Your Relationship with Money

How is your relationship with money? Are you on the outs or are you intimately engaged? When you own a business, your relationship with money makes a big difference in the success of the company.

There have been times when I have met with a client for an hour’s consultation, and within the first twenty minutes I have identified where their floodgates were and how to open them. Many clients leave our conversations with an additional six figures laid before them. I am not kidding!

Given this, you would think that everyone I speak to is six figures richer, right? Not necessarily. If they do not have the right money mind-set, they may squander the riches I have opened them to. Will you allow that to happen to you?

Consider your answer to these questions:
• What does money mean to you?
• Do you deserve money?
• Is it hard for you to keep money?
• Are you of the mind-set that you are prosperous? Or are you poor?

It is imperative that you uncover what money means to you. Because if you don’t, that underlying belief you have about money might sabotage your efforts to take your business to the next level.

Tweetable Quote (click to tweet) “I am a money magnet to success and good fortune.” – Wayne Dyer

James Allen published the book As a Man Thinketh in 1902. Below are excerpts from the book, which I hope you will take to heart.

“A man is literally what he thinks,
his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts.”

This means that your thoughts create your reality, both positive and negative. If you think about it, when we try to diet, we usually don’t succeed because the first thing we think about is what we can’t have. If you don’t believe me, pay attention this week to the chatter in your head. You will notice that most of those conversations are self-defeating. Garbage in, garbage out!

“The soul attracts that which it secretly harbors, that which it loves, and also that which it fears. It reaches the height of its cherished aspirations. It falls to the level of its unchastened desires—and circumstances are the means by which the soul receives its own.”

What do you have to lose except your negative baggage? Tell yourself that you have lived too long with that baggage and it’s time to upgrade the thinking, which will upgrade the action, which will upgrade the result. Do you want to make more money in your business while having a good balance between work and play? Change your mind and change your results.

I have lived my life from this premise of putting powerful thoughts in my mind and manifesting those thoughts. Unfortunately, that can work against you if you aren’t careful. Test it yourself: pay attention to your thought process regarding money, wealth, and abundance. Do your thoughts run along the lines of you’ll never be rich, your family holds you back, or you don’t have the right education, the right look, the right husband, the right wife, the right friends, the right job, etc.? If these thoughts are constantly running in your mind, you are on the wrong thought path, my friend. You need to change course and start thinking more positively. This isn’t Pollyanna; this is quantum physics.

Until you come to grips with what you are putting into your mind, you won’t have access to the financial freedom you desire or deserve. You can make money or you can make excuses, but you can’t make both. We have to retrain our childhood conditioning and break free from our mental chains that keep us down and keep us small. You are far more powerful than you think! I’m living proof of this theory. I had to change my childhood conditioning and the way I thought about money. I now believe I can earn as much as I want and be happy doing it. Guess what? My beliefs are my reality. So, too, can yours be.

How about you? What is your relationship with money? Do you have limiting thoughts about what you and your business can generate in revenue or is the sky the limit for you? Let me know in the comments below.

I am Your Partner in Prosperity!

PS: If you are happy snuggling up with money, you will create more of it and the happiness to go with it.

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Susie Carder is a dynamic speaker, best-selling author, and successful profit coach who helps top business leaders to create businesses that allow them to live their dreams and achieve financial abundance. Using her Predictable Success MethodTM, Susie helps entrepreneurs to develop the business systems that lead them to substantial revenue, profit growth, and investment opportunities. Strategize with Susie at

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