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Qualities of a Great Leader

Are you a born leader? Many of us entrepreneurs are not. We start our businesses as technicians. This means we have a skill, specialty, or trade that we apply to serve our clients. We open our businesses to provide the product or service that stems from that expertise. And, if we don’t launch with a team already in place, we are often the one providing that service as the business launches. We service the client, we network for new clients, we write the ad copy, we manage the social media, and we empty the trashcans in our office. We often do it all. But being a leader means more than being busy at work. Watch this quick video where I discuss the qualities of a great leader and how you can inspire your team to be more accountable and productive.

Growing into Leadership

As our business grows and our client base and reach expands, so too do the needs of the business. We are no longer enough! (But it is for a good reason—growth!) We have to wean ourselves from doing all of the client work so we can grow into the management of an enterprise. This can be tough to do because we are used to doing it all and we want to be the ones to work with our clients, right?

Believe me, I know how this feels. When I made this transition in my first business, I was so used to being the one producing the results that I only felt valued if I was producing or selling something. When my team was using my work, my products, and my approach to do a great job for our clients, I thought it reduced my value. It took me a while to appreciate the skill of how to motivate someone else to produce the results, and that their results enhanced me and my role as a leader. When you’re a great leader, you recognize that your team’s success is your success! You must put your ego aside with humility and grace.

Leadership Styles Change Over Time

It’s also important to realize that your leadership style will change, grow, and evolve with your experience. I used to believe that to be a great leader I had to do it all and be it all. Now I realize I need to develop, train, and let people fail through their own process. By having them experience little failures, it allows them to distinguish for themselves the process of owning their own greatness. Sometimes, being a leader means creating the space to grow.

Great leaders are exceptional masters of their time, working on their business instead of getting in their business. In short, leaders get things done through other people and they don’t need all the credit. Leaders master communication and are willing to truly consider others’ opinions. If you want to be a good or even great leader, leave your ego at the door. The relevance of that last statement grows as your business and leadership skills grow.

Are you ready to grow from being the one working in the business to the one leading the business? Don’t worry, even coaches have coaches, and that is what I am here for.

I am Your Partner in Prosperity!

Susie Carder is a dynamic speaker, best-selling author, and successful profit coach who helps top business leaders to create businesses that allow them to live their dreams and achieve financial abundance. Using her Predictable Success MethodTM, Susie helps entrepreneurs to develop the business systems that lead them to substantial revenue, profit growth, and investment opportunities. Strategize with Susie at



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