4 Steps to Closing a Sale

Managing a business whether online or offline does not start and end with generating a sale. Business owners and entrepreneurs must know how to keep clients constantly coming back once they aim to do well in an extremely competitive marketplace. Below are the things you need to know on how to increase customer loyalty and sales.

The Phases of Sales Cycle

If you understand the stages of the sales cycle, then you can utilize that understanding to either start the process or move it along. Keep in mind that it is critically essential that you control the process. Prior to considering how to close the sale and bank that commission payment you have got to know how the process works in your prospect’s mind. Now, remember that this process is precisely the same in each sale of every service or product.

  1. You must get the attention of your prospective clients. There must be something about your service or product that catches their awareness. This can be an advertisement, a press release story, your overall aesthetic and branding or something as easy as an overhead conversation.
  2. Your potential clients should have awareness in what your service or product can do for them. Be sure to be clear and concise about the results that your business provides. This is a great time to be customer oriented, zero in on what you can do for them.
  3. To make your prospect a regular client or customer, they should desire your service, product or its end result. Once they become confident that your product or service is the best fit then it’s time to move them to the last step.
  4. Here is your action step – the sale. They might be interested and want your service or product, however that wretched and often difficult or annoying action step is most of the time a killer, specifically with the intangible sale of service or large dollar. How many times have you discussed with a potential client who readily admits that they want your service or product, however they never purchase or buy? If you have been in sales for a day or two, it has taken place more than you’d like to remember.

If you are already in the business, then you need to know the significance and importance of building customer loyalty. This can lead you to a huge sale and success of your product or service.

Always keep in mind, that in spite of whether you are a participant in this process from the start or get involved along the way, each sale goes through this 4 step process. So, you need to know how to recognize and know where you are in the process at all times. And the most essential thing to do to increase your sales is to take appropriate action. You will no doubt see a significant development or enhancement in your conversation ratio and essentially your bank account.

Which of these steps are the most difficult to you? The attraction, the clarity of your service, the desire or the final sale? I’d love to know how I can support you in your journey. 

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