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How to Let Go of Self-Sabotaging Thoughts

Self-sabotaging thoughts are damaging to have in your journey. It creates a limitation in your life.

It’s like you’re a brave lion but you’re imprisoned or have shackles that prohibit your freedom and your happiness to move freely. But remember, a brave lion like you should always be free to explore your own journey and not be limited by any factors.

How do you battle self-sabotaging thoughts?

Here are some ways that you can apply in your daily life.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

When you’re having fun, you are fighting off stress and tension that prevents your growth and creative juices from flowing.

It’s as if you just have a natural flow and rhythm of the things that you have to accomplish.  You will also stop yourself from having unnecessary mental and emotional burdens because you’re having fun.

What’s good too with having fun is it fosters an ambiance of gratitude.

Because you have a lighthearted attitude, it’s easy for you to see why you should be grateful even if you’re facing difficult challenges.

That’s the benefit of having fun because it easily relaxes you instead of thinking about negative things.

Choose to Live in Your Bliss

To live in bliss means you know how to love and you are loved as well. You feel the healthy exchange of giving and receiving because you learned how to love yourself first.

That’s why your cup is overflowing with love, peace, and happiness that it’s easy for you to share it with others.

Living in bliss also means you have that abundance in all areas of your life.

Maybe, you are not yet at the level of your personal and career success that you want but your heart is full of gratitude and happiness.

That alone will already make you feel abundant as if you’re living in bliss.

Rewrite Your Story, Make it Powerful.

There are moments in your life when you feel you are defeated. You can’t let it always be your story.

You are not always the victim in the story. Turn these pains into a powerful story that’s why you need to learn how to rewrite them.

You are in control of how you want your story to be remembered.

These great tips will help in how to let go of self-sabotaging thoughts.

Join me for my upcoming event and sign up here for FREE, and I will help you get your plans, systems, and strategies together so you won’t become a part of this sad statistic.
To know more about how to let go of self-sabotaging thoughts, watch this video of Sonji and Stephen Millet as they discuss more about this topic.

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