she asked a lot of questions to get on our show with her. I’m filling them in and she’s asking about my social media following. I’m like, “N/A.” That is the reality. We don’t do a ton of social media. We are all ad-based. Internally, clients do some social media we help them with. That is the secret to how we grow quickly. Once you have a funnel up and an ad that works with it, you can spend more money on the ads, and everything scales quickly. I don’t know if you are feeling like I’m feeling but I feel like the Red Sea has parted. I’m so committed to bringing people partners, not a service. It sounds like you are very partner-based, meaning you want to help us get the things in order and get this on this cranking machine so that you are spending time. You love spending time with your kid to play hooky. What’s the one question I should have asked you? What’s the secret I spent years trying to get nobody to know about me that now I flaunt in my business?
PYPP 3 | Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel: Once you have a funnel up and you have an ad that works with it, you can just spend more money on ads and everything scales really quickly.

What secret is that? It’s that I’m lazy. I spent years trying to cover up the fact that I was always looking for the shortcut, how could I get the thing done without spending as much time, and all of that. I was embarrassed about it for the first 30 years of my life. A lot of clients end up working with us because I don’t want to have to work a bazillion hours in my business. I teach that to our clients about getting automation set up and everything. If you want to work fewer hours in your business, get automated so that you don’t have to. The idea is I want to have a lifestyle inside of building this amazing business. Let’s have some holistic success so you can play hooky, enjoy your family, and go on vacation. The whole point of building a business is supposed to provide us with that freedom and a lifestyle that a job cannot. Unfortunately, 88% of small businesses own a job. I want to help them not on a job but own a business that provides them that lifestyle. It sounds like you do, too. Do you have a free prize, gift or some way that we can find out more about how to support you and have this amazing discount, which is bananas? I do have a training that is going to be perfect for your people regardless of whether or not they decide they want to use FunnelCures. It goes into what makes up the design of a funnel that’s going to convert for you. How do you make yourself look professional online? What are the five foundational funnels? I go into some details on how to tell when you should use those in what circumstances and all that. We do have a two-hour workshop coming up. They are going to get a link to join that. We do have that deal that I talked about with you, Susie, attached to that. I highly recommend you watch it because you are going to get a lot of understanding of what you need in your business. Even if you don’t want to watch it, register for it and you will get the information on Susie’s deal that we have arranged for her people with the Done-For-You funnel at the half cost that we normally have. Thank you for your generosity and for sharing with us. I’m excited to learn and play more. I love your energy, heart, and commitment to serving us and helping us. I appreciate you being here and your generosity. Thanks so much for having me, Susie.

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PYPP 3 | Sales FunnelTammy Lane took her business from $0 to $3 million in 6 months with five fast to create funnels. She loves playing hooky with her 9-year old while her funnels bring in clients.Creator of three multi-7-figure businesses, addicted to chai tea lattes, loves playing hooky with her 9-year-old daughter while her funnels bring in clients.

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