How to Create Your Company’s Mission

Creating your company’s mission is a crucial part of action planning. Company mission defines the goals of the company and what it does for clients. Mission statement is a primary tool that captures the real essence of your business goals including the underlying principles. Company mission reflects each and every facet of business. This also helps clarify what particular business you are really in, your goals and objectives.

You can ensure creating a highly effective company mission by doing the following:

Include Four Essential Key Elements

Mission statements can have optimistic spin, however these must serve real purpose. There are four essential elements commonly found in effective mission statements namely specificity, plausibility, inspiration and value. In some short sentences, you must convey the real value of your company and the reason why your brand really exists. You must also encourage and inspire your employees. Your company mission statement should sound plausible and reasonable and must also be relevant and specific.

Keep it Sweet and Short

Keep in mind that it should be a mission statement and definitely not a mission “essay”. Try summing up your company’s entire mission in just one or two sentences. Your company mission should be memorable, effective and concise and must look and read at its absolute best. There is no need to make this overly complicated. You only need to clearly state your purpose and the reason for staring the business or company in the first place.

Consider Short-Term vs. Long-Term

Mission statements vary from one company to another. The important idea here is choosing whether you wanted you company mission statement to reflect its long term aspirations or short-term goals. Make sure to select only one. If you want an influential mission, the key is specificity. While short term mission statements allow you to be more specific with your business goals this needs to be updated often to remain relevant.

Test It

If you are revamping your mission statement, do not blindside employees and clients with a new message. You need to first test this out on them.  Distribute a draft of the mission statement to each employee and ask for input regarding what needs to be changed or added. Not only will your company mission get better but it becomes a more comprehensive statement. Another important thing is that your company’s mission statement must accurately reflect the company and being completely transparent with employees helps a lot in creating a great message.

There are many instances that the company mission is written at the time the company is started, and sometimes it gets overlooked or forgotten about. Your company mission must be the essential representation of your company’s culture. This is considered an opportunity to showcase overall sense of identity and must be constantly maintained and then referred to.

When creating your company’s mission, incorporate themes and ideas on how you run your company. Be sure to review or revisit this regularly to make the needed changes. No company stays the exact same through time so you need to update your mission statement to make sure that it constantly aligns with your company’s direction.

What are some goals and/or objectives of your company? What is YOUR mission? Leave a comment below, I’d love to know. Business is my passion, after all. 😉



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