How to Set Powerful Intentions

One of the most important things that you need to do is to set your intentions.

Having dreams can give you exact direction and point towards the right path to take. But, there’s a lot of things you need to consider to successfully and effectively build the foundation of your dream.

If you don’t exactly know where to go or how to do your best to reach your dream, setting intentions can help you to get started. Intentions provide the framework, allowing you to set your priorities, align yourself together with the significant resources that you’ll be needing to clearly attain your goals and to wisely utilize your time.

The procedure helps to declare to yourself and the world that you’re serious enough to accomplish your dreams. An energized, positive, and strong intention is most likely to resist that which you are not in alignment or associated with. Also, the opposites are true. An energized, positive and strong intention would fascinate what’s in it’s essence.

Since thoughts come before every action, it is very important to choose well your thoughts when you are trying to set your intention for building the firm foundation of your dreams. Moreover, actions determine the outcome.

How to Set Powerful Intentions

To bake a good cake, surely you need to use sufficient time in baking and have the right ingredients. The same with the process in setting intentions.

To set a powerful intention, you need ample time and correct ingredients. In terms of building the foundation of your dreams, here are the most important ingredients/elements that you should have in setting powerful intentions:


Intentions should be stated positively. Be sure of what you really want and what you do not want. They are the new and fresh ideas, and not the redo of your past. When you are building the foundation of your dreams, it is important to be positive all the time, and avoid negative thoughts. These are the mental picture of what you are creating or would like to create.


As you don’t exactly know how great it could be, don’t limit yourself. In the procedure of setting intentions, set aside any limiting beliefs and thoughts.


An intention is what you’d like to manifest. Be powerful and authentic in creating these. Don’t try to control and manipulate others and their behaviors. When you are setting intentions, you need to accept where you currently are, then step into the opportunities to establish what you really want. Meaningful intentions are sincere and promote well-being.

Clear & Concise.

To set powerful intentions, clarity is very important. Remember that shorter is better and being concise has natural means of keeping the space widely open for more ideas.

Remember to revisit and revise your intentions as you grow and learn more about your business and yourself.

Your Partner in Prosperity,
Susie Carder

Have you revisited and revised any intentions you may have set as you started on your current journey? I’d love to hear about your intentional wins and successes in the comments below. 

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