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Why Getting a Coach Is a Big Step Towards Your Success


My secret weapon in my breakthroughs is my coach and mentors.

Yes, no matter how independent or intelligent you think you are, the truth is you can’t be at 100% in all dimensions of your life, and you need someone to help you get them all together.

I have several coaches in different areas of my life.

I have two financial coaches, social media coach, a health coach, a fitness trainer, and a personality development coach AKA, my therapist. 

I don’t use them all at the same time. I look at my goal for the year or which area I’m having difficulty with within a certain period of time. 

But my health coach is always needed as I’m aging, and I want to know what I got to do to take care of my body.

As for my financial coaches, I’m meeting with them quarterly as I grow and need to know how else to leverage what I’m doing.

You bring YOU to the table when you are conducting a business.

That’s why the different dimensions of your life must be well-balanced, be it on career, money, fun and recreation, interpersonal relationships, personal growth, significant other/romance, spiritual, and health.

If one of the dimensions is on the verge of sinking like your health is suffering, it will affect your relationship, business, and ability to execute tasks.

If you improve that component of your life, it will affect all other components, impacting you and impacting the different areas of your life. You can then quickly go towards the objective of your life.

Here are the primary benefits of getting a coach…

Shortens the learning curve

Someone who has been there done who is ten steps ahead of you is the best person to guide you. It eliminates the process of trial and error, second-guessing – you don’t have to figure it out yourself blindly. Yes, you are spending in hiring a coach, but the benefits are worth the investment. 

It saves your time, your sanity, and by no longer having to go through the unsure steps, you would end up saving more dollars. 

Personal development and self-knowledge

A coach will tell you what you need to hear and show you what you need to see. You may not realize it yourself, but a coach can see them and tap into your unlimited potential. They can help you understand yourself better.

They can see your strength, push you to leverage them, and let you face your weaknesses that you may have been trying to avoid so that you can work on them.

When there’s accountability, you’d be surprised that you can do things you thought were impossible. 

Effective Goal setting 

Where are you today? What’s holding you back? What’s in between where you are now from where you want to be?

Having a coach lets you quickly move towards that situation that you have set for yourself.

Business and life, in general, are like a rollercoaster that goes up and down. It is not easy when you’re in the down. You could easily get lost in the system, in the dynamic of life, and lose the motivation to reach your goal.

That’s why it’s essential to find someone that can help you get out of it. Someone who can veer you away from your mind’s negative chatter.

That voice inside your head that tells you you’re not good enough, you’re not smart enough – those distractions. 

A coach helps you put your distractions on the wayside and focus on the actions towards your goal.


Having a coach lets you make better decisions and have balance in life. You don’t have to know all the answers at once, but you can find that mentor who can help you find the answer. 

The bottom line is, we just want to make our lives as enjoyable as possible, and the way to do that is to make the journey smooth and balanced. I’m an advocate of investing in someone who produced the result and can help you create the same or even better.

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