Do You Know Who Your Ideal Client Avatar Is?

When you wrote your business plan and launched your business, did you create your ideal client avatar? You know, a representation of that perfect client that you would like to have buy your products and services?

If you anwered yes, have you updated it lately? If you have no idea what an ideal client looks like or why it matters, you’ll want to grab a pen and notebook and take notes!

It is important to be clear on the specific client your products and services best serve.

Does this client need your solution? Do they want it? Who is the client who can afford your products and services, and what are their likes and preferences? Creating your ideal client avatar can help you to laser focus your marketing.

We often dismiss the need for this clarity because we don’t want to limit ourselves, right? Have you heard something like this, “My product is for everyone.”

TWEETABLE QUOTE: In marketing, if you are not targeting someone you’re not selling to anyone.

Creating a client avatar, an image of your most desired client, can help you to produce better marketing materials, product solutions, and sales.

But, sometimes business owners don’t realize whom they are trying to reach. For example, at the company called Motivating the Teen Spirit (MTS), its market is a teenager, but the ideal client avatar is someone who sponsors teens. They have the heart and financial wellbeing to put teens through the program, because the teens can’t afford the program. The teens have to rely on others to support them.

You see how that is different, right?

There is a story I heard years ago about a bar that had food and games like shuffle board and arcade games. The company had been marketing the business to the men who were their primary customer. But what they failed to realize is that women were the driving factor in deciding to go to the restaurant. Once they shifted their marketing towards women, their sales tripled!

So even though you want to serve the world with your products or services, it is not in your best business interest to do so. Target your business to your ideal client and serve them well. It doesn’t mean that others can’t buy what you’re selling. It just means your marketing dollars are going to your best client so they are not wasted.

Let’s take another example of a high-end business consultant.

If it costs $25,000 for ten sessions with her, she can’t pursue folks with $50,000 in annual income, right? They just cannot afford her. Marketing to everyone is not productive.

Her ideal client avatar, then, makes a minimum of $750,000 per year. They are business leaders, in supportive relationships that have kids, need balance, and want to take their business to the next level, but they know they are leaving money on the table. Likely, they are also primarily women (though men are welcome and find her as well). They are between thirty-five and fifty-five years of age. That is a clear client avatar!

So if your marketing is hit or miss and you attract clients who can’t afford what you have to offer, you could be marketing to the wrong person. Develop your ideal client avatar and zero in on your primary target. If others find you, great, but if they don’t, it is okay because you know you are serving the client you were meant to serve.

Write a comment below about your ideal client. Could you target your marketing a little tighter and boost your sales? I believe you can!

I am Your Partner in Prosperity!

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Susie Carder is a dynamic speaker, best-selling author, and successful profit coach who helps top business leaders to create businesses that allow them to live their dreams and achieve financial abundance. Using her Predictable Success MethodTM, Susie helps entrepreneurs to develop the business systems that lead them to substantial revenue, profit growth, and investment opportunities. Strategize with Susie at



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