My Journal Entry from 1993

Building the Foundation for Your Dreams

As I was going through my journals the other day I came across this entry from 1993 that I vividly remember quickly jotting down.

“Being a public speaker would give me the sense of independence I need. The sense of adventure and provide me with a challenge and utilize every skill I have worked so hard to cultivate. You’ll be giving so much to the people’s lives you touch. Your knowledge and expertise and truly help them become more successful. Your earning potential will be unlimited. Keep your goal close to your heart & go for it!!”

I share this with you to show how very important it is to take note of your dreams and goals. Write them down. Revisit them. As I look back over the past 25 years I am amazed at how this one journal entry has become a reality. In fact, I even remember a podcast I did where I was talking about creating the life that I wanted to live.

Starting your dream business can really be exciting.

Just the thought of being your own boss, setting a schedule for yourself and not working for someone else probably gives you chills. Running a business on your own and being self-employed can be a rewarding experience.

However, setting up a business, no matter what type, size or industry you may be interested in can be a real challenge. It is something you should definitely take seriously in order to reap great rewards. If you are not passionate about your venture, then you are less likely to go anywhere. If this is the cas,e you may want to wait until you find something you are truly passionate about. You want to have that feeling of fire and drive in your belly.

Maybe you already found a venture you’re willing to pursue and you could put your heart and mind into. Well then, it’s probably about time to build a strong foundation for your dream.

You do not want to build your dream on a cracked foundation that could easily stumble and fall.

A cracked foundation is weakened, flimsy torn apart and damaged. When you think of building your dream home, you think about how sturdy and solid its foundation is. You definitely want to ensure that the platform you’re building your home on is solid and sturdy.

The same goes with building your dream business. You want to make sure that it is built on a solid foundation that would not perish. You will also want it to be appealing, sturdy and nicely decorated.

For this reason, it is vital to consider the fundamentals to building a business that would not fall or weaken, no matter what difficulties and challenges it may face, especially in the future.

If you have already started your business without building a rock solid foundation, it is never too late to rebuild and re-strategize.

I’d love to hear more about your goals and dreams and how you plan on building, or rebuilding, your foundation.

Have you written your goals down? Share by tweeting @susiecarder My goals and dreams for my future are

I can’t wait to cheer you on and celebrate you!!


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