Creating Your Company’s Purpose

A company’s purpose is more than just a vision or mission statement. Experts revealed that when it comes to effectively communicating the organization’s purpose into its employees, stakeholders and customers, words do not really matter as much as actions do.

At its very core, a company’s purpose is the bold affirmation of its clear reasons for being in the business. The purpose of a company also conveys what it stands for in practical, emotional, ethical and historical terms. Regardless how it is communicated to customers and employees, the company’s purpose acts as the driving force which enables the company to define its genuine brand and create desired culture.

Helpful Ways to Create Your Company’s Purpose

There are ways that can help you effectively and successfully create your company purpose. These might include the following:

Begin with You

Your company can’t have core purpose if you fail to know your own purpose; it’s that simple. You therefore need to follow the deepest and most inner voice that tells you and not what the society says.

Remember that you are actually created for a particular purpose and your company also has to see this important purpose in you. So when creating your company’s purpose, remember that it’s not just all about products and services but also your energy, passion and drive every single day.

Define the Activities and Values Around Your Company’s Purpose

Pick one service and one value and then start there. Don’t make things complicated and start with your passion. If this part is difficult for you then take some time. Get some pads and papers and then write down things that inspire you, ways on how to take actions and more. There is actually no limit on how you can take actions.

Build or Rebuild a Practical and Inspiring Company

Creating your company purpose is vital, you will build and grow your company around that; a company that is practical and inspiring. In creating these purposes, you need to inspire confidence and trust.

Come Up with your Ideal Core Purpose

By all means possible, you need to come up with core company’s purpose statement. You can use inspiring adjectives or verbs and clear actions. Then put your company’s purpose on the wall, talk about this purpose or reference this on meetings. This is more casual, verbal and easy than company vision and mission statement.

Speak your company’s purpose and live with it. Use this during conversations with your team and clients every day. If company’s purpose usually rolls off the tongue, then it will be spoken and mentioned about naturally.

Your company actually has purpose because you also do. Don’t just serve and do things that you think you should do but rather, do what you’re actually created to do. You will certainly find all sorts of people needing your products, services and products in lots of ways you have never imagined. Having a clear company purpose can get you through and can help you remain on the right track.

Your Sister in the Journey,

Have you created and posted the Purpose of you Company? Comment and share, I’d love to see all the different purposes that our community has been created for. xo

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