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Customer Service with a Purpose

I am a client – a very good client. 

Every month, I get a massage at a local massage spa in San Diego.  I have been a client for roughly 5 years.  I visit this spa one to two times a month receiving massages. Who doesn’t love a good massage? It clears my mind, rejuvenates my soul, and cleanses toxins from my body. I travel extensively and it is the one thing that can make me feel like I have had a week’s vacation in an hour and a half!

My treatment is $90.00 and I am spending roughly $1800 dollars a year at this establishment. My daughter also receives massages at this spa although not nearly as much as I do, and her yearly value is $900.00.  I have turned my best friend on to this establishment and her yearly value is $1080. So as a client, my value to the spa is roughly $3780 a year or a 5-year total value of $18,900.  Yes, that is $18,900!!

But here is why I am sharing this with you…

In 5 years, I have never received a welcome letter, never received a thank you for the referral and never had a technician ask to rebook me.  I have only had two masseuses give me their business card!  No one ever offered me products to take care of my well-being and believe me I have hinted! I have actually only had the same therapist three times and I am a great tipper! I have never had the receptionist remember me by name! You think they would after a while!!

I was thinking, what would be possible if this business were to wake up and take care of their clients?  Honestly, I would probably refer more people and I know my daughter would come more often and likely bring her friends. I’d probably come once a week if I had some personal attention!

Are you getting the picture?

I believe this business is so focused on their busy-ness that they aren’t managing their business!  These are called ‘missed opportunities’ and I see it happen in businesses every day. The basics are not being implemented and they are being over looked! Is it laziness? Disregard for the client? Or just not knowing how to manage and nurture their clientele? Probably all of the above!

Here are some absolute musts to take your business to the next level! 

I have one business we are currently implementing ALL these strategies and her business has increased 50% this year!

  1. Pretend each client is wearing a sign; “make me feel important, make me feel special”!
  2. Send a welcome card to every brand new client!
  3. Always ask the client if they would like to reschedule another appointment.
  4. Make sure your giving every client 3 business cards, 1 for themselves and 2 for their friends!
  5. Reward and recognize referrals.
  6. Have referral contest.
  7. Send reminder cards after 4 weeks of their appointment.
  8. Follow up by calling new clients 24 hours after their service, it is customer service!
  9. Suggest additional services or products that support the clients’ needs!
  10. Thank them for their business! Hand-written notes are a lost courtesy.
  11. Remember their names! (This one is HUGE!!)
  12. Get a computer and keep track of all buying transactions!
  13. Offer some kind of frequent buyers program!
  14. Do client surveys to find out what your clients like and don’t like!
  15. Set up your business for your clients needs!

I see businesses struggling trying to figure out the secrets of success, and I believe it’s not one thing we do it is all the things we doWe must remember that it is easier to keep clients than to find new ones.

You’re probably asking yourself, why does she still go to this spa?

Well, it’s easier than finding a new place!  I don’t think they believe that is their marketing strategy, but it is what’s happening!  The funny part is just as these things are easy to do they are easy not to do!

Leave a comment below and let me know which if any of these you are already implementing and which of these you need to put more energy into. I always look forward to hearing about the big things you’re up to in this world so I can celebrate with you!!

Your Partner in Prosperity,

Susie Carder is a dynamic speaker, best-selling author, and successful profit coach who helps top business leaders to create businesses that allow them to live their dreams and achieve financial abundance. Using her Predictable Success MethodTM, Susie helps entrepreneurs to develop the business systems that lead them to substantial revenue, profit growth, and investment opportunities. Strategize with Susie at

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