PYPP 1 | Building Customer Connection In order to thrive in a market, you need to build customer relations. You need to connect to them on a personal level, they should know that they can trust you. Share things with them so that you can be more personal with them. Because when times get rough, your customers will choose you over someone else. Join your host Susie Carder and her guest Lisa Nichols on marketing yourself to your customers. Lisa is a bestselling author, speaker, and founder of Motivate The Masses. Learn Lisa’s story on how she was willing to shift her career. Learn how she balances work while still being a loving mother. Gift people a piece of your humanity if you want them to trust you.

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Building A Customer Connection On A Personal Level With Lisa Nichols

We are going to talk about resiliency, how to pivot your business in the face of an unforeseen future. Did you know 49% of small businesses close their doors because of the pandemic, and how can you be one that not only thrives and survives but excels during this process? I’m going to give you my top five things that I have done this last 2020 to make my business a win but my guest is going to share five things on how to pivot, realign and design the business of your dreams. Our guest has what I call the Messiah factor. She’s built a multimillion-dollar business and created herself as a household name being on Oprah Winfrey, Larry King, the Today show and Steve Harvey. You do not want to miss this story. First, let me give you my five. I was being interviewed on Doug Sandler’s podcast and he said something to me that had me think about why do I succeed. The reality is, I’m an ordinary person doing extraordinary things, creating extraordinary results. I’m like why and how. Number one, remove the option of quitting. Too many of you have a back door, and I never had the privilege of being able to quit because my kids relied on me. I was a single mom raising my kids. I didn’t have a back door and a husband. My family disowned me because my husband was African American and they were like, “You are not my daughter anymore.” I didn’t have anyone to turn to. I had me and the results I created. I have always been in a commission-based job so if I didn’t close or sell something, I did not get a paycheck. I could not eat and take care of my family.
PYPP 1 | Building Customer Connection

Building Customer Connection: Ask more questions before you try to prescribe solutions. Leaders don’t always need to have an answer. They actually just need to have the right questions.

There have been some hard times but the reality is what was meant to be was up to me. Do you have that back door shut bolted locks so that you don’t escape and you don’t use that? The second thing, I love Les Brown. He’s like, “You’ve got to be hungry,” and I say hungry for the answer. Benjamin Franklin said, “Take the coins from your purse, invest them in your mind and your mind will fill your purse overflowing.” I want you to be hungry for finding the solution. Meaning, getting the education you need for the place that you are in now. If I needed new clients, I went and got a book on marketing. I joined a networking group. I asked for referrals. There was no quitting and no other option but to make it happen. The third thing is you want to emulate other successful individuals. What are their best practices? What are they working on in their business? What has them succeeded? Go emulate. I would go look at laundromats or car salesman and I would look at what kind of promotions were they doing. What promotions were restaurants doing, and then the characteristics of businesswomen? That’s fake it until you make it but I don’t want you to fake it. I want you to emulate, not imitate. The fourth thing, which I was not good at this. I know you think I’m good at it but I had to get clear on my budget. I was making $250 million a year and spending $300,000 a year. That does not make sense. I didn’t get clear on my budget. How much do you need first to survive? For security, think of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The first level was survival, food, shelter and clothing. The second level was security. Once I had my food, shelter and clothing handled, then I went, “What do I need in the bank to feel secure? What do I need to know?” That’s why business people say you need six months in your checking account, it’s only for the ups and the downs in your business because business is tumultuous. You’ve got to be able to ride the high and survive below. The fifth thing you want to do is want your tribe to be your vibe. Find a community that will support you, you ride or die. They get you. They will encourage you, inspire you and push you to play bigger, bolder, and braver than you ever knew you needed to be. The first one was no quitting. The second one was to be hungry for the answer. The third one is to emulate the success of other people. The fourth one, get clear on your budget. The fifth one, your tribe is your vibe. What area do you need to focus on? Failure is not an option. I want that to be ingrained in your mind. That’s the only way I have been able to build ten multimillion-dollar companies. I’m excited to share with you our guest. She has been one of my favorite hardest people to work with. We have had some tumultuous and some amazing times. What I love about her is failure is not an option. Lisa Nichols is one of the world’s most requested motivational speakers as well as a media personality and corporate CEO whose global platform has reached nearly 80 million people. From a struggling single mom, from public assistance to a millionaire entrepreneur, Lisa’s courage and determination have inspired fans worldwide and helped countless audiences have breakthroughs to discover their own untapped possibility and infinite potential. Please welcome my guest, Lisa Nichols.

Welcome. I’m so excited that you are here. I’m so excited. It has been too long. The funny thing is I always assume people know who you are because whenever I ask trainees, it’s interesting in the tribes and the community, some people are like, “No.” I’m like, “How do you not know Lisa Nichols?” Tell everybody who you serve and what your magic is. Lisa has the Messiah factor and the Messiah factor is people want to touch her because she can magically move audiences. There are a lot of things that I don’t do well at all. Just getting on here with you and it took me a few extra minutes but my magic is the gift of oration. The ability to be unforgettable when you open your mouth, to move and inspire people from their cellular level at their soul. Soul speaking is teaching people how to make their souls speak. Who is that ideal client then? Is it everybody, any money or do you have a specific niche you work with? I used to say everyone, and then I realized that if I try to go after everyone, I touch no one because I’m not identifying them. Though it’s a broad market my target market is people who want to influence and make a difference with their voice, who are in the education industry, inspiration industry, and industry of informing and inspiring others. That could be across multiple platforms but that’s what they do. It’s not health and fitness but in health and fitness, your job is to inspire people with your voice. I touched several different industries but I have touched the person in the industry that uses their voice to educate and inspire for change.
Be committed to everything but attached to nothing.
You are a game-changer with me and my speaking. I used to be an informational speaker and she’s like, “You’ve got to tell people your stories. You’ve got some good ones.” I have to drag those stories out of you. You were like, “No, I’m not interested in telling that story.” I was like, “It’s not about you. It’s about the person in the audience that needs to hear how you were on your little moped with the Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket in the front of the moped taking it home to all your sisters and brothers.” This show is all about truth hacks. I want to hear not from the mountain top but we want to hear from the hard stuff. The stuff that nobody talks about. Everybody is suited and booted, and trying to be professional, “Let me tell you all the right things,” versus, “I love how you started. I do a lot of things not right. This is what I do right.” People are saying the journey is like a rollercoaster. It is hard. If you look at so many of us have experienced this pandemic and I have seen so many businesses close, 49 small businesses closed in 2020, which is heartbreaking to me and you. What has been different and what have you guys done to not just survive but thrive? You and your business are thriving. Students are still running and investing. What are you guys doing differently? What did you do to shift because you had a shift? Number one, I was willing to pivot. I wasn’t so attached to the model and the way I had it that I wasn’t willing to stay parked between fluid and flexible. When people say pivot, the first thing before pivot is to be willing to change. I was committed to everything attached to nothing. That was a mindset. This 2020, 2021 and 2022 strategy that I built so much time in 2019 creating is about to change and let that go. That was number one. Number two is I began to survey the market to see what the market needs at this time. I began to ask more questions before I tried to prescribe solutions. That’s something that educators, trainers and people who are in the leadership role can have a tendency not to do enough of because we have been put in a leadership role. We think a leadership role means, “I need to have the answer.” The reality is all you need to have is the right question initially. I began to ask the question almost every day for 30 days straight until I felt like I collected a variety of answers. That was number two. Number three is I looked at what would be the easiest form of consumption in this current time. What would be the easiest form of consumption? It may not be my favorite way of delivering the content or way of doing it but what’s the easiest consumption knowing that they are dealing with other things? I love doing a 30-minute module but I made my modules 11 minutes. They are not watching for 30 minutes. That’s not the same as several years ago. Several years ago, 30 minutes wasn’t long enough. I began to look at what was the easiest form of consumption. Number four is I made relative marketing. My marketing wasn’t static. My marketing spoke this time. My marketing spoke to transitioning. I stopped thinking about evergreen and I began to look at ever now like, “What’s now?” We don’t even know how long this now is going to exist. I began to say, “I may have to do another video in six months or maybe eighteen months but instead of evergreen, let me make it ever-present or ever current.” Now they are hurting, lonely, confused, hungry and ready. They are all these things. I begin to make very time-relevant marketing. I wasn’t so much concerned with, “Will it lasts forever and I one and done.” I’m not that chick to try to do one and done. I’m a marathoner, you are a marathoner. I don’t necessarily want to work hard and harder but I want to work smart and I don’t mind putting hard work in. I wasn’t trying to produce things that were always. I said, “We are going through something.” In 2023, that might not be timely anymore. I will shoot it again. We don’t know. The last thing was I let people see me in this journey. I let people see that I was going through my things as well and that I became even more tribal. I was like, “What are you doing?” Here’s what I needed to focus on. I needed to focus on the one thing that I could control, which was my health and wellness. I started working out and eating more because I can control that, whether I’m on lockdown, free or I’m in quarantine, I can control that. I began to show how I was navigating personally through it, which made people have more loyalty to me. That’s how our numbers went up. Our business is booming now and it has a lot to do with who I show up them as a person. Last 2020 when George Floyd things were occurring and all of the social injustice was polarized, it had already been happening. It just became more polarized. My son Jelani, prior to that happening, had decided to move to Seattle with his wife, and right of all the marches, my son is driving twenty hours from California to Seattle. I let the world see me as the mother of an African American male child. You were the auntie, you and I were nervous. I didn’t hold that back and put that in the corner of my closet and only appear perfect and ready to teach. I shot a social media video that I’m in tears saying, “I’m navigating through this as a mother before I’m a transformational coach. Trust and believe I’m Jelani’s mother before I’m your coach.” Unlike me, a lot of people stopped following me. A lot of people were upset that I mentioned that I was upset that my son had to navigate the times of the day that he drove versus his white friend to drive. That scared me, sickened and hurt me. As a mom, he was going through a very real experience. My point being is that. I didn’t try to divide and compartmentalize my life. I don’t share everything. I choose what I share but what I strategically made sure I did was I let my niche market see the woman navigating through the journey with them.
PYPP 1 | Building Customer Connection

Building Customer Connection: Make sure that you let your niche market see the person navigating through the journey with them.

That’s what we are all experiencing. People who are so afraid to say the truth without being like, “I’m the rebel roster.” This is the real concern as a parent or a sister. I was okay to lose some people. All clients aren’t good clients. All money is not good money. You and I have navigated that journey together so well and there are cycles to friendships, relationships and customers. You can fire them. You can let them go. It’s okay. Release them with their dignity intact. I didn’t make anyone wrong. Some of them made me wrong for talking about how I’m so sad that I have to be afraid that my son is driving twenty hours with his new bride and his best friend. I was willing to release them. People saw my humanity. They saw my dignity and my mothering when people locked and loaded behind me as a mother. I’m saying that to say that it’s one thing to give a consumer an experience. It’s another thing to give a consumer the opportunity to have loyalty to you. What I did, some of it unconsciously but most of it consciously, most of it is from our years. You will learn what you did wrong and what works. What I learned what works is not only do they want me to educate and inspire them, they want me to walk the journey beside them in my humanity. That’s strategic that I go, “Let me show you this part.” I show me and Marcel is my fiancé and my two bonus children. I showed us in the house using the broom with resistance bands and curling the broom because we didn’t have weights. I showed us bench pressing cinder blocks. We are making it work. We are lifting up gallons of water. I showed that. By the time people got over the initial, “What is happening? We are in the middle of a pandemic.” When we’ve got through that, people begin to come out and go, “Let me at least learn online.” They already had a relationship with it. That’s a strategy and it’s not too late to do that. That needs to be a part of the equation. If that’s your niche to say, “I don’t want to teach from the mountain top. I want people to see me as a person if you want to create that transformation,” because some people don’t and that’s okay, too. Get clear about what your point of difference is. That’s why your community, your tribe, come for the education and stay for the community. They stay for the connection. I’ve got to tell you and I’m going to boldly say I don’t care what you are teaching. If you teach somebody how to paint rocks, they want to know about you. You don’t have to take them through your trials but at least gift people with a piece of your humanity if you want them to trust, follow and give you their resources. When I say resources, I don’t just mean money. I mean time and attention. I only get now one time. I only get this hour one time. If I’m going to give it to you, then you put some skin into it. You know me, I’m big on that. It doesn’t matter if you are teaching Rockwell Engineering or you are teaching the Science of Molecular Biology but whether you are teaching transformation, show me some of the journeys so I become invested in you. What I learned is that’s the distinction between having a one-time customer and that the life cycle. One of our biggest wins on motivating the masses campus is the life cycle of our customers. I’ve got to be honest with you, that’s sustained us last 2020. The first part of this 2021 was, we did not only go get a lot of new customers but we had our 2018 and 2019 first buyers. They came back for a 2nd and a 3rd buyer in 2020 and 2021. We didn’t have to nurture them to get to know us because we had already talked about a life cycle with them. We had already said, “We want to grow up with you. We want you to grow up with us. If you are launching your business, then we want to help you launch it but when you have already launched it, then we want to help you stabilize it. When you have already stabilized it, we want to help you scale it.” We spoke to the life cycle of us at that consumer. What would you say is the biggest challenge that you are facing now in your business or a project you have that you are tackling? The hardest part to answer is one problem. I’m going to try but forgive me if I rattle off a few. I want to be clear with anyone and everyone reading. Susie was my coach. Much of what I do now, I’ve got because I was smart enough to get a coach. One of the smartest things I ever did besides getting a spiritual mentor and someone to speak into my personal and spiritual life was to get someone to speak into my business life. I have had multiple coaches, you being one of my most profound coaches. I say that because I wanted to say what my coach said but that will be you in this case. The bigger you play, the bigger your breakdowns. If you are not having breakdowns, you are not playing big enough. When I tell you that was life because it made me stop thinking that I was doing something wrong, I was horrible and I sucked at this CEO thing. Though for a while, I did suck at the CEO thing.
It’s one thing to give a consumer an experience. It’s another thing to give a consumer the opportunity to have loyalty to you.
You were smart enough to get people around you that didn’t suck. I knew I had a passion for speaking. I had a gift of oration. I can ignite a fire in a room. I knew that. I didn’t know anything else. Remember I used to ask you what’s the month of the month numbers? I didn’t even understand the concept of business and I needed to do that to scale a business. I say all that to say that my biggest challenge now, and it’s funny because I have had this challenge before, so please don’t think when I give you this, that it’s the only time I have ever had it but it’s now. It’s actually is managing the demand on the brand because we are fulfilling 2020 events in 2021 while adding 2021 demand and people are hungry. The thing that I always get to work on is managing time on the calendar so that it works in its spaciousness. Managing time with Lisa so that she feels rejuvenated and joyful about what the heck she’s doing and creating a forecast. What I realized is my company turned a corner when I’ve got more into forecasting planning and then now, delivery. Everything I’m delivering on, I should have forecasted that last 2020 and I should be in fulfillment. Everything I want to do in 2022, I should be forecasting now and in 2023. Forecasting effectively is a challenge and then fulfilling that forecast without much change. There needs to be room for some change. If not, I’m too rigid and I’m not listening to what the time and the moments are asking for but with minimal change so that we can properly prepare and as much of it can become turnkey as possible. Let me be clear, I don’t want my entire business turnkey. What I have known about you for years is you cannot put the lid on creativity because that’s what genius is. The stuff that I was mad at you for was our biggest financial breakthrough. It was like, “I’m going to be quiet now.” When I watched it time and time again where, “I’m creating this. I’ve got channeled this. God spoke to me. We’ve got to do it this way.” You are like, “Thank you for sharing and no.” That’s powerful to listen to advisers, team and then go, “I know there’s a bigger thing.” That has happened so many times. With us, but let me tell you what you did. I want to make sure you understand this. You created the container and the infrastructure. When we finally got it, you said, “Here’s the infrastructure,” and then your word would, “Now go do your duties.” What you do is create the container. What I have learned is I create the infrastructure and the parameters. How many days is it? It’s going to be three days. What are the hours? It’s going to be 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. It’s a speaker or personal development like the structure. I’m speaking to the creatives now because I know you because I am you. Being creative does not give you a pass to not plan effectively. We are balancing both because when you can lock and load both, you are unstoppable. That happened in that creativity but you can tap into the structure. You always say bumper rails. When you are bowling those bumper rails, you have to go. You can still bowl crazy and do your little spin but you’ve got those bumper rails right in the middle. Make sure the ball gets down to the pins. Let me give you an idea because you helped set a lot of this up. Last 2020 with all this uncertainty, I was able to give my tribe the certainty. We are going to have two events this 2021. We are going to have one in the spring and one in the fall. They are both going to be live virtual. We are going to have real-time organic experiences inside of a structure that leaves you with information and joy that you may not have had prior to. That was the container. You realize how much connection because I know I was nervous to go virtual. We are all touchers, feelers and lovers. I want that experience. No one is quite the toucher like you. I think I’m a toucher. I love to touch. Susie doesn’t just love the touch. She loves to rub and I don’t mind rubbing because I’m her girl. She doesn’t even know she’s rubbing. She’s touching people’s faces and I love it. There have boundaries and I don’t realize it. I’m like, “I’m sorry.” I’m talking about how you bring that live experience to a virtual event because people are like, “I have to be live.” There’s a container called a pandemic and public fear, whether I want to go out and catch you or not. There are still people who are scared to travel and go but you can’t stop business. What’s powerful is when you can say, “I’m going to figure out how to do that.” That’s what we have been great at. I’m going to build this plane while it’s flying instead of waiting for it to get back to normal, whatever normal is. It will never go back. It’s going to go forward in a new way. That was my number 2 or 3. I’m not sure but my list for you is to identify how they need to learn. How do they need it? In 2020, I have been doing summits. One of the topics is to understand what does your hybrid looks like in your 2020. Your 2022 hybrid has to look like something.By the mere title of that, I want people to go, “I need a hybrid,” because you’ve got those people who are beating down the door, “Let me in. I want to have live,” and they have to be like, “I’m good.” I want you live virtual. If you want to do an event next year, do you have a hybrid version? I’m getting married and I’m having a hybrid wedding. My wedding is virtual. My family members are coming live so we can get together. Everyone gets to come and some family members are like, “I love you all. I’m not coming,” and I’m like, “You are coming virtually.” My wedding will be attended by many people, some online and some are live. Give people the opportunity to choose. What would you say was your biggest, expensive lesson? I think that’s where I learned is hearing what did I go through and how do I get out because we haven’t stayed in it. Both of us have been knocked down, dragged and pulled by our hair. What would you say your biggest expensive lesson was and what did you learn from that experience?
PYPP 1 | Building Customer Connection

Building Customer Connection: Stop trusting people with your dreams. Even if you aren’t qualified or you don’t have the right background, trust yourself with your dreams.

That’s a hard question because you are asking me to choose one and there were several that hit me so hard that they knocked the wind out of me. The first one was being afraid because I wasn’t degreed that I wasn’t qualified. I hired so many people that had BAs, MBAs, and PhDs not negating their education. They were very qualified to do something but they weren’t qualified to run my business and drive my dream.That was painful to my soul that I kept trusting people with my dream more than I trusted me with it because I qualified them to be accepted more than I felt qualified to be accepted because of my background and my individual journey. I negated that my journey qualified me and I empowered them to hold my dream more than I empower me. That was the first one. I haven’t articulated this before but you will appreciate this because our evolution to this conversation could only occur because I moved past this and grew up. I always say my business grew me up. My son and my business both raised me. I would like to think they raised me well. The fear of abandonment and how that was a painful series of experiences because I made people choose to step away from the business or a partnership with me. I kept making it mean that I did something wrong, and in some cases I did. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I attached so much of my business to my self-esteem and I didn’t allow myself to be a young CEO learning and growing. I made it mean I wasn’t enough, a good person and smart enough. Everything I made it mean was about my personal development. It was painful for years but it was so personally painful that no one knew except for you and Margaret because the two of you were in my inner circle. The codependency that I operated with, the approval and the need to be loved, and how I measure love. That was an expensive lesson that didn’t cost monetary dollars. It cost emotional wellness. I can tell you 62 lessons that cost me maybe about $6.6 million. I have made mistakes to cost me that. I didn’t choose to share those with you because I can make another $6.6 million or $60 million. It was the things that cost me time, joy, sleep, tears on my pillows and cost me friendships. Those were the highest costing lessons. What’s one question you wish I would have asked you? What would Lisa Nichols, the CEO of a multimillion-dollar business, tell the Lisa three years in business and raising Jelani at 4? What would she tell her? Lisa, your quality of life as a whole will be determined by your small decisions daily. Make decisions daily that lead to the experience that you say you want. Make your no be no and don’t stutter when you want to say yes. Hire slow and release fast. My Lisa now will tell my Lisa then, “As you are building this global empire, remember to call your mama, have lunch with your grandmother and dance because you love dancing. Don’t forget to dance. You are going to make millions but none of that money can buy the amount of joy that you experienced when you break bread with your brother or when you go to the spa with your mom.” The last thing I would say to my 2 or 3 years in business Lisa is you are going to make mistakes. They are going to bring you the best lessons ever and you are going to get through every difficult breakdown. Every breakdown that you experience, no matter how big, embarrassing, private or public, or costly, you are going to get through it. As you are going through the breakdown, celebrate the fact that you are going to get through it. I want to invite people to jump on your campus as the President and COO of your organization. The gift that I’ve got and I didn’t expect it. It was learning how to be in my own skin, in my personal development, being transparent, and then moving an audience to a whole other level. I’m the speaker I am now because of your tutelage. I get chills thinking about it. Your generous spirit of wanting to help people comes first. We all have to make money and you did this for free for years because it was your mission. I remember the first day we were like, “You need to teach that.” You are like, “I don’t know what to do.” We have a gift and so you have a gift. I say “we” because we are highly invested in you, in motivating the masses and the team. We are giving them three modules. Do you want to talk about the three modules? I want to talk about how it came about. I was in my prayer time a couple of years ago. I spent a lot of time praying and I asked, “What should I do now.” I feel like I have achieved and 5X all my dreams. I heard in my prayer time to stop being Michael Jordan as a speaker and become Phil Jackson. Phil Jackson was Michael Jordan’s coach. While Michael Jordan has six World Champion rings, Phil Jackson has eleven. I thought, “What does that mean?” I locked myself in my home office for seven days and I started coming out, “What do I do as a speaker?” Speak for Ultimate Impact and Profit fell out. It did have the name to it. It had all these little funny theories and that I did. I realized this new life came into me to go, “I can spend my time taking Susie to the next nine levels,” instead of trying to dominate the speaking industry. It has been fun. Now, I have more joy watching you. When I watched you on stage, you know how freaked out and geeked out I get. I’m like “You are amazing.” You don’t fall to the ground and you do things. You do the stuff that takes the room to another level. I get excited about doing that for others to making people who are in the oration business, whatever way you are using your voice to help make them unforgettable. This is a gift. It’s three modules. One module talks about the responsibility of being an orator. It’s that responsibility that if you root every message inside this ownership, then everything comes out of the soil richer because the fertilizer is richer.
Gift people a piece of your humanity if you want them to trust, follow, and give you their resources.
The second module that I want to gift you with is how do you add the Valley theory to your speech? That’s the secret sauce. That’s the connector. That’s what had 9,782 people follow me after being on Oprah within 72 hours. I didn’t post my email anywhere. I didn’t even know it was because of the Valley. I hadn’t named it the Valley at the time. I want to teach you that because if you walk away with one thing that can change the game for you immediately, it could be the Valley theory. The other secret sauce is the Audience Connection Formula. We are a tribe. The world wants to be a tribe and a community. How do you create that tribal energy from stage without ever using the word tribe? That’s in the formula called the Audience Connection Formula. These three modules are 3 of about 17 techniques that I teach that makes you unforgettable. I believe that this will be a blessing and a gift if you add these techniques, at least the two techniques to anything that you are doing online or live. You are going to go to Lisa’s contact and her business contact are there as well. You want to jump on this campus. I learned this being on the outskirts of it. I was supporting and picking up crumbs along the way like, “I’m going to do that,” or at least be coaching me behind the stage, “Do it this way.” You want to be a student in this world. If you don’t know my girl, you want to be in this tribe and community. She is my sister from another mister. I appreciate you, your generosity and your time. You always say that the one thing you can’t get back is time. We appreciate you spending this time with us as your other extended family. We are talking to you and loving you all the time.
PYPP 1 | Building Customer Connection

Building Customer Connection: Your quality of life as a whole will be determined by the small decisions you make on a daily basis. So make decisions on a daily basis that lead to the experience that you want to make.

There are people in your life that help to make you who you become. Much of my DNA comes from the things that we learned together. I know that you are on this campus and you are reading because you have chosen Susie. I don’t know if you have chosen her for the highest level but whatever that coaching experience is, whatever that walking you through the path, I’ve got to say that I’m evidence. I’m not saying this to diminish me at all with my functionally dyslexic, which I am, which means I learn thoroughly. I don’t learn fast. It requires some repeat. I’m okay with that. When someone like me can grow a multimillion-dollar business because someone touched their lives, you want to touch that same person because I’m not the fastest learner. I’m not an advanced student. I’m not the one that gets in the first pass. I’m not that person. With your patience and ability to break it down, you helped me to take my gift, my calling, my purpose and wrap a business around it so that it can also fund my lifestyle, serve more people and give me life experiences and my family life experiences that none of us saw coming. I live in The Bahamas now. I live right on white-sand beaches and clear blue waters. I have to say it was my business that got me there. Thank you for your time, energy, spirit and commitment to transformation. Thank you. I appreciate you.

I’m excited to remind you of the gift that Lisa gave to us. She gave us three business modules, go to You get the responsibility of a speaker, how do you be a speaker to enroll the masses, find your valley and enroll people into your speech. Connect your audience in the connection formula. She’s giving you three videos of bite-size information to help you with your speaking and your skillset. You want to join this tribe. You want to be part of this. Lisa truly is one of those phenomenal speakers in the world that can help you take your speaking to the next level. I love the share clients’ wins. Being an entrepreneur can be exhausting. When I see and hear other people’s journeys, I get inspired. I want to uplift you. I want you to see yourself in people’s stories. In Lisa’s story, I can’t think of a better before and after. I have worked with her for twenty years. We have grown up together in this business and I helped her build a multimillion-dollar company. We started coaching in 2002. We created a multimillion-dollar brand. We helped launch her first seven-figure book, No Matter What. She got a $750,000 book deal from Abundance Now. She went from barely surviving to thriving. We took her company public. We systemized her business. We built her business on a foundation. Only 1.7% of small businesses hit that $1 million mark and we took Lisa’s company to that level. She went from closing 4% in all herself to consistently closing 67%. We ongoingly do million-dollar events. At those events, we sell $1 million. We created seven high ticket programs, grew her database to over 600,000 people, and her social media to over one million people across all platforms. What I’m most proud about is we created her personal wealth and her income grew by 5,000%. If I can take Lisa from public assistance to a multimillionaire, what can we do for you?
The bigger you play, the bigger your breakdowns. If you’re not having breakdowns, you’re not playing big enough.
I want you to see that the journey isn’t for some of us, it’s for all of us. That this too can be your story. This too can be your success. You’ve got to have the right tribe, the right community and the right coach. A coach will tell you what you don’t want to hear and show you what you don’t want to see so you could be the person you knew that you could be. That’s it for this episode. Head on over to and subscribe to the show. When you subscribe, you will instantly get a gift. I come bearing gifts. It’s going to be my bullet train to big profits. It’s my secret weapon to understanding how you are going to get to millions. It is juicy but I want to remind you of something that wealth is your birthright. It’s not for some of us, it’s for all of us. Join us for a bite-size of transformational content to increase your personal wealth and your business growth. I’m about holistic success, not just financial wealth. I want to help create a 360-degree abundant life, journey and experience. Find us by my name, @SusieCarder on all social platforms. Go over there and write a review on this episode and let’s show Lisa some love. Every review you write, your name will go into a drawing to win a free mastermind session. Take a selfie with a preview and tag me @SusieCarder on our social platform. Let me help you be the next millionaire. Make sure you write and rate reviews. That’s what we are looking for or any way that we can improve our show and the information that we give you. I’m so proud that you were here and you invested the time in your mind to fill your purse overflowing, that’s and don’t forget to grab an exclusive invitation to our mastermind to get the information you need to grow the business of your dreams.

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PYPP 1 | Building Customer Connection LISA NICHOLS is one of the world’s most-requested motivational speakers, as well as a media personality and corporate CEO whose global platform has reached nearly 80 million people. From a struggling single mom on public assistance to a millionaire entrepreneur, Lisa’s courage and determination has inspired fans worldwide and helped countless audiences breakthrough, to discover their own untapped talents and infinite potential.

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