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Wealth Is Your Birthright…but How?

wealth is your birthright

When I was young, I always thought that wealth is just for the people on the other side of the track. I used to believe that it was deemed for some but not for me. 

Based on where I was from, based on the community I grew up in, I should not be where I’m at now. I should be on welfare, just follow the path of my parents, my grandparents- that was the poor culture that we grew up in. 

I didn’t know how to create wealth. But later on, I realized that we’re all given a divine assignment; we’re all here to make a difference in the world, wealth is our birthright. I realized I didn’t have to stay in that struggle; I didn’t have to stay in that poverty. 

I saw a serious divide between the rich and the poor, and so I thought, “How do I go to where they’re at? What do they do?

In the process of finding out how others are doing it, I met mighty women and told me how and what they create for themselves, for their family, and I thought, “Oh, if she can do it, I can do it, too.”

 I just needed to know that mindset.

wealth is your birthright but how?

And so I retrained my mindset to apply this wealth is our birthright mentality. I looked at my beliefs that I inherited, and I reinvented them. It all started from there. It took a lot of work; it wasn’t easy, it didn’t happen overnight. It’s a consistent conversation with myself. 

Every level I get to, I had to think of what’s possible, my capacity, how I can do that, and be committed to working on myself. 

So what are the ways to get out of poverty?

Start a business

It is not true that entrepreneurship is only available to people who are already financially well off. While it is indeed easier for someone who already has a big capital to build a business, we have also seen many entrepreneurs who started a  business with less than $1000. 

Be it bicycle repair, pet care service, social media management, or any service-based business; you can get off the ground without spending a lot. It can be done.

In general, entrepreneurs still make more income than those who are working traditional jobs. This is especially true in low-wage areas.

Put your budget together

Put your personal budget together and put your business budget together. Identify your net income. Remember to subtract all budget allocations, list all your variable expenses when creating a budget worksheet. Plan all your expenses and identify which areas you may need to cut back. Every month, look at your spending patterns and check if it is in line with your monthly income goal. 

Build your discipline muscle

Look at how much you are honesty spending. Track your expenses so you can see how much you’re spending on your credit cards or if there are things you are spending on that are counterproductive.

There were years that, although I was already doing good in my business, I realized I had many useless expenses. I was traveling all around the world because I felt empty inside. I would go to airport stores and buy stupid stuff I don’t need because I just needed to validate myself. 

I realized that it isn’t validating me because it’s a thing, and I don’t need a thing. What I need is my family; what I need is balance in my life. So to discipline me, I got rid of all my credit cards except for one. 

Discipline means every month you reflect on where you spend your money. It means sitting down and going over the family budget. It means not buying the things that you want but don’t really need. 


Not many people were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, but we all have the chance to make changes in our lives. Don’t spend all your life at the pity party. Wealth is your birthright, but you got to do the work. There’s no sprinkle of fairy dust.

Shift your mindset, all your negative programming you grew up with. Take action because while you’re still alive, you can do something about your life. Let me show you how to do it; I’ve been doing it for 36 years. 

If you can’t afford my mentorship right now, keep on following me. I give a ton of free content. I’m inviting you to join us at the Money Business Summit on June 25-27 2021. Register here.

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