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What it takes to become a Mompreneur on Fire


I remember when I asked Dr. Ali Griffith what was her passion as a mompreneur. She started bawling.

She said her son was her passion. His needs are special, because he’s autistic.

And it made me wonder how in the world she was able to travel on the road with me, volunteering at all our events. She said she had a SYSTEM and a STRATEGY.

How many mompreneur don’t have the system?

I didn’t have a system when I was younger, raising my children. I watch my daughter now raise her children and I go like, “girl, you need a system!”

Dr. Ali is a full-time doctor (an audiologist and speech pathologist by profession), a best-selling author, a beast entrepreneur, and an expert autism mom.

She serves mompreneurs who are now scaling, starting out in the business, learning tools, and don’t want to waste time. Thus, she created Mompreneurs on Fire.

Moms who are having difficulty getting it all together may wonder how Dr. Ali did it.

Having an autistic child is already physically and emotionally exhausting.

How was she able to be such a beast in her career, in her life?

I’ll share some of her pearls of wisdom we can all learn from…

Keep it simple.

With what she did for Mompreneurs on Fire, she learned that she has to have a system that she can duplicate.

As a mom of a child with autism, she cannot complicate things.

She has to make it as simple as possible. Don’t go above and beyond, just keep it super simple and learn the tools that you’re going to need to replicate it.

Instead of just throwing it all out there, she created a spreadsheet the same way I did it.

Your first attempt will be a bit challenging because you’re starting a system from scratch. It’s not going to be easy at the beginning. But believe me, it’s worth it.

One of the core principles of how she does what she does is by following her SIP approach.

S stands for SHIFT

Shift yourself out of the “I can’t do it.” Shift out all the negative talk you have heard about not being ready, not knowing enough, and the fear of new experiences.

If something comes up, of course, you can still get still scared, but do it anyway. All the negative things that come into your ear that tell you you can’t do it.

Like a whole Verizon network that’s in your ear too loud that sometimes you believe it. You have to learn how to shift. You have to learn to pivot things.

By surrounding yourself with positive people, others who are trailblazers, you cannot sit in negativity by yourself.

Make sure you surround yourself with positive people and people who are still doing things.

So, whenever you feel like giving up, whenever you feel like speaking negative things to yourself, the gladiator squad is there for you to pick you up.

All the pain, all the hurt you’ve been through has been preparing you for unexpected challenges. This isn’t new. This is just different.

So shift your mindset from the whole concept of “I can’t do it because there’s so much going on around me.” 

Things are always going to be happening around you. That’s just how it is in life. But you can’t let yourself be consumed by what’s happening, you have to learn to shift!

I stands for IGNITE

Keep the firecracker inside of you alive by aligning yourself with great people.

You’re not going to align yourself with people who are not doing anything because what does that do for you?

We always align ourselves with people that are 5 or 10 steps ahead of us but are in synchrony with our heart and our soul. It has to feel right.

If the people that are ahead of you can do it, you can do it, too. What we do is align ourselves with the right people. We make sure that we don’t stop. We got to keep the flow.

Don’t stop investing in your business, in yourself because as money comes in, it is your responsibility to put it right back into what you need to learn next. That’s where the fire comes from.

What’s going on next?

What do you get to learn next?

You got to keep yourself going.

P stands for Powermove

You have to stop being afraid and you have to push through.

That’s the powermove.

Everybody now is going digital, but we’re going to be something different. We’re going to be unique. We’re going to blow up their minds.

That’s the powermove.

You got to find something that’s unique about you. When you find that thing that makes you YOU, let that be your unique thing.

That powermove you are making, let that be in alignment with what you are naturally, authentically.

Powermove means asking for help. It means getting into action. it means moving into the flow. Don’t just do it, do it during exceptional challenges.

Let them give you an exceptional challenge and show them how to thrive.

Keep showing up. It’s going to require you to show up. You have to show up even when you’re scared, even when you’re nervous.

You have permission to have your low moment but you don’t get to sit there.

SHIFT your mindset, IGNITE your inner fire and make your POWERMOVE.

Keep slaying that powermove by knowing what you need to do to scale your business.

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  • Ali, you go Girl ?? I am so proud of you and looking forward to supporting all that I can!

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