Time Management: A Few Game-changing Tips

Have you ever wondered why some people get more done in less amount of time? Do you have so many things on your plate that you want to get done, but you don’t have time to do it?

Success in almost everything involves time management. It seems there are just never enough hours in the day. But if you want to achieve more in a shorter amount of time, you must begin to look at your time management skills.

This was a game-changer for me.

Time management refers to how you organize and manage your time for different activities. Time is perishable and irreplaceable. You need to learn to reallocate your time to tasks that have a higher value. Take a second before you start a task, to make sure it’s the best use of your time right now. This will help to start training your brain slowly but surely.

Eat that frog!

Jump immediately into that most important task with laser focus. Successful and effective people are those who discipline themselves to single-mindedly focus on a task until it is complete. Multi-tasking is a delusion – failure to execute is one of the biggest problems in business today. Activity isn’t accomplishment. There are no shortcuts. Wake up every day and eat that frog. Just get it out of the way.

In order to make more money, you have to learn to manage your time effectively. Time is the currency of modern business.

Here are time management tips to use your 24hrs as efficiently as possible.

1 – Develop a sense of urgency. Move fast when an opportunity presents itself. All successful people work hard and work fast.

2 – Stop procrastinating. It is the thief of time and the thief of joy. You must develop time management habits. You need to learn to get the job done.

3 – Work in real-time. Stay focused on ‘doing it now’. Task switching will waste more time than you can imagine. If you touch it, finish it.

4 – Avoid distractions. One email can snowball into hours lost. Keep your phone to the side and turn off social media. Don’t let these things become a time suck.

5 – Always think on paper. Write down everything, from work tasks to workouts. If it’s not written down, it’s not getting done. Organize this and prioritize this accordingly.

Here are a few additional tips for making your list.

  • Make your to-do list the night before. The better plan you have, the better your chance of success.
  • Remember to make your To-Do list every day. It’s amazing how few people practice this, but it is one of the best time management tools you can develop. Just use a pen and paper, you don’t have to get fancy. Every sophisticated app out there is built off this idea.
  • Create a Master List first. This will include absolutely everything, big and small. Just get it all down. Break this into a Monthly List then a Weekly list, and finally, a daily list. Then you can start checking things off!

Use these tips and you’ll get more done than you ever thought possible. Eventually, you’ll become unstoppable.

Steady visible progress propels you into the future and helps you overcome procrastination.

I hope these time management tips help you create a better workspace, better home life, and more balanced life.

You partner in prosperity,

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Susie Carder is an unstoppable business coach who has firmly established herself as a successful entrepreneur. She is passionate about helping her clients’ businesses exceed their wildest expectations! Learn more by visiting susiecarder.com.

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